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DOWNLOAD Slightly Scandalous î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Crescer no seio da família Bedwyn não é tarefa fácil; ue o diga a jovem Freyja Bedwyn Tendo passado a infância rodeada por uatro rapazes habituou se desde cedo a igualá los em ousadia e independência Mas o atrevimento tolerável numa menina é considerado inVos Para duas pessoas ue anseiam por liberdade e parecem detestar se esta reviravolta é no mínimo inexplicável Entre o choue e a admiração a alta sociedade não se cansa de especular sobre a origem de uma relação tão enigmática excessiva e ligeiramente escandalos. I usually dislike heroines whose first impulse is to hit someone I loved Freyja Bedwyn though I thought I would be annoyed by her behaviour throughout the story She wasn't the warmest person so far after all Actually the preuel introduces her as an almost despicable character jealous petty full of herself and so on She has been redeemed without being changed as a person here I loved herAs for the romance it starts as a sort of a trick and every new situation prolongs their trickery That time gave them both enough opportunities to see one another I liked the hero too but Freyja is the one who carries this story through to the end The Kit situation is resolved I'm satisfied with how that played out With every new book I love Wulf and I'm afraid his book won't live up to my expectations

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Crescer no seio da família Bedwyn não é tarefa fácil; ue o diga a jovem Freyja Bedwyn Tendo passado a infância rodeada por uatro rapazes habituou se desde cedo a igualá los em ousadia e independência Mas o atrevimento tolerável numa menina é considerado inaceitá. As someone who had been uite happy hating Freyja Bedwyn since meeting her in A Summer to Remember I have no ualms admitting that I wasn't very thrilled about reading her book At the same time I couldn't help feeling some kind of morbid anxiety about it as I wondered if Ms Balogh would be able to redeem lovely Freyja So it was with some trepidation that I started reading Slightly ScandalousAs the story opens Freyja has left Lindsey Hall her older brother Wulf's estate and is on her way to Bath just to avoid being in the neighborhood during the birth of her former beau Kit Butler's first child Even though that was not the impression I had when I read A Summer to Remember it looks like Freyja was truly in love with Kit back then and she hasn't uite recovered from it so she can't stand being near and pretend to be happy while watching Kit and his beloved wife Lauren burst in joy with the arrival of their love child Bitter much Ha haughty Freyja fancies herself above that Riiiight Anyway I digress Let's get back to the storyDuring her journey to Bath Freyja has to spend the night at a rather shabby inn While she's fighting the lumpy mattress for sleep a disheveled man bursts into her room hides in her wardrobe and asks her to cover for him How dare he Freyja isn't willing to harbor a criminal but when his pursuers treat her with less than the respect she deserves she lifts her regal chin and orders them to leave her room without giving away the man hidden in her wardrobe But then the man has the nerve to kiss her and Freyja being Freyja punches him in the nose Strike One and forces him out the window Naturally Freyja and her unexpected visitor are to cross paths again as he's none other than Joshua Moore Maruess of Hallmere and he's also on his way to Bath where he's to spend some time with his grandmotherOne of the first things that Freyja does when she meets Joshua in Bath is confront him about another misconduct of his and punch him in the nose Strike Two And she does this in public for everyone in Bath to see But as it turns out Joshua's innocent of what she's accused him of and he doesn't hesitate to mockingly put her in her place Strangely enough Joshua and Freyja end up striking some kind of friendship Bath must be a very boring place where he enjoys teasing and winking at her and she finds pleasure in threatening to punch him in the nose Again I'm making fun here but Joshua and Freyja's relationship does work and their progression is uite believableWhen Joshua's aunt comes to Bath and starts stirring trouble trying to get him to marry her eldest daughter Constance he asks Freyja to enter into a fake betrothal with him to thwart his aunt's plan Bored with life in Bath and willing to have some fun she agrees But what starts as a temporary diversion to fool Joshua's aunt gets and complicated and they can't find an easy way out of it So what does this mean Should they turn their fake betrothal into a real oneAs everyone is tired of hearing I really disliked Freyja in A Summer to Remember and none of the previous books in this Slightly series have changed my mind about her She was too haughty spoiled and truly unlikable The way she talked walked and acted lifting her chin and punching the nose of every poor male who had the misfortune of crossing her path everything in her annoyed me There's a difference between being feisty and being downright rude BUT and it pains me to say it I couldn't keep hating her after reading this book I still don't like her and I haven't excused her behavior but now I understand why she was so awfully nasty towards Kit and his beloved Lauren Plus Lauren has forgiven her so who am I to hold a grudge While I was reading this book I got the feeling that Ms Balogh had worked hard trying to redeem Freyja and to be fair Freyja did show some redeeming ualities but at the end of the day she was still haughty and spoiled Freyja as she was supposed to be since she didn't have a personality change surgery and she wasn't the kind of heroine I love I've learned to tolerate her though As for Joshua he seemed to be a bit silly and air headed at first which wasn't a bad thing considering Freyja's character I mean no stuffy and serious man would have been able to tackle her and survive LOL He had to be that way to get past her initial defenses both emotional and physical but he grated on my nerves with his freuent winking Halfway through the story I was on the verge of asking Freyja to punch him in the nose if he depressed one eyelid in that slow wink of his one time Anyway I was glad to see that there was to him than what he presented to the world and he was a caring protective and honorable man I even felt a bit sorry for him the first time he made love with Freyja because I think she was just using him to forget Kit I do believe she fell in love with him later but that first time didn't feel right to meAs for the plot it wasn't the most original one and I'm starting to wonder if all the books in this series have the same theme as in marriagebetrothal of convenience As much as I love Ms Balogh's writing I don't think it's good to have all the books in the series with the same basic plotAll in all this was a slightly better than average read to me but I don't think it would be fair to place it in the same level as Slightly Wicked which I liked better and has earned 4 stars from me so I'm giving it 3 stars

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Slightly ScandalousVel numa mulher uando a meio de uma viagem a Bath o uarto em ue Freyja está hospedada é invadido por um atraente fugitivo a jovem não tem meias medidas e esmurra o Ele é Joshua Moore o petulante maruês de Hallmere Nessa noite mal adivinham ue dias depois estarão noi. Another outstanding performance by Rosalyn Landor bumps this into the 5 star bracket