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Read & download ´ Prince of Demons 1 102 ¸ BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FORNew York Times USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Danann brings us a tale of romance suspense and high adventure Prince of Demons is a spin off of Knights of Black Swan It shares characters and references with the award winning seriesAfter Dallas finance manager AtalaAward winning seriesAfter Dallas finance manager Atalanta Ravin was left standing at the altar in a publicly humiliating jilting she uit her job sold her house gave away her furniture and set off in search of a new life living on a boat in Bosto. Atalanta Ravin has been left at the altar After a few weeks of late nights of ice cream and yoga pants she decides she is ready for a change So she uits her job sells her house in Texas and buys a houseboat in Massachusetts Strong and independent she learns how to sail and sets off one day only to mysteriously end up in an alternate dimensionPart one of Prince of Demons tells the beginning of Lana’s life changing journey Victoria Danann has set up a fantastic new tale with new characters but also revisits old favorites such as Elora Mon Song and as she weaves their interactions with Lana into this story I can’t wait to see where Victoria Dannan leads us to in the next installment

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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FORNew York Times USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Danann brings us a tale of romance suspense and high adventure Prince of Demons is a spin off of Knights of Black Swan It shares characters and references with the. Atalana Ravin Lana has been put thru the ringer by happenings in the universe She is left at the Alter by a POS She pays him back GOOD you have to read the book to find out Her Father also wants revenge “ I’ll Neuter the son of a bitch and throw his balls in with the calf fries down at the restaurant for some stranger to enjoy” See I told you You HAVE to read this book So she embarks on a new life Moves to Boston Makes new friends Starts a possible maybe budding romance Buys a Houseboat She is learning how to navigate her new boat when she is sucked into another dimension See Need to get book NOW Enter The Order of the Knights of Black Swan YEAH Cal Magnus is Assigned to interview Lana She is taken to The Jefferson Unit Cal Interrogates interviews her We do get a glimpse of Elora Ram Cal works with Elora to help Lana adjust “Be careful what you wish for” We also get a brief glimpse of Litha Lana has some sessions with Mon also As Lana adjusts to this dimension She Cal get to know each other better Cal finds meaningful work for Lana as his assistant in a field operation They try to retrieve a Demon Artifact Now you really have to get this book because it gets very interesting here They get back to Edinburgh There they do happen to meet Prince Duff Princess Aelsong at a fancy restaurant Things Of gargantuan proportions happen at this restaurant I Howled so loud Please get your copy of this book I think they are trying to have a romantic something Poor Cal falls flat on his face Now at the end of the book It is so tantalizing that you just have got to get a copy of this book read it I just loved this book Victoria has outdone herself It is suspenseful full of fun laughter I am anxiously awaiting the next one Victoria’s Forever Fan Pam James

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Prince of Demons 1N Harbor She got the adventure she’d always secretly longed for but not in a thousand dreams could she ever have imagined that her fantasy lover might turn out to be a prince of demonsTHIS VOLUME CAN BE PURCHASED AS PART OF THE TRILOGY BOX SET. Prince of Demons is the 8th book in The Order of the Black Swan series By now its faithful readers have gotten to know the universe in which this series operates and all of the dimensions therein relatively well We’ve taken the characters new and old and happily made them at home in our hearts and minds tucking them in and making sure their favorite things are in the fridge Even though each book is written as a stand alone they all flow gorgeously into one another Building upon the last until you’ve got this spectacular vista laid out in front of you making you yearn to chase the horizon And this book is no differentAtalanta Ravin just got left at the altar She spends than enough time perfectly content to exist in an ice cream induced coma before she finally decides that a complete break from her current circumstances is needed for her to regain the joy her fiancée sucked out of her life when he bolted from the chapel on their wedding day She buys a boat oversees its renovations and happily moves to Boston ready to spend her days grinning at the skyline and the sunset Until she finds herself trapped in a fog that delivers her right onto the doorstep of an alternate dimension Cal Magnus is an adventurer He works for Black Swan retrieving demon artifacts and loves his job Recovering from an unfortunate side effect of the job he is put directly in Lana’s path when he’s sent to discover if she’s telling the truth or truly deserves the padded cell for which she might be destined He’s funny and authentic and is confident in a way that makes you believe that he’s holding the big picture in the palm of his hand Lana and Cal play off of each other beautifully They are sweet and sassy and they push each other to their very best I have no idea if they’re going to get a happy ending but just based off of their interactions in this book I surely hope so Prince of Demons give the reader a couple of really fun things that none of the other books do The first of which is a glance at The Order of the Black Swan through the eyes of someone new After seven books I found myself kind of taking it for granted It had lost some of the awe and spectacle with which it originally bubbled simply because I know it so well But seeing it through Lana’s eyes renewed my deep appreciation for what an amazing organization it is The second of which is a sense of suspense based purely in the fact that this book is being written and released as a serial I’m so accustomed to getting a hold of a new Black Swan book and knowing I have a complete story in my hands Knowing that I was holding just one part of the bigger story infused in me a sense of urgency that I don’t necessarily have and while I know that may translate to frustration for some for me it was invigorating and I am now perched firmly on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the next installment Victoria Danann doesn’t know how to disappoint She tells a story like she’s singing her favorite song – drawing a deep breath from her toes and letting the notes flow effortlessly from her fingertips This book made me laugh out loud drew out of me a deep sigh of contentment and made me grin with anticipation for what’s to come I’m madly smitten with Lana’s character; her grit savvy confidence and utterly authentic nature drew me in immediately And I’d very much like to curl up into Cal’s arms and have him read me a bedtime story knowing that the comfort and safety will be balanced by his wit and sense of adventure Just like with all Order of the Black Swan books I’m all in Fully invested And ready and waiting for the next piece in this wonderful story unfolding before my eyes