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Sa kotimaassaan Suomessa Alina on puolestaan jättänyt omat opintonsa ja keskittyy hoitamaan Samuelia kotonaVuosia myöhemmin Joe elää palkittuna huippututkijana Yhdysvalloissa uuden onnellisen perheensä ympäröimänä Toisella mantereella aikuisu. So this one is going to be sweet and short This was 100% not the read for me I will tell you the writing is fantastic and the characters were really well written So here we have itThe Good The plot to this one was definitely uniue and Valtonen has a way with just taking a complex and story unlike any other and weaving it into this crazy mountain of multiple storylines and really showing the different changes the characters make throughout the amount of time we get to hear their perspectives Another thing I really enjoyed was how much thought and consideration went into the ideas actions and decisions with these three main characters It was so interesting to see the difference in Alina and Joe's relationship in the past and present time and how different each of them had become I also liked the perspective of Samuel later on in the novelThe Bad This one started off solid for me and then started to get confusing and shall I say too high tech for me While the plot seemed like something that I could really get behind I was a little disappointed that I was expecting a psychological thriller and this was of a techno savvydrama I just had a hard time following the plot as there was honestly times where too much was going on and then a ton of times where there just wasn't anything going on at all and way too much detail and backstory was being put into play At around page 300 I started to get into it and the last almost 200 pages went by a lot faster but at the end of the day 300 pages is way too much for me to suffer through to get to the good stuffThe Ugly While this is a whopper of a novel at almost 500 pages this one really fell flat for me and I honestly would have liked it if it had been shortened to about 250 The plot was interesting the characters phenomenal and the writing was spectacular However this was just was not the read for me and did not hold my interest for very long Things definitely heat up towards the end but the ending was just too there for me Definitely not something I would recommend unfortunatelyI received this copy from Oneworld Publications in exchange for my honest review

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He eivät tiedä mitä tekevätUden kynnyksellä tasapainoileva Samuel etsii omaa paikkaansa Kun sopiva ideologia ja yhteisö viimein löytyvät mikään ei voi enää pysäyttää häntä Isänsä tapaan hän on valmis tekemään vaikeitakin ratkaisuja oikeaksi uskomansa asian taki. The book is a bit too straggly It becomes rather obvious that the writer is a psychologist because he just cannot let go of the over analytical inner dialogue he has his characters wrapped up in It was interesting and clever the first time around but by page six hundred of an eight hundred page book it was just too much exposition and as a result; became indescribably annoying And talking about annoying; this book features the most irritating main character I've ever read He's condescending elitist hypocritical selfish self observed childish unapologetic and immoral He's not a good husband father or a co worker And weirdly enough we only learn what the character looks like during the last fifty pages or so One could argue that such narration is dry and with good reason I would have wanted especially from the animal rights perspective of this book It's a subplot but the author could have made the reader much invested to the book had he even introduced the reader to a single animal or at least explained a little bit of the love for animals one of the characters shares But to the author I suppose it was irrelevant What I did like was the imagination the author used when describing a scenario for the future of technology for example It was realistic and interesting

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characters He eivät tiedä mitä tekevät ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö Mitä tapahtuu kun isä tutkii työkseen kissojen hermosoluja ja pojan elämäntehtävä on puolustaa eläinten oikeuksiaAlussa on pieni perhe Joe Alina ja vastasyntynyt Samuel Joe on amerikkalainen neurotieteilijä joka yrittää edetäMitä tapahtuu kun isä tutkii työkseen kissojen hermosoluja ja pojan elämäntehtävä on puolustaa eläinten oikeuksiaAlussa on pieni perhe Joe Alina ja vastasyntynyt Samuel Joe on amerikkalainen neurotieteilijä joka yrittää edetä urallaan uudes. Amazing bookDetailed review soon