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read Crossing The Line epub ä Kindle Edition Æ barbara elsborg Ñ Is there a line she won’t cross? Katya’s sister is brutally murdered while working undercover for the Russian Security Service and no one seems to care After her parents and grandparents die in a suspicious car accident and the authoritiIs there a line she won’t cross? Katya’s sister is brutally murdered while working undercover for the Russian Security Service and no one seems to care After her parents and grandparents die in a suspicious car accident and the authorities still won’t 5 Stars Katya's wants revenge to find the man responsible for the murder of her sister in Russia To do that she needs to leave her beloved Russia and travel to AmericaWith a small amount of money and her treasured violin she comes across Ethan Ethan works for the FBI and is asked to keep an eye on her as she travels thereBut Ethan may have crossed the line as far as Katya concerned After terrifying events she falls into the arms of the attractive model looks Aleksei Aleksei is dangerous possessive and has never met anyone uite like Katya but what is his connection to her sister's murder“Ah Katya You’re going to be fun You don’t want me yet but you will” This is an exciting suspenseful storyMy thoughtsI love Barbara Elsborg style of writing The characters are witty and she does the best one liner As always this story didn't disappoint You always know when you have read a winner you have to finish it but you don't want it to end

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Take any action Katya travels to America following the man she believes is responsible determined to find her own justice She becomes caught in a dangerous and demanding game balancing the demands of two men with her obsession for the truth Ethan an FBI agen This is a book full of suspense with an dark romance that is full of graphic scences of violence So if you want a light romance this isn't that book It is a twisted story of a Katya who sister was brutally murdered while she was working undercover and no one seems to care and Katya wants justice for her sister Katya family also die in a car accident that seems very suspicious especially since again noone wants to take any action Katya travels to America to find justice for her family She is following the man she feels could be responsible and wants to uncover the truth Is there a line she won’t cross?Katya meets the handsome Ethan who she spends an magical night with on her way to America but he disappears leaving her to believe it didn't matter much to him Katya uickly gets caught in a dangerous game stuck between the demands of two men Katya just wants the truth and will do anything to get it Ethan the stranger from Paris is an FBI agent He wants to get the bad guy but will that help Katya get the truth? Aleksei an dangerous man who if she gets close enough too she can hopeful discovered what happened to her family But the closers she gets to Aleksei the she falls for him The line is blurred Will she cross it? Will she give up justice for her family at a chance to be happy with Aleksei She is dangling the line and her uest for justice could be her demise What will she do and what line she cross?This was a very interesting read that was a lot than a romance novel There are dark characters that are complex and it makes figuring out whats going to happen next thrilling Its full of suspense I love how Katya fights within herself to determine what path she should choose especially when she is battling between justice for her family or letting go of that path for fear of her own demise and her feelings for the men in her life She so deep in that her next move could be fatal What will she do? You must read this twisted tale to seek the answers

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Crossing The Line T is on the side of right Aleksei an enigma is as bad as they come yet it’s the man with darkness inside him who offers a chance of discovering what happened to her family If she wants those responsible to pay for the murders how far is she prepared to go? I'm a real fan of dark suspenseful romances and was really intrigued to read this And I absolutely loved it It is a pretty gritty and dark read but will keep you in suspense right until the endKatya is out for revenge and heads to the USA to attempt to find the killers of her sister and her family and this is the taste of her journey not only to discover who killed her family but also of where her loyalties lie She is torn between the good guy and the bad guy both of whom can offer her a lot and not necessarily romantically eitherKatya is a strong character that survives again and again in the face of adversity And every knock she gets seems to fuel the strength she needs to achieve her aim of getting justice and revenge for her family And I relished the fact that she has two polar opposite men who are both prepared to help Adding to the intrigue is where everyone's loyalties lie This had my head spinningEthan is the hot American FBI agent who has fallen hard for the Russian beauty but he also has his own ulterior motives in helping her Then meet Aleksei the Russian mafia connection who also falls for Katya He is a troubled soul with many issues personally and professionally and although he's the bad guy I still fell for him hardThis all adds up to a really suspenseful and gripping read that had me turning the pages well into the night just to finish and figure out what would happen in the end The journey for Katya is woven with many twists and turns some of which really had me gasping at times Throughout the whole book you know that Katya needs her happy ever after but even right up until the last chapter I was still torn as to whether she would have it and with whom if indeed anyoneThis is an incredible thrilling story with so many twists and turns but you will not want to put it down It is a very dark read at times and if you are of a nervous disposition or cannot handle detailed scenes then id say you read it with a warning If you are up for the challenge and are looking for a story that will keep you turning the pages until you can turn no then GO FOR IT it is fantastic and I devoured this in one sitting and it will go down as one of my favourite reads of 2014