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REVIEW ↠ Haunted By R.L. Merrill ´ Ink and art are in Jaylene Charles' blood When her overbearing father died unexpectedly Jaylene uit her internship with a prominent Berkeley therapist and followed her heart to New Orleans Finding kindred spirits there she got back to her tattooing roots and realized her dream of owning her own tattoo shop JayleLvage their career they sought Jaylene’s help She immediately felt a connection with D the broken man with the sorrowful eyes and missing smile but refused to let him in Can Jaylene trust that D's feelings are than gratitude Can the man with the sad eyes make her accept that sometimes love really can cure the haunted FOR 18 READERS ADULT THEMES AND SEXUAL SITUATIO. Did I read a different book to everyone els who left a review It's fantastic Best book Iv ever read Good writing and editing WTF are you people for realThere was so many mistakes in this book it pissed me off The story was good in its self but the way it was told ruined it big time and the reason she needed to stay with them was a stupid There was to much crying every other page there was some one crying and it just got to the point where I would have rather read BLA BLA BLA Ok so the girl in the book is a tattoo artist but also is a fully ualified shrink The band are having a bad time getting over a death and hire the girl from the tattoo shop they have never met to stay with them for 17 days to help them get there music magic back by sharing there story's with her they want to share there story's with her that's what it says any way I'm like ok they need tribute tattoos and she's a shrink so they want to use her talent to sort out there heads and get there tribute tattoosOn the second day they ask her what got her into tattooing She starts form been 18 years old and telling them about training to be a shrink and what ever els and they oooh and arr because they DIDNT KNOW SHE WAS A SHRINK So why the hell would they want a stranger to stay with them What made them think she could help if they thought she was just a tattooist I don't get itit takes her only two days to fall in love with one of the guys and she's so cleaver and can do just about anything yet she can't work out that the girl who died was Devons sister not his wife I worked it out in like 10 minutes of reading this book yet a shrink who's fantastic at everything and shrinking 5 guys about the girls death can't work it out God this book was so stupid I don't even know what els to say Iv rabbited on and on but this book is just to stupid to have that ratingIf you like instant love constant crying and books that make absolutely no sense from start to finish then this book is perfect for you

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Ooed pierced and broken hearted rock n’ roll boys challenged her to put her skills and her heart to the test Maggie’s Bones were Metal’s next big thing when tragedy struck leaving them devastated and at each others' throats Their label demanded a follow up to their latest insanely successful album and they were running out of time Hiding out in Louisiana to sa. I absolutely loved this book I love the spirituality that surrounded the bookThis was a truly magical story set in a city I love with beautiful characters Jaylene and Devon were so fun to get to know I'm really wanting a CD of Maggie's Bones A 5 star read


Haunted By R.L. MerriInk and art are in Jaylene Charles' blood When her overbearing father died unexpectedly Jaylene uit her internship with a prominent Berkeley therapist and followed her heart to New Orleans Finding kindred spirits there she got back to her tattooing roots and realized her dream of owning her own tattoo shop Jaylene had everything she thought she wanted when five tatt. 5 #Chère StarsI stumbled upon one great gem of a read with RL Merrill's debut novel Haunted Set in New Orleans Haunted has an imaginative and uniue premise and characters that you feel to the core But I also had fun reading this as I came across references to places and music that I know and love My feelings ran the gamut from giddy to scenes where I felt very heavy hearted but the overall feeling that this story left me with was one of contentment and happiness There were many facets to the story that I enjoyed one being the setting of New Orleans I know it’s partly because I‘ve been New Orleans a few times and that I have familial ties so perhaps I’m biased about its charms My experiences in the city are so well characterized in all that is Haunted The depictions of the city the uniuely creole characters and all their charms the slight mysticism that is inherent in all that is New Orleans is presented to us with perfection Now toss in characters that are insightful and passionate add a storyline filled with love and grief and learning to move through pain and loss and we have a very smart read As for the characters at the core of the story is Jaylene Charles A transplant to the city Jaylene is a wonderful heroine armed with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology she’s book smart relatively street savvy and has a special gift in her talent as as a tattoo artist Jay’s art directs her and gives her the the ability to get in touch with what people are feeling allowing her to empathize in a uniue and almost spiritual way However when it comes to a love life well Jaylene’s is sorely lacking But that all changes when she is introduced to Devon Boudreaux and his Maggie’s Bones band mates The members of Maggie’s Bones are in desperate need of material for a new album but the group is also facing a disconnect with each other and experiencing profound grief while mourning the death of their namesake Maggie Boudreaux Jaylene’s talent the ability to recognize an individuals’ path to emotional healing acts as a guide as the members work to come to terms with each other In Devon Boudreaux Jaylene see’s a uniuely tortured soul a person who is not dealing with his grief and the profound loss he feels and she steps up to help him find a path towards healingThe connection between Jay and Devon is immediate but the build up to their acceptance for their feelings and the implications of being together is slow and much like Jaylene I was instantly endeared with Devon He is a noble and sincere young man and when he is in he is all in Devon gives Jaylene the devotion that she so clearly deserves What is so well communicated in the writing is the feeling of this deep and ardent love To emphasize the transformation that Devon begins to feel the author gives us some amazing lyrics A song I can only think to call “Heavy” that frame up the mystery that is Maggie the impact her death has a DevonThe cast of secondary characters in Haunted offer so much direction in how the storyline develops Jaylene would be nothing without her shopmate and friend Mackenzie as she encourages Jaylene to live life to the fullest to take much needed chances and shake up her world And the crew the remaining members of Maggie’s Bones are what glues the story together They add humor drama and the much needed sentimentality that creates the storylineWith Haunted I couldn’t help but feel as though I was experiencing a weird cosmic connection to the story and the characters and I HIGHLY recommend this novel as a romance genre read one with punch and depth