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Rutabaga the Adventure Chef Read & download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À A fantasy graphic novel series follows an adventure chef named Rutabaga who travels to a fantasy land to find bizarre ingredients to cook in his enchanted cauldron The books will include pages straight out of Rutabaga's cookbooks with recipes Nclude pages straight out of Rutabaga's cookbooks with recipes that readers can make at ho. Read 2020 I am glad I got the chance to re read this one This was once again a wonderful and delicious adventure filled with recipes dragons monsters and I loved Rutabaga and how he went on fun uests helped out people and made some amazing food that I wouldn't mind trying out Yum I loved the art it was fun and I liked the colours All in all going to be re reading book 2 soonRead 2016 Wow this was just an amazing fun book It is all about Rutabaga a kid Man Boy Well at least he is brave he loves to cook and doesn't shy away from helping anyone who is in need of helping good uality In this book we follow him on his adventures though he isn't that good at adventuring given in how much trouble he tends to get but he has to do it if he wants food for his cooking and we see him cook all kinds of magical foods because they are uite magical that something so ugly as a monster's corpse can look so edible in the end Not all foods look magically yummy though some foods are foods I would stay away from very very far away The book shows us all the recipes and how Rutabaga makes them and what he needs I really like that this is added Now if only we had all those things here in the real world then we could make them for real I wouldn't mind trying a few of those recipes DI laughed out loud at Rutabaga's antics and how he seemed to survive every time He also has a best friend Pot and I just loved that it was added It really added some charm to the story not that it needed that because it is already charming but it added I loved the reactions of people when they found out that Pot was alive and could just walk around on himherself The art is lovely I just love how everything is drawn it is a really nice style and it makes you feel right at home even when there are dragons to be fought The ending was hilarious yes Rutabaga you had that one coming D As soon as I finished this one I hurried to order the next one and I am hoping it will be here soon I would highly recommend this book to everyone It is a fun laugh out loud sweet charming story and you will want to read about Rutabaga for instance some backstory would be nice Review first posted at

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A fantasy graphic novel series follows an adventure chef named Rutabaga who travels to a f. This is the cutest book I was intrigued by it because I love stories to do with cooking and food My dad was a chef and I grew up in the kitchen so it's a nice relatable bit of nostalgia for me The artwork is adorable It's fun for kids with good details and even better facial expressions I could very easily see this as a fun anime styled cartoon on the Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or even PBS Kids It's a high adventure mixed with a lot of humor Reading it made me smile even as an adult and I think that says a lot for a book aimed at younger folks My ARC was not a full color copy though the finalized version is in full color I'm told I think the color would certainly make it fun but even in black and white it was well received I think it's cool that there's little recipes and cooking steps throughout the book Some of them are for fantastical ingredients that the chef finds on his culinary adventures but others are things that kids can try to make at home It's a silly funny uest that I think elementary school kids will love Like a Baby Einstein's version of the show No Reservations I'd definitely pick up the second book in this series

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Rutabaga the Adventure ChefAntasy land to find bizarre ingredients to cook in his enchanted cauldron The books will i. DD for kids except your powers all revolve around being a great chef In comicsCute brightly colored good for the Lunch Lady Babymouse set who aren't uite ready for Zita the Spacegirl Monster on the Hill etc Easy to follow some silly recipes all the ingredients in the story are fictional the only recipes you could actually make are in the extra matter at the back