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PDF ä BOOK The Summers End FREE ´ MONEYEXPRESSCARD ½ In the powerful and heartwarming conclusion to her bestselling Lowcountry Summer trilogy New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe brings her readers back to the charm and sultry beauty of Sullivan s Island South Carolina to reveal how the pull of family boEr talents and independent spirit But summer is ending and the fate of Sea Breeze hinges on her courage to decide the course of her own life To do so she must release her insecurities and recognize her newfound strengths Harper must accept love fully into her life the love of Mamaw Carson and Dora the love of Sea Breeze and the lowcountry and most of all the love of a wounded warrior who has claimed her heart Half sisters Dora Carson and Harper visit Mamaw on Sullivan's Island to celebrate her birthday and end up spending the summer at critical times for each of them Dora is in the midst of a divorce and dealing with providing for her special needs son Carson a recovering alcoholic needs to find a job She's become very involved with an injured dolphin undergoing rehabilitation with an eye to returning it to its habitat Harper's mother berates and manipulates her but Harper uits her job as her mother's editorial assistant with no plans for the future She does however have a trust fund Mamaw plans to sell the house at the end of the season The house has been a refuge for all the half sisters They all hate to see it leave the family's end but they aren't sure what can be done to stop the inevitable All three women also find a man who provides the support they need at this time in their lives It's a wonderful beach read set in one of my favorite travel destinations the greater Charleston area I listened to the audio version read by the author herself She did a great job

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In the powerful and heartwarming conclusion to her bestselling Lowcountry Summer trilogy New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe brings her readers back to the charm and sultry beauty of Sullivan s Island South Carolina to reveal how the pull of family bonds and true love is as strong and steady as the tidesIt is summer s end and Sea Breeze the family s beloved estate on Sullivan s Island must be I read the three books in this series because I wanted to Now with that being said I must ask myself what exactly it is in these books that captured the imagination A grandmother and her three granddaughters are steaming up the pages with romances broken marriages lost jobs insecurities Aspergers injured dolphins and enough southern pretentiousness for those readers thriving on snobbishness class distinctions and southern charm Clearly not my kind of scenario in reading Predictable no surprises nothing newYet I enjoyed the normalcy of the series Normal people with normal lives who battle it out in love and life The three half sisters have their grandmother and each other as support system It becomes a game changer for them all when the three sisters is invited to stay at Sea Breeze for the summer None of them had any support in the challenges facing them prior to their arrival on the island Their grandmother had one last chance to teach them the secrets of survival in a cruel world without family The power of friendship and family bonding is a vital element in the story stretched out over three booksBeen there done that It was okay A chic lit thrill Well written and good for the soul The chic lit soul

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The Summers End Lowcountry Summer #3 Sold It is an emotional time of transition as Mamaw and the three sisters each must face loss and find a new place in the worldHarper the youngest sister arrives at Sea Breeze intending to stay only a weekend But a rift with her wealthy influential mother leaves her without direction or a home During this remarkable summer free from her mother s tyranny and with the help of her half sisters Harper discovers h I read the previous books in the Lowcountry summer series I really wish that I had enjoyed this book in the series as much as I did the other two The third book in the series focuses on Harper the younger of the half sisters who have been coming to Sea Breeze on Sullivan's Island since they were young girls Brought together by their grandmother Mamaw for one last summer together before her grandmother sells Sea Breeze allows Harper to get out from under her mother's thumb for the summerSo just like with the previous books although this is ostensibly Harper's book Ms Monroe also rotates to the other two characters from the first and second book Carson and Dora Please note that this review will contain spoilers about books one and two If you have not read those books please skip over this reviewSo I realize for the most part when it comes to romance books I need to have a connection to the hero or heroine otherwise I am just rolling my eyes the whole time and wishing for the end I have to see the chemistry between the two people since inside I am just a gooey marshmallow and do want to believe in finding the one and that good things happen to good people I don't like a lot of what I consider dumb drama in my romance books such as secret pregnancieshidden kidsinsta love adulteryadults not talking about their issues which causes 'misunderstandings' love triangles or the now popular love rectangles But above else I can't stand it if the romance book I am reading is boring And this one was really boring Harper we know has a rich mothergrandparents and was working as an assistant to her mother who treated her badly Mocking dismissive and being passive aggressive is definitely something you want in a boss and a mother So Harper going to Sea Breeze for the summer is actually a good thing She needed to be away from her controlling mother and see that she could stand on her own two feet Instead we get Harper secretly writing a book about herself and her sisters with namesevents changed to see if she could do what her father could never do finish a bookWhile at Sea Breeze Taylor a man that Carson met in the last book who had a crush and was very much into her arrives at Sea Breeze Harper lays eyes on him and we have insta loveI just shook my head There is maybe a twinge of jealous by Harper since of course she thinks Taylor would be into Carson Instead of using this to at least create some sort of tension in this book any romance notions between Carson and Taylor are pretty much done away with in like five seconds though there was enough there in the last book to make me think that Ms Monroe was setting up a love triangle between Carson and her ex Blake Heck I would have welcomed a love triangle or rectangle in this case since as I said though I usually hate those tropes in romance books this book was boring So pretty early on you have all of the sisters with their romantic partners or in Carson's case pseudo romantic partners since she and Blake are still whatever And we have Harper working with Taylor to upgrade the kitchen at Sea Breeze and do other parts of the house in order to get it ready to sell And though Taylor has the appeal of oatmeal with no milk or sugar added Harper keeps thinking about him and they kiss and I kind of fell asleep at that point My other complaint besides being bored while reading is that though this is Harper's story most of the book is really about Carson and her issues I used to really like this character in book one and thought she needed to get her shit together a lot in book two since she was impulsive and careless with other people In book three I was 100 percent over her Going into book three readers know that Carson is pregnant by Blake She is 'confused' though and their relationship is not addressed in any way shape or form though you have random characters saying things like I definitely see them acting closer and they are talking and flirting yes that is totally the same thing as being in a healthy mature adult relationship Instead we literally have scenes with Carson and Blake together talking about Delphine the dolphin that Carson befriended that had to be saved by Blake I have never hated a dolphin this much in my life All you need to know is that Carson acts like a jerk throughout this entire book pretty much There is only one time when I did feel sympathy for this character but a chapter or so later I was right back to being annoyed by her Dora is doing better in her relationship with Devlin She puts her son Nate first and though she plans on staying on Sullivan's Island does not do the easy thing and decide to jump into marriage with Devlin I actually liked Dora throughout this book since she seems to be the only character that changed based on events in books one and two and she realizes that she needs to be single for a while and not rush right into to have another man that she needs to depend on like she did with her ex Unfortunately we get very little scenes with Dora and I wish that had been added to balance the blandness of the romance between Harper and Taylor and the whole you just want to sit her down and read her behind for about an hour Carson Of course when Sea Breeze is about to be sold we have the girls catching a clue and realizing that oh crap that thing for months that Mamaw said was going to have to happen is happening I am not going to lie I thought for sure that Ms Monroe was leaning to a different ending which though would have made me laugh at the absurdity of it would still have been better than the paint by numbers ending we got I just wish that there had been some sort of tension in this book Harper and her mother really don't count since we have just have them talking to each other on the phone and her mother being insulting via phone or email to her It would have been better to have her mother actually come there and have it out with Harper once an for all so Harper could say all the things that she wanted to say And it would have been good for Harper's mother to have it out with Mamaw since Harper's mother is still carrying around a lot of resentment towards the enabling that Mamaw did with regards to Harper's father This was brought up a lot in book one and a little in book two but I think that the ball was kind of dropped a lot in book three