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Download Mud Vein kindle ½ ã Münzevi yazar Senna Richards otuz üçüncü yaş gününün sabahına uyandığında her şey değişmiştir Kendisini elektrikli tel örgülerin ardındaki bir kafese tıkılmış ve karların ortasındaki bir eve kilitlenmiş olarak bulan Sennanın neden kaçırıldığını öğrenmek için kendisine bırakılan ipuçlR Ve onu kaçıran kişi de bulunacak gibi değildir Kurtuluşu pamuk ipliğine bağlı olan Senna kısa zaman içinde tüm bunların bir oyun olduğunun fark edecektir Hem de çok tehlikeli bir oyun Ve sadece gerçek onu serbest bırakabilir DNF I SURRENDER This is definitely a case of it's not you it's me I am NOT a fan of overly descriptive dialogue and after 2 hrs all I retained from the story was the following Senna's a reclusive authorShe is trapped in a cabin w IsaacShe prefers suare nail beds rather than oval Senna struggles to stay focused on one particular subjectBrownish bath water does not phase her She won't wear undergarments unless she purchased them Further One particular comment struck a little too close to home and while I'm fully aware the characters opinion doesn't necessarily reflect the authors the comment is sitting in my stomach like bad Chinese takeout No biggiesome pepto will have feeling better in no time I hope this review does not deter anyone from reading Mud Vein as it has numerous 5 star reviews It just wasn't for me Tarryn Fisher I wish you much success

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Münzevi yazar Senna Richards otuz üçüncü yaş gününün sabahına uyandığında her şey değişmiştir Kendisini elektrikli tel örgülerin ardındaki bir kafese tıkılmış ve karların ortasındaki bir eve kilitlenmiş olarak bulan “That’s what it’s like to be a prisoner of anything You want your freedom until you get it then you feel bare without your chains” WoahThat was pretty much my response after finishing this book Just woah I didn’t even know what to say about it What could I say that would properly convey my feelings about this book? I felt like my review should just have been 3 words and 2 hashtagsJUST READ IT #BringTissues #ItsComplicated There are very few authors in the world whose books I will go into blind Tarryn Fisher is one of them She earned my trust with the Love Me With Lies series but in a different way than most authors I basically just came to understand that the stories I’d get from her would be fantastically well written and completely outside the box I guess I felt a certain safety in that in a weird way — like knowing it was outside the box allowed me the mental freedom to just let go of the things I usually hold onto and just experience the story for what it was I will admit though that she told me to expect a non traditional ending before I started and I think knowing that allowed me to just stop worrying stop expecting something in particular from it and just read it for what it was And as for what it was well it was one hell of an amazing storyWhen reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty third birthday everything has changed Caged behind an electrical fence locked in a house in the middle of the snow Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken If she wants her freedom she has to take a close look at her past But her past has a heartbeatand her kidnapper is nowhere to be found With her survival hanging by a thread Senna soon realizes this is a game A dangerous one Only the truth can set her free Mud Vein is not a fairy tale and honestly it’s not really a romance either at least not in the traditional way even though it has very strong elements of love woven throughout it The story unfolds in layers upon layers going forward and backward in time With each layer you discover a little about the characters and what had shaped their lives Some layers answered uestions others brought up new ones and throughout it all I remained riveted to the storyI’m not going to say anything about the plot here and my strong advice is not to look up any spoilers If you decide to read it just dive right in I’m the kind of reader who loves knowing in advance but I just dove in and loved my reading experience But I will say that when you read it pay attention to everythingThe story itself drew me in from the first page By the end of the first chapter my mind was spinning By the end of the second one I had full body shivers and was desperately trying to figure out what was happening My mind was filled with uestions and the I discovered the uestions I hadI also just want to point out that despite the fact that there is a kidnapping this is not a ‘disturbing’ story It does have darker very adult themes but than anything it’s a complex journey of self discoveryThe story built in a very uiet way — it subtly snuck up on me and when a tiny piece of the puzzle came into the light it was epic It hit me so hard We’re talking chills tears everythingTarryn Fisher has an incredible talent for creating deeply flawed and complex characters that work their way into your heart Regardless of whether you identify with them you feel for them You become wrapped up in their journey and you just feel connected This book is cleverly written and perfectly paced The layers built and wove together to create an intricate tale about what happens when the human mind and heart is put to a survival testWhen I was finished I just sat there with a heavy heart thinking back over the story It hurt As Tarryn has said it was a non traditional ending But at the same time it felt fitting for story I went back and forth between denial and acceptance I think sometimes though it’s about the journey not the endingI give Mud Vein 5 stars for being incredibly well written for stepping outside the box for making me think for making me feel even if at times I didn’t want to feel what I was feeling and last but not least for reminding me to appreciate every single moment of life “There is a string that connects us that is not visible to the eye Maybe every person has than one soul they are connected to and all over the world there are those invisible strings Maybe the chances that you’ll find each and every one of your soul mates is slim But sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble across one And you feel a tug And it’s not so much a choice to love them though their flaws and through your differences but rather you love them without even trying You love their flaws” PS — if you want a feeling for the story listen to Landscape and Cosmic Love by Florence The MachinePPS Many of you know that I like a very specific kind of book and mostly they're only romance This is not a romance novel and I did not rate it as a romance Everything about my preferences was thrown out the window when I read this book I just went into it ready to accept whatever it was about and I strongly urge you to do the same For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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Mud VeinSennanın neden kaçırıldığını öğrenmek için kendisine bırakılan ipuçlarını takip etmekten başka şansı yoktur Özgürlüğünü geri istiyorsa dönüp geçmişine bakmak zorundadır Fakat geçmişi aslında hâlâ hayattadı The writing is definitely 5 Stars but I didn't like the story the main character the lack of conversation the reveal or the ending Writing 5 StarsMain character 1 StarEnjoyment 1 StarReveal 1 StarTime spent in cabin HoursEnding 1 StarWow factor 1 StarOverall Message LameThe reason for not even a 3 Star rating is because there wasn't even one scene that I actually liked I love dark books so that wasn't the case with this one being too dark I was somewhere between frustrated bored unimpressed and disappointed with the whole story