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Download Book ´ All She Ever Wanted Í 416 pages ✓ Moneyexpresscard Ç Three friends reunited to uncover a haunting mystery—I couldn't put it down Luanne Rice on ALL SHE EVER WANTEDEmily was their closest friend or so they thought—until years later when her secrets send them on a perilouDetails of their lives? And why is he accusing one of them of murder? As they begin to unravel the startling truth about their friend each will rediscover a love she lost long ago and uncover secrets that will forever change her lifeFrom #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes a romantic and suspenseful story of three best friends and a terrible life changing secr I really liked the book a loti just could'nt put it down the suspense held me tightly with the cute romance going in between the couplesCole Natalie they met cause of Emilyshe was Cole's sister and Natalie's BFF cum the sister she never had and vice versa and they met sparks flew and these two loved each other and Natalie accepted her feelings and confessed it but Cole panicked and he started avoiding hergiving her mixed signals which became a fighting issue between Emily Natalie cause Emily thought Natalie is clinging on to her brother not letting him go and after a huge fight on terrace Emily falls off and she diesNatalie is drunk she does'nt remembers anything and cause she had promised Emily's mother she will look out for her she feels guilty she failed which everyone takes it in wrong manner and think she has something to do with Emily's fall and deathDylan Madison These two also meet cause of EmilyMadison is friend of Emily and Dylan is in love with her but does'nt tell her cause he does'nt wanna spoil their friendship and Madison has a thing for Dylan but he always thinks low of her and has made a opinion that Madison is cold and selfish and he always acts rude with her but inspite if all his rudeness and anger Madion stands up and gives it back to himreally liked Madison's character she is a strong womanLaura Drew Laura is weak character with low confidence and self esteem cosntant negative talks from her parents sister and Drew makes her uestion and doubt herselfbut when again Maddy Natalie meet these 3 again get together to solve the mystery of that night Laura starts to think good of herself and feels confidentReally liked the potrayal of friendship bond and how a tragedy breaks the group and what impact it brings about in each characterEmily is the main character for me in the book cause when she was alive she made her friends see positive side of life and take decision and even after her death she was still the epicenter of each character lives and her death also brought about such a impact in relationshipsmy least favourite character was DrewSuspense held me till the very endas the went ahead with the story my suspect list grew but i was really surprised to read the killed and the mystery of her deathbut enjoyed how each character suspect each other but still they come together and instead of fighting arguing they keep united and search the killerIt is a 5 star bookEmily paid the price of her action and decisionsall puzzles are solved and each couple comes out clean with why and what they were hidingit was a good read for meenjoyed it a lot Recommend it

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Her three best friends and sorority sisters Natalie Laura and Madison devastated None of them has ever forgotten that night or the role each may have played in Emily's death the guilt that has pursued them and the loss they still sufferNow an unknown writer has rocketed onto bestseller lists with a novel that eerily mirrors their own story Who is he? How does he know the intimate I have not read anything by Barbara Freethy before So I decided to give one of her free books a chance Before I finished the book I was looking for other books by her I'm usually pretty good about guessing who done it Not the time Even until the very end I was wrong That was a good thing; meaning I'll read of her books As for this particular book I did enjoy it I will recommend it to others

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All She Ever WantedThree friends reunited to uncover a haunting mystery I couldn't put it down Luanne Rice on ALL SHE EVER WANTEDEmily was their closest friend or so they thought until years later when her secrets send them on a perilous search for the truth about who she really was and why she died Ten years ago during a party gone out of control beautiful vibrant Emily plummeted to her death leaving November 17 2012 To hell with it It's too childish and I feel like it was written for an elementary student I started disk three and just couldn't take any November 9 2012 Oh boy I feel like I'm 'reading' a book that was written for a 3rd grader She writes in such a cliche manner The opening starts with someone asking if she believes in magic and of course she doesn't and so on and so forth Every character is a character that has been written about by a million other people The insecure overweight lady The woman who rose up from poverty to become a doctor The family who is ridiculously unforgiving of someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the death of their daughter as in You said you'd look out for her She got drunk and fell to her death Now I place the blame completely on you Gag I keep thinking about giving up on this one as I feel like I'm being talked down to but I am hoping it will go somewhere interesting Not sure how much longer I'll make it