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In the Fire (In the Kitchen #2) Free download Ä 105 ☆ Because the way to a man's heartEight years ago the world was their oyster Until that is competing chefs Ethan Martin and James Lassiter's hot and heavy relationship fizzled after Jamie left for an internship in Paris Even though Jamie's career has taken off since his return Because the way to a man's heartEight years ago the world was their oyster Until that is competing chefs Ethan Martin and James Lassiter's hot and heavy relationship fizzled after Jamie left for an internship in Paris Even though Jamie's career has taken off since his return to the States with his own television show and a. 40 Glorious StarsWhoa that was a wicked ride I was caught off guard to learn how much time had passed since book 1 Eight Years WTF guys How bad could they have screwed the pooch Pretty bad I'd sayNonetheless the chemistry was still there and I found myself rooting for the MCs once Though I confess I was fcking irritated on behalf of Ethan at Jamie for all of the manipulation Despite all his asshattery it all worked out nicely in the end Bottom line I read this in one sitting which counts for something in my book The Bistro 30 family has fast become one of my faves

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Lot of fame his feelings for Ethan have never uite gone awayEthan's culinary career has developed slowly but he's almost saved enough to buy the restaurant where he works and re open it as his dream spot Bistro 30 If only he could get the sexy chef who loved him and left him out of his mindBut when someone starts sabotaging. This was a sweet romantic read One word sums it up ENJOYABLE

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In the Fire In the Kitchen #2The restaurant and a fire threatens to take away everything Ethan holds dear his only option is to rely on Jamie for help Back in close uarters the two men will have to find a way to work through their past if they hope to save the restaurant and their future See how Ethan and Jamie's romance began in In the Raw 93000 word. 45 StarsI’m going to assume that if you are here you’ve already read In The Raw and came here out of breath dying to know if the next book is out yet You no doubt were thrilled to discover In The Fire is available and you’ve probably already one clicked without bothering to read the reviews I totally understand and don’t blame you a bit I’m completely aware that I’m most likely talking to an empty room right now I had to read In The Fire in bits and pieces Not how I like to read a book but real life doesn’t allow me to read all day so I read at bedtime Some nights I read for a few minutes some a few hours I swear to you I’m being 100% honest when I say that five nights in a row I teared up not once but twice while reading this book One night was drippy tears on the pillow type crying This book is just full of “feels” These aren’t Amy Lane gut you then roll over you with a truck type feels These are the kind that sneak up on you You’ll be reading along with a grin on your face or laughing at some dialog when suddenly the next words on the page make you suck in a breath and your eyes start to sting – it just hurts you out of nowhere There’s a lot of those moments I’ll warn you I started taking a tissue to bed with meYou’ll be surprised to find that In The Fire does not pick up right where In The Raw left off You’ll be mad about that for oh maybe 30 seconds While that would’ve been the logical thing for Griffin Michaels write what they actually wrote is much satisfying We get older much complex versions of Ethan and Jamie than we knew in In The Raw and they don’t disappoint although they even surprise each other“As I leaned against one of the walk in fridge doors I glanced at Ethan’s station The ease and fluidity with which he moved was amazing to watch Ethan had always been a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen but watching him now I had a chance to see just how much he had grown as a chef Every move was efficient He gave orders to his sous chef who prepped alongside him but his tone of voice had mellowed over the years He dominated letting everyone know who was boss in this work space but there was a gentleness about him I had rarely seen him show anyone save me or Claire as he worked alongside the much younger and greener students He’d changed and I hadn’t been there to see it happen”Gah Give me a minuteLike a parent who misses their child’s first steps and first words there are lots of moments Ethan and Jamie have missed in their eight long years apart things they regret and resent but they’ve never stopped wanting each other they just don’t know how to get back there While Ethan never regrets the choice he made regarding the scholarship I felt he often resented the fame and opportunities that fell into Jamie’s lap because of it To me that doesn’t make him a jerk it just makes him human For example in book one when Ethan called Jamie ‘Golden Boy’ it made me grin It was snarky and typical asshole Ethan But in this book every time Ethan uses the term it made my heart hurt because I could feel his resentment“Well I didn’t train in a fancy ass five star restaurant in New York but I wouldn’t trade my time at Cal’s for anything” “True Not everyone did get to go to Paris and land a job at Cielo And it seems to be the only conversation we know how to have any The choices and opportunities that set us on this path” His jaw tightened as he spit out the next words “We all make choices Golden Boy The trick is learning to live with them”I love that the thing that drove them apart isn’t one Big Thing It’s just life By their own admissions little by little they allowed life to drive them further and further apart They both regret not making of an effort to stay together and now they are basically on opposite ends of the country with Jamie’s assistant Trevor between them I don’t know why but I like Trevor and I feel sorry for him I’m fully aware I’m going to be in the minority on that one but again he just seemed like a real person to me He’s not evil he’s not calculating He just loves Jamie and his words and actions are understandable to me But I digressI’m looking at the uotes I’ve highlighted and while they won’t make you cry reading them here out of context every one hits me in the ‘feels’ knowing the part of the story it was taken from I’ll share one line that in its simplicity is one of the sexiest most bittersweet lines I’ve ever read Jamie has woken up next to Ethan and realizes there are tattoos on Ethan’s body that hadn’t been there eight years before again one the missed moments“Unable to resist I bent down and kissed the tip of the phoenix’s tail”Although this story nipped and poked at my heart every single night with stinging dialog and angsty scenes full of words that should’ve been spoke but weren’t I never once doubted the love Ethan and Jamie had for each other and that it would win in the end“I just wanted him to know whatever he did wherever he was I wanted him Not the world famous chef James Lassiter with his picture plastered all over TV or the web or smiling back at me from magazines I wanted him the Jamie who smiled at me goofily when I kissed him silly or the one who put up with my ridiculous failures at new recipes”This is getting long and I haven’t mentioned Tyler who I absolutely adore I’ll just say that I feel like he harbors a story that needs to be told I wish all these characters were real because I’d love to visit their restaurant but only if I actually got to watch them in the kitchen