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Money out of options and out of ideas She has no place to turnor does sheAll these years Amber thought her beloved adopted brother Allen was dead When she discovers he’s not only alive but living in the same city she runs to him for help Fortunately Allen and his lovers have a plan to keep Amber safe Allen bri. Hot story with likable characters however the heroine going from a deeply abused woman to trusting and falling in love with the heroes in less than 48hours put me off We are talking about a heroine who has been abused by her family and by her lovers being raped just days before If you give the heroine that kind of past you should be thinking about developing her healing story giving her time to recover and to overcome what happenedOn the other hand there is no denying the sex was hot and the mm story between the heroes was sweet and deep

Summary Angel Without (For Love of Authority #2)

Angel Without For Love of Authority #2Ngs his little sister to stay with Maddox Henley a Dom with a dark past and Riley Jones an ex soldier with a dark secret Together these two strapping construction workers have the balls and ability to keep a young woman safe from all outside threatsBut can they keep her safe from the threat they pose to her hear. I loved everything about this book The characters Amber Maddox and Riley were perfect for each other Their strength together was great and how they discovered their strengths alone was exactly right The story flowed and the dialogue was excellent so glad I discovered Ms Ayers can't wait for the next book

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Summary Angel Without (For Love of Authority #2) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Ménage Amour Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MMF with MM HEAWhen Amber Whitman’s fiance suddenly turns violent she flees back home—only to be told she has no choice but to marry the bastard RefusinMénage Amour Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MMF with MM HEAWhen Amber Whitman’s fiance suddenly turns violent she flees back home only to be told she has no choice but to marry the bastard Refusing to live her life as an abused woman Amber takes off in the dead of night But now she’s out of. How different Finally a story that is different from the romances labelled BDSMOne thing that always bother me is the lack of imagination with most authors that wish to write about the lifestyle and always portray the lifestyle with the mandatory spanking the punishment because the heroine cannot have a brain of her own or may have a different opinion the bindingcuffing etcI despair to see one day publishers that will decide to label their story the correct way Most goes with the cash flow but it sucks to not rely on the right taglabel There is a huge difference in my book between Dominance and Submission between Bondage and Discipline and Sadism and between Masochism So each time a romance is labelled BDSM I know at 9999% I will not find sadism and masochism Most of the times authors have no choice in the matter Like with this story Angel WithoutAngel Without is the complicated story of three characters that will meet love and discover their needs within each otherFirst a man Maddox who is a Dom but describes himself as a sexual dominant “All that really means at the very basic foundation of the concept is I need to be in control of the motion during sex in order to come Most men assume they are Dominant because they usually prefer to be on top The difference is for someone like me I actually need to be on top in order to find satisfaction”But instead of being a caveman character Rhiannon Ayers portrayed her Dom as someone who needs control verbally No spanking no cuffs no St Andrew crux and so on And that for me is the most credible Dom character I have ever read in a menage romanceThen the second character is a woman submissive to the core But she does not need to be physically dominated “A sub also prefers to have someone else in control What that entails depends on the person what each one wants and needs ‘Control’ can be as simple as being on top all the time—or it can extend further to controlling the entire encounter Giving commands arranging scenarios that push the sub’s boundaries etc The Dom takes control because that’s his nature and the sub chooses to give up control because that’s her nature”A submissive does not have to receive punishment and receive pain Some need that some do not Angel the female character of this story need an exchange of powerAnd finally the third character Riley who has no idea about the lifestyle and discovered his bisexuality and submissive natureRhiannon Ayers definitely know what she is writing about Funny enough I can always make the difference The fact that she avoided all the lifestyle clichés and developed a Ds relationship with the details of three individuals with weaknesses including the Dom was totally awesome It made the romance real credibleThis author knows what she is talking about I felt that each explanation about the lifestyle made sense most especially the difference between abuse and submission Each time I was yep yes that’s right that’s exactly right And you know what I enjoyed the most in this story The author did not try to portray a perfect Dom that only exists in FantasyDomLand She portrayed him as a normal next door person He did not need to have a cane or a flogger He did not need to spank in order to make sure his sub understood they could not breath or think without his approval On a contrary Rhiannon Ayers made the lifestyle in one side of the spectrum the non physical side of Dominance and submission I loved itA couple of things bothered me thoughI was not fond of Maddox saying that he could not be patient and wait to have sex with the heroine when he just discovered how much she had been abused I understood that it is a romance and readers must feel how much he lusted and loved her but I felt it was a glitch in the storyThen I did not like that Maddox did not tell Riley about the phone Not saying in details because I do not want to spoil but for me it was so not the right thing to do Hot sure Justified afterwards okay But the first time when the trio was not even completed nope I felt the Dom did not respect his loverMaddox also had a difficult past and although the other two characters shared in details their past with each other he did not I did not like it I was waiting his confession that never cameLast Robbie her older brother He was never bothered about witnessing what happened with her ex He was a complete asshole and enjoyed seeing his sister suffering and yet both characters did not know the full extend of his implication He got away with a punch in his face but for a different reasonSex scenes were good but not scorching hot for me But I AM difficult to please in this topic If you ask me what else I would have liked here I am not even sure what I would answerThis saidI loved the plot Tons of dramas It was real life dramas Of course I was not surprised of the development and epilogue because I knew the villains from the start but it had the right amount of intensitySo overall this is truly a great story I did not relate to the heroine but I was pleased with the dynamic of the three characters Even if I have a tiny problem to find out credible that a grow up man decide to jump the fence and pop his cherry so uickly but I decided that love is love and in the mist of the moment we can all be impulsive I was okay with that because I understand that genres and labels are not the essence of people and this is exactly what Rhiannon Ayers explained in this story if you love somebody genre and orientation are not important Love is With respect and trustBook #3 Saints United should be out soon another menage and if I read well a dominant couple with a male submissive like book #1 Demons Within Reviews for this author are great She is a new published author at Siren Bookstrand and already her two books are on top of the best seller chart I guess either you have it either you don’t talent I mean Looking forward to read you again Mrs Ayers