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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Beguile Me Not ð He came She saw He conueredIt happened one hot moonlit midsummer night at a ball in Auckland New Zealand 1884 Miss Anna Brown walked out onto the terrace and into arrestingly beautiful Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky He is unconventional unfettered adventurous dangerously bohemian—everything she is not everythingHe night away with him When dawn breaks it brings with it the cold light of reality Ivanovsky is not wealthy not well bred not respectable not suitable not safe Anna’s carefree exhibition on the dance floor has set the tongues of society wagging and she cannot bear it With one glance from his dark eyes he stole her heart away on that fateful midsummer night But she is desperately determined that he will not steal away her body and soul too A resistance must be mounte. I have to admit that when I first started this read I thought Oh noI'm not going to like Anna the main character She appeared to be a spoiled stuck up snob and I feared it would take a miracle to endear her to me Wellit happened I soon began rooting for Anna liking her even and before I knew it I loved her and the miracle that allowed my change of heart was this author's incredible writing I am in awe I think Anna written by any other hand would have easily remained the annoying unlikable young woman I first mistook her for Ms Floris was able to weave a beautiful historical romance while remaining TRUE to historic themes that other HR authors tend to avoid or glaze over like the true weight of familial pressure the crutch of substance abuse the prevalence of sexual discrimination etc This story much than a simple romance entailed an honest realistic struggle for courage and strength These attributes are not easily come by and the journey is not typically very pretty The ability of Ms Floris to tell an honest tale of character growth while simultaneously gifting us with a touching love story in a setting described with the adoring touch of a poet is all testament to her superb writing ability I particularly appreciated Sasha's character and his ever patient tender love for Anna There were a few occasions when I found myself growing weary of Anna's faltering strength and it never failed that Sasha's calm careful response to her antics would remind me of the massive obstacles Anna was working to overcome Then I'd be right back to cheering for her success As a side note the epilogue offered me a good laugh out loud with the battle of The Stove vs Table Brilliant Thank you for the laugh but a heartfelt thank you for the lessonreminder offered in the most beautiful way that women in years past and even some today strong independent intelligent women hadhave to overcome the very real and challenging obstacles of societal expectation and family obligationand that patient understanding love was and still is the best weapon

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D Her rebel heart must be subdued and all thoughts of doomed dangerous loves locked away But is forgetting such a man such a love impossible The flame of love he ignited in her heart will not extinguish Drop by drop she can feel herself melting away Soon there might be nothing left of her But the sea has a gift for Anna Something dangerous Something forbidden Something that threatens to wreck her Content A sweet romance with no strong language or graphic sexual content. I had to think a while to adeuately describe this book It's a historical romance but it's so very different I can honestly say I've never read anything like it It's language skirts a modern feel at times probably by design The characters are very very realGotta say a word about one aspect of her characterizations Drug use among women in the era was commonplace Almost expected This book takes a stark reality and exposes it for these women trapped in horrible marriages unable to DO anything about the state of their lives and probably depressed out of their minds She does an incredible job here painting this harsh reality and making you think about it Really well done

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Beguile Me NotHe came She saw He conueredIt happened one hot moonlit midsummer night at a ball in Auckland New Zealand 1884 Miss Anna Brown walked out onto the terrace and into arrestingly beautiful Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky He is unconventional unfettered adventurous dangerously bohemian everything she is not everything she fears But she is bewitched His eyes dark mysterious smoulderingly passionate burn into her mind into her heart into her very soul Unthinkingly she dances t. Romance in your heart and a degree of interest in how women have changed their world over the past several generations – this wonderful way of being and intriguing social development are the centrepiece this story is woven around It is woven expertly We experience late 19th century New Zealand through magical imagery – the use of metaphor is amazing This book is crafted intelligently and beautifullyIt is also real and true to life not overdramatized The struggle our heroine faces is within herself There are the expectations of society which stand firmly in the way of romance Anna is not rebellious though She believes in and upholds the social values even though at a depth she FEELS differently What of love in the face of duty This conflict is powerful within her It threatens to defeat her Her human flaws have her seeking refuge in the anti depressant remedies of the day Our heroine is far from perfect She strikes me as intriguingly realWill she find strength and rise above Will she take a step along the difficult and powerfully transforming path women have walked over recent generations I was enthralled by the telling of this story I was particularly impressed by the harsh reality of the resolution Again it hits hard with the truth It took utter desperation for Anna to make her choice There was an awful lot riding on it Either way the conseuences were going to be extremeHappily ever after I strongly recommend reading to find out You will meet some other richly interesting and well depicted characters along the way The hero will tempt you with his raw ideals and charisma but will ultimately win you with his grasp of love and respect The domineering sister is genuine in her concern for Anna’s youth having slipped away and her seriously diminished potential for attracting a suitor The suitor Anna attracts and who earns the approval of her family is also a product of the time – appallingly soIn conclusion I want to again mention the imagery The setting is delivered vividly to all of our senses This compliments an excellent story