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Characters · The Feeling of Humanity 106 à The Bible Belt has never been a good place to be out In Greenbow Alabama a town only on the map for a fictional character and a town lost in a haze of Good Christian Family Values it’s especially dangerous to fall in love especially for the protagonist of The Feeling of Humanity a radically passiThe Bible Belt has never been a good place to be out In Greenbow Alabama a town only on the map for a fictional character and a town lost in a haze of Good Christian Family Values it’s especially dangerous to fall in love especially for the protagonist of The Feeling of Humanity a radically passionate teenage rebel known as Ellis Hastings She’s always been a girl who wears many hats over her partially shaved head For some she’s the fierce fearless president of her school’s gay straight alliance To others she’s the dyke trying to change the world one protest at a time But to herself Ellis is just the fucked up one w. This is such an important book showing what progress in the world particularly in the LGBT community is made of by people like Ellis Although in my opinion the ending is not exactly a possitive message because the ones who fight end up dead anyways while the villains are still out there unharmed I've read several YA novels with setting in rural America all of which are depressing af and left me broken Somehow I thought this time it'd be different Well it is but then again it's not

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Town just like Greenbow Audrey iscomplicated She freaks out when Ellis smokes around her but can down four shots of whiskey with ease Her dad’s in a wheelchair for reasons she doesn’t like to talk about and it’s her responsibility to care for him Except she still gets out of bed every morning puts on a floral dress and paints on her face to hide things Audrey makes Ellis feel human again like anything is possible and maybe someone finally understands what it’s like to be empty and awake So with the help of a colorful cast of characters the two set out to change the world or at the very least the great state of Alabam. I'm not sure now is the best time to write this review as I only finished the book 20 minutes ago and I'm still trying to get my tears under control I'm failing at that by the way I'm sobbing so hard I can barely breatheThis book is everything It's sharp and cutting it's warm and soft it's hilarious and horrifying it's uplifting and depressing The language isn't just descriptive it's powerful expressive and evocative The words filled me up with the full range of human emotion then pulled those emotions out of me and into the world Laughter tears screams everything was accounted forDon't read this book if you have things to do immediately afterward Or the next day I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to recover but it's going to take a lot of comfort food Disney movies hugs from my best friend and possibly an act of God I feel like I've been hit by a train and yet I'm glad it happenedWhy is this book not in the Most Read This Week listings on the Lesbian Fiction page or any of the other LGBTI related pages Why are there so few reviews Why did I find it only by digging into the deepest corners of 's Kindle listings This is one of the most powerful pieces of writing I've read this year and I strongly suspect it will remain memorable and relevant for many I have absolutely nothing to criticize here other than the proofreading or lack thereof There were unfortunately numerous errors These mainly consisted of extra words to the a missing words and words that likely were the victims of mental auto correct as the author's mind skipped ahead while typing In the worst instance a police officer stated there was no sign of fowl play immediately following an utterly devastating scene thereby diminishing the impactStill errors can be corrected I'd normally deduct a star for the number found here but I just can't bring myself to give this book anything less than a solid 5 stars Each and every one of those stars was earned the hard way exuisite language incredibly deep characters a gripping plot excellent pacing and a moving conclusionOkay that's done Now I'm going to go wipe away my tears again blow my nose again wash my face again take some very deep breaths and dress in every piece of rainbow gear I have before checking to see if I have any ice cream in the freezer probably while singing the theme to Frozen Tomorrow's mission find local activism groups

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The Feeling of HumanityIth the dead girlfriend and the family of perfect people who don’t get it For the past year Ellis’s life has been a blur of GSA meetings transformation nights protests fundraisers and anything else she can use to keep her mind off Grace Win a dance prodigy with the allure of a far away city on her lips the girl she loved and lost Last March That’s her life putting on the mask of being Madame President to some and Public Enemy Number one to others while fighting for those without voices even though she can’t uite get a grip on her own That is until she meets Audrey Alton who transferred not from a mystical city but a. Full disclosure I was truly unprepared for how sad this book wasTo the point of almost not giving it the 5 star rating that it deserved But after I finished it I picked up the pieces of my shattered heart and decided to reviewed for what it really is a fantastic little gem of a bookPoignant profound and with so much substance The fact that this book seems to be so unknown to readers of the genre only proves to me how fickle the Gods of Literature must beEllis as a main protagonist is just simply perfect in her imperfect way This brilliant fierce idealistic loyal and just so so broken young lady takes us on uite a journey It's a relatively short book 182 pages but it pacts so much punch I'm truly under the impression that every single character we come across in the story is a well craft complex human being that if not being used as supporting characters in this book could easily go on and be the main protagonists of their own books That's not an easy task and speaks volumes of the writer dedication into crafting a real world where her story could unfoldAs I mentioned before this is not by any means a light easy read Actually many aspects of this novel are probably exposed to the readers with the intention to make you feel uncomfortable But uncomfortable not just for the sake of drama but for the sake of realism Because a lot of what happens in this book used to be and in many places still is the reality of younger kids who identify under the transgender umbrella have to face it on a daily basisDespite its continuous sad melancholic and oppressive ambiance there is also this constant feeling of hope brought to the story by the humanity of the amazing supporting characters and Ellis heartwarming relationship dynamic with them Specifically her relationship with Audrey and Clark Audrey is the yang to Ellis yin As they meet they seem as opposite or contrary forces as they can be but as the story unfolds you realize how they actually complement each other And Clark is her rock her constant in an inconstant world soldiering on the outrages that life thrown at the two of them True friendship at its finestSome of the contemplative nature of the prose is worth a pause in the middle of the read to reflect on its meaning There is just so much meaning in this bookMy only gripe with this book is the endingview spoilerTo me at least it seemed a bit strong armed as if the writer wanted by any means necessary to kill Ellis The fact that after all they went through and how much they knew Ellis family and close friends about the life threats to Ellis the fact that everybody would all of sudden not care enough to let her 'walk a few blocks' on her own at night after a successful controversial protest seemed absolutely forced and out of character These people cared too much to let her do that Damn it I cared to much to let you do thatWhy you had to go and kill Ellis Miss Berghuis Not cool not cool at all hide spoiler