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DOC Î Gone Crazy in Alabama Gaither Sisters #3 ´ Rita Williams-Garcia Crazy Summer and PS Be Eleven will be enjoyed by fans of the first two books as well as by readers meeting these memorable sisters for the first timeReaders who enjoy Christopher Paul Curtis's The Watsons Go to Birmingham and Jacueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming will find much to love in this book Rita Williams Garcia's books about Delphine Vonetta and Fern can also be read alongside nonfiction explorations of American history such as Jason Reynolds's and Ibram X Kendi's booksEach humorous unforgettable story in this trilogy follows the sisters as they grow up during one of the most tumultuous eras in recent American history the 1960s Read the adventures of eleven year old Delphine and her younger sisters Vonetta and Fern as they visit their ki Absolutely excellent The Gaither sisters head down south to spend some time with their relatives in Alabama Big Ma and her mother Ma Charles While there the girls learn a lot about their ancestry and the feud going on between Ma Charles and her half sister Miss Trotter The elderly sisters are storytellers which really appeals to Vonetta who ends up carrying bickering messages between the two front porches for nearly the entirety of her time down south When an act of nature sets the whole clan to worrying family ties from all across the nation end up at Big Ma'sThough there are bound to be uestions as to whether this book can truly stand on its own considering the 2 previous books featuring this unforgettable trio of sisters this book takes a sharp right turn by focusing on the family history The author gives readers adeuate information about characters appearing in previous novels and previous altercations ie Uncle Darnell's theft of the girls' hard earned money This is handled so expertly that I would argue the entire effect for a reader just meeting the Gaither sisters for the first time would come away with the feeling that if they wanted to know about the backstory in depth they could consult the previous books as opposed to it being necessary to have read these books to understand this bookThe author excels at her craft here Every opportunity to invoke the senses is taken The characterization is so fully realized that readers know who is talking without the aid of an identifier at the end of a line of dialogue just based on the way something is phrased or the details chosen to present The setting is so well described and richly imagined that I feel as though I could draw a fairly accurate map of the woods possibly even the state of AlabamaHighly recommended historical fiction read for grades 5 8

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DOC ↠ READER Gone Crazy in Alabama Gaither Sisters #3 ¹ 9780062215901 è MONEYEXPRESSCARD ¾ The Coretta Scott King Award–winning Gone Crazy in Alabama by Newbery Honor and New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams Garcia tells the story of the Gaither sisters N all over the rapidly changing nation and as they discover that the bonds of family and their own strength run deeper than they ever knew possible“The Gaither sisters are an irresistible trio Williams Garcia excels at conveying defining moments of American society from their point of view” Publishers Weekly  starred reviewCoretta Scott King Award winner ALA Notable Book  School Library Journal Best Book of the Year  Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice  Shelf Awareness Best Book of the Year  Washington Post Best Books of the Year  The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Blue Ribbon Book Three starred reviews CCBC Choice New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing Best Book of the Ye 1960s Oakland California and its tumultuous social justice scene provided a scintillating backdrop for One Crazy Summer We were then spirited across the United States to Brooklyn New York for PS Be Eleven where people had a different attitude from the Black Panthers of California Another extreme culture shift takes place in Gone Crazy in Alabama as sisters Delphine Vonetta and Fern travel by themselves for an extended stay with Big Ma their paternal grandmother and her mother Ma Charles in small town Alabama If Brooklyn was hesitant to embrace the Black Panther philosophy of racial outspokenness Alabama is miles behind Brooklyn and Delphine's father makes sure his three girls know this prior to their trip Social rhetoric that would be praised in Oakland and accepted without comment in Brooklyn could be downright dangerous in the Deep South and Papa doesn't want his daughters shipped back to New York in coffins because they couldn't control their smart mouths It's Delphine's responsibility to keep them out of trouble and she takes it seriously This summer is certain to be an illuminating adventure You don't know something bothers you until you no longer have to do it Suddenly you're both angry and glad Angry you did it for all those years and glad you'll never do it again — Gone Crazy in Alabama P 33 On the family farm in Alabama Ma Charles is as authoritative a figure as Big Ma was in Brooklyn A spry almost sassy eighty two years of age she welcomes her great granddaughters affectionately but lets them know how things are going to be soon after they arrive Miss Trotter Ma Charles's sister is one of only two neighbors within shouting distance and she and Ma Charles have uarreled for years As Delphine and her younger sisters get to know their great aunt Miss Trotter and Ma Charles take turns telling them stories and tossing in barbs at each other for the girls to deliver an insult war that is entertaining for Vonetta and Fern if nothing else Delphine wants the elderly sisters to reconcile but they seem content taking jabs at each other about their confusing family history The other close neighbor Mr Lucas is sweet on the widowed Big Ma but she wants nothing to do with him pointedly ignoring his overtures despite Ma Charles's exasperated protests The big city is its own brand of insane but Delphine has never seen crazy like social life down South Maybe sibling rivalry is contagious Delphine and Vonetta sure rub each other wrong as their stay in Alabama continues Vonetta picks on Fern and Delphine feels compelled to stand up for her youngest sister which triggers Vonetta's anger The sisters' uncanny ability to always be on the same page is floundering but that could just be because they're getting older and forming individualized lives Delphine doesn't want her relationship with Vonetta to someday mirror Ma Charles's with Miss Trotter but it's hard to get along with Vonetta when she acts thorny as a porcupine The vacation veers into scary territory the afternoon of the worst storm in local memory when everything Delphine thought was hers forever is jeopardized in a nightmare parade of bad choices Is a family so fragile it can be obliterated in a few tragic seconds with no do over? If a second chance emerges from out of mourning will we learn from the past and snatch it before the offer is rescinded? Delphine Vonetta and Fern have much to learn about family love prejudice and justice on their march toward adolescence and no member of their inner circle is close to being a perfect example But it starts with a family who will do and sacrifice anything for one another and they no doubt have that If you prayed for the miracle you'd sell your most treasured possession for you don't care about anything else but waiting on that miracle — Gone Crazy in Alabama P 251 The story isn't as cohesive as PS Be Eleven nor is the wisdom as winsome but Gone Crazy in Alabama has its sparkling moments The Gaither sisters have deep wounds inside they need to heal such as their mother Cecile and others walking out on them We see the hurt in Delphine's recurring dream I've been dreamingrunning to the door to keep it from closing hardto keep footsteps from walking outwalking awayawayBut as long as my legs are I never get to the front door fast enough As strong as my arms are I can't keep Cecile from leaving Uncle Darnell from leaving Big Ma from leaving Or Mrs when she's madI can't stop the dreams I can't stop seeing the opened door and the footsteps How can you feel secure when the ones you love might leave and never return because you aggravate them or you're not enough to make them want to stay? Delphine Vonetta and Fern know the pain of goodbye when it truly means gone And slavery in the US may have been abolished a hundred years earlier but there's danger for young blacks who lack caution The Ku Klux Klan is past its heyday even in Alabama but men in white sheets still ride and some foes are less easily recognizable There's Klan everywhere a close family member warns Delphine You just have to see them When you're vulnerable to injustice because of who you are enemies don't always announce their presence but they're watching Avoid giving them an excuse to persecute you and you'll survive to make your case for euality Something tells me Delphine and her sisters could do a lot to enlighten the world through their childhood experiences Gone Crazy in Alabama has in common with One Crazy Summer than with PS Be Eleven To me the middle novel is by far the best and the other two are roughly eual The GaitherCharlesTrotter family tree is convoluted and challenging to follow but the people we meet from it are warm real and all have their place in the story I'm not as big a Rita Williams Garcia fan as some but I respect her writing and plan on reading I might give Gone Crazy in Alabama two and a half stars and I recommend it to those who loved One Crazy Summer I wish the Gaither sisters my best and the same for the author who brought them to life These books have helped open eyes and minds and for that they deserve to be honored

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Gone Crazy in Alabama Gaither Sisters #3The Coretta Scott King Award–winning Gone Crazy in Alabama by Newbery Honor and New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams Garcia tells the story of the Gaither sisters as they travel from the streets of Brooklyn to the rural South for the summer of a lifetimeDelphine Vonetta and Fern are off to Alabama to visit their grandmother Big Ma and her mother Ma Charles Across the way lives Ma Charles’s half sister Miss Trotter The two half sisters haven’t spoken in years As Delphine hears about her family history she uncovers the surprising truth that’s been keeping the sisters apart But when tragedy strikes Delphine discovers that the bonds of family run deeper than she ever knew possiblePowerful and humorous this companion to the award winning One I’m a conceited enough children’s librarian that I like it when a book wins me over I don’t want them to make it easy for me When I sit down to read something I want to know that the author on the other side of the manuscript is scrabbling to get the reader’s attention Granted that reader is supposed to be a 10 year old kid and not a 37 year old woman but to a certain extent audience is audience Now I’ll say right off the bat that under normal circumstances I don’t tend to read seuels and I CERTAINLY don’t review them There are too many books published in a current year to keep circling back to the same authors over and over again There are however always exceptions to the rule And who amongst us can say that Rita Williams Garcia is anything but exceptional? The Gaither Sisters chronicles you could also call them the One Crazy Summer Books and I think you’d be in the clear have fast become modern day literary classics for kids Funny painful chock full of a veritable cornucopia of historical incidents and best of all they stick in your brain like honey to biscuits Read one of these books and you can recall them for years at a time Now the bitter sweetness of “Gone Crazy in Alabama” gives us of what we want Vonetta Uncle Darnell Big Ma in a final epic bow Going to visit relatives can be a chore Going to visit warring relatives? Now THAT is fun Sisters Delphine Vonetta and Fern have been to Oakland and Brooklyn but now they’ve turned South to Alabama to visit their grandmother Big Ma their great grandmother Ma Charles and Ma Charles’s half sister Miss Trotter Delphine as usual places herself in charge of her younger rebellious sisters not that they ever appreciate it As she learns about her family’s history and the reason the two half sisters loathe one another she ignores her own immediate family’s needs until the moment when it almost becomes too late I’m an oldest sister I have two younger siblings Unlike Delphine I didn’t have the responsibility of watching over my siblings for any extended amount of time As a result I didn’t pay all that much attention to them growing up But like Delphine I would occasionally find myself trying to my mind anyway to keep them in line Where Rita Williams Garcia excels above all her peers and I do mean all of them is in the exchanges between these three girls If I had an infinite revenue stream I would solicit someone to adapt their conversations into a very short play for kids to perform somewhere actually I’d just like to see ALL these books as plays for children but that’s neither here nor there The dialogue sucks you in and you find yourself getting emotionally involved Because Delphine is our narrator you’re getting everything from her perspective and in this the author really makes you feel like she’s on the right side of every argument It would be an excellent writing exercise to charge a class of sixth graders with the task of rewriting one of these sections from Vonetta or Fern’s point of view instead As I might have mentioned before I wasn’t actually sold initially on this book Truth be told I liked the seuel to One Crazy Summer called PS Be Eleven but found the ending rushed and a tad unsatisfying That’s just me and my hopes with Gone Crazy were not initially helped by this book’s beginning I liked the set up of going South and all that but once they arrived in Alabama I was almost immediately confused We met Ma Charles and then very soon thereafter we met another woman very much like her who lived on the other side of a creek No explanation was forthcoming about these two save some cryptic descriptions of wedding photos and I felt very much out to sea My instinct is to say that a child reader would feel the same way but kids have a way of taking confusing material at face value so I suspect the confusion was of the adult variety than anything else Clearly Ms Williams Garcia was setting all this up for the big reveal of the half sister’s relationship and I appreciated that but at the same time I thought it could have been introduced in a different way Things were tepid for me for a while but then the story really started picking up By the time we got to the storm I was sold And it was at this point in the book that I realized that I’d been coming at the book all wrong Williams Garcia was feeding me red herrings and I’m gulping them down like there’s no tomorrow This book isn’t laser focusing its attention on great big epic themes of historical conseuence All this book is all it ever has been all the entire SERIES is about in its heart of hearts is family And that’s it The central tension can be boiled down to something as simple and effective as whether or not Delphine and Vonetta can be friends Folks are always talking about bullying and bully books They tend to involve schoolmates not siblings but as Gone Crazy in Alabama shows sometimes bullying is a lot closer to home than anyone including the bully is willing to acknowledge There’s been a lot of talk lately about needing diverse books for kids and it’s absolutely a valid concern I have always been of the opinion however that we also need a lot funny diverse books When most reading lists' sole hat tip to the African American experience is Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry no offense to Mildred D Taylor but you see what I’m getting at here while the white kids star in books like Harriet the Spy and Frindle something’s gotta change We Need Diverse Books? We Need FUNNNY Diverse Books too Something someone’s going to enjoy reading and want to pick up again That’s why Christopher Paul Curtis has been such a genius the last few years because seriously who else would explore the ramifications of vomiting on Frederick Douglass? and why the name Rita Williams Garcia will be remembered long after you and I are tasty toasty worm food Because this book IS funny while also balancing out pain and hurt and hope An interviewer once asked Ms Williams Garcia if she ever had younger sisters like the ones in this book or if she’d ever spent a lot of time in rural Alabama like they do here She replied good naturedly that nope It reminded me of that story they tell about Dustin Hoffman playing Richard III He put stones in his shoes to get the limp right Laurence Olivier caught wind of this and his response was along the lines of “My dear boy why don’t you try acting?” That’s Ms Williams Garcia for you She does honest to goodness writing Writing that can conjure up estranged siblings and acts of nature Writing that will make you laugh and think and think again after that Beautifully done every last page A trilogy winds down on just the right noteFor ages 9 12