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Shot Down The True Story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the Crew of the B 17 Susan Ruth Summary Ç 108 ¼ Belgium February 8 1944 Shot Down and Alive For the first time the full and complete story of the B 17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in unbelievable detail Author Steve Snyder’Belgium February 8 1944 Shot Down and Alive For the first time the full and complete story of the B 17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in unbelievable detail Author Steve Snyder’s story of his father Lieutenant Howard Snyder and the Susan Ruth crew provides in depth details about many aspects of World War II few understand or know about including the• separation for young families as men went off to war;• training before heading to foreign soil;• military combat operations;• underground and resis. Meticulous and endearing tribute to the crew of the B17 Flying Fortress the Susan Ruth during World War II Complied by letters and records left behind author Steven Snyder son of the pilot Howard Synder recounts the exploits of the crew from their family background to training to the fiery crash that caused them to parachute and survive in enemy territory In a clear and crisp voice Synder describes both his father and the world he lived in The budding romance with his mother courtship and finally marriage is tenderly told through personal letters that paint a vivid picture of their relationship Training deployment to England and the grueling and dangerous conditions are described in harrowing details This is how we should learn about war through the eyes of those who sacrifice so much to keep others safe The book tells of their insecurities and fears the heartache from being away from loved ones missing births and other milestones in the home front I loved this band of brothers their camaraderie and courage and when I read the parts of the outcome the unfair vagary of fate I was saddened by the wastefulness of war Heartbreaking and poignant families and wives at home showed eual bravery and support This was a memoir a love letter from son to father honoring him for his uiet dignity and courage It is a wonderful snapshot of people preforming admirably under the worst of conditions where some gave everything they had to give

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Tered and hid the crew; and interviews conducted by historians Centered around the 306th Bomb Group in Thurleigh England it is informative insightful and captivatingFor most 70 years is a long time ago World War II fades in importance as each year goes by Shot Down moves history out of the footnotes into reality keeping the stories of real people alive as they experience being shot down You are there almost holding your breath as Lt Snyder gets his crew out of his B 17 when bailing out over Nazi occupied Europe. FULL DISCLOSURE I received my copy of this book free from the author andor publisher I was not paid for this review and the opinion expressed is purely my ownSHOT DOWN The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B 17 Susan Ruthis the story of the author's Father in World War II as a B 17 bomber pilot and his ordeals after being shot down over the Franco Belgian border in February 1944The book itself is 335 pages of text with an extensive sources list and index The text is divided into 40 mostly short topical chaptersThe narrative describes the journey of the author's father to first becoming a bomber pilot and then chronicles his arrival in the ETO his bombing missions the loss if his aircraft and the events and adventures of the crew of the B 17 as they struggled to survive both in hiding and as POWs This story is a microcosm of what happened to thousands of US aircrew who were forced to crash land or bail out of their aircraft in the course of the air war over EuropeThe book starts out kind of slow with a description of the training process for bomber crewmen and extensive description of the B 17 and its components If this type of stuff does not interest you then it will bore you but it is a necessary introduction to the bombing campaign The B 17 was a remarkably tough aircraft and B 17 bomber crews did the lion's share of the US bombing in Europe during World War II and learning about how they worked and how they operated is important to the storyThe crew of the Susan Ruth bailed out over the Belgo Frankish border region Many locals risked and some even gave their lives to help these men who were so far from home and fighting to liberate people they would mostly never meet The crew was scattered after the shoot down and the author does a great job of telling the different threads of the story into one narrative without confusing the reader This is not just one story but eight woven together some shorter and some longer than othersWhat I found to be one of the best parts of the book was the final chapters where the surviving crew's liberation is discussed and then the reunions of later years I found it especially compelling because I have been to a few of the sites mentioned in the book and it is very interesting to learn the backstory behind the memorials A memorial without context is just stone but the context of the joy and agony behind the memorials brings them to life The men of the crew endured much while waiting to be either repatriated or liberated and the story of their ordeals and the locals who helped them is inspiring to say the least The story of the Susan Ruth's crew happened hundreds of times all over occupied Europe and it is a story worth tellingShot Down gets off to a slow start but picks up when the crew is trying to survive The narrative flow well and the painstaking level of research is evident throughout the book It is obvious that writing the book was a labor of love It is excellently written and one of the most detailed accounts of the travails of downed airman I have ever read I highly recommend this book especially to those interested in the European Air War of World War II

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Shot Down The True Story of Pilot Howard Snyder and the Crew of the B 17 Susan RuthTance and what Lt Snyder did when he joined it;• German atrocities toward captured crew and civilians;• behind the scenes stories of the Belgium civilians who risked all to save American flyers who were in the air one moment spiraling down in flames the next;• creation and dedication of the monument to the Susan Ruth and its crew located in Macuenoise Belgium in 1989 Shot Down was created from the vast number of letters and journals of Howard Snyder; diaries of men and women on the ground who rescued shel. Overall an unusual and eye opening read History buffs particularly individuals interested in WWII pilot training actual flight bombing combat narratives and tribulations of downed pilots will find this book fascinating and exceptionally well researched I rated 4 stars simply because I struggled through some of the dialog although not repetitious was very detailed with similar themes It is amazing what the pilots went through at very young ages the responsibilities they took on and how locals risked their lives and their families lives to help and protectdowned pilots