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EPUB ✓ ð Shelley Watters On Neal is the type of guy girls dream about But Greyson isn't interested in other girls He wants the one woman he can never have Katrina As the two struggle with their feelings Kat must choose between her career and her heart and fight to keep them both when an arsonist threatens to take it all awa This was a uick okay read It was super hot and moved SUPER uickWhy was it just okay? I wanted relationship building between the two leads What happened between them happened so fast that it kind of fell to the background of what was happening around them a crazy killer on the lose burning up womenand he's got a certain woman in mind for who's next You guessed it our heroineSo while the hero was alpha and the heroine was sweet but not too smart because she had too much pride I didn't really connect to these two and cheer them on like I normally would So it was just okay for me I would recommend this read to anyone that needs something uick to pass the time and is a little on the suspenseful side


PDF ½ BOOK Burn Me Î MONEYEXPRESSCARD à BURN ME has been called Backdraft meets J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood This sexy contemporary workplace romance is about trusting your instincts allowing people in and learning to let go at any cost When Katrina Hale's brother dies in a house fire she's determined to prove she's stronger BURN ME has been called Backdraft meets J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood This sexy contemporary workplace romance is about trusting your instincts allowing people in and learning to let go at any cost When Katrina Hale's brother dies in a house fire she's determined to prove she's stronger than e Burn Me is a super hot super sexy and super uick read for me I love the firefighter side of things and the detail that Shelley Watters goes into is just amazing Any book that can keep me on my toes while still managing to maintain a sexy seductive side is a winner in my mindBurn Me was my first Shelley Watters book and I have to say that it was very well written and engaged me from the beginning The story line was uniue and interesting I love a good hot mystery I do have to admit that the very first scene that our serial killer was inI sort of guessed it I won't say who it isI'm not saying that it is plain as day or that the mystery isn't written well It's just that for some reason I just KNEW Without a doubt I knew exactly how this book was going to play out the very first time our serial killer graced the pagesKatrina Hale Kat is a very tough chick She is not your typical heroine in a love story which I totally loved She is a firefighter with a stubborn streak a mile long When she inadvertently falls for her boyfriends brother things in her comfortable well planned life start to go a bit crazyGreyson Nealooooohhh Greyson He is the uintessential firefighter that we all picture in our minds You know the onesripped bodyloose flowing hair soft smoldering eyesand a voice that makes your panties need a good wash Greyson knows that it is wrong to lust after his brother's girlfriend but just can't seem to stop himself He constantly holds himself in check and wants her from a far well sort ofI mean they are on the same shift at the station until unexpected situations cause him to change his mindThe romance between these two is undeniable forbidden intense and explosive When they come together there is ABSOLUTELY NO stopping themunless they get in their own way that is They are both very dedicated to their career and are worried about what a real relationship may mean Greyson has uite the knight in shining armor syndrome according to Kat of course that I found to be endearing and sweet I love that he is willing to stand up to his brother for hereven if she doesn't want him to The romance flowed realistically and kept me wanting There were uite a few gaps in the timeline that I wished we had gotten a bit information but overall the chemistry and connection was strong and fun to readThe story linewell there were parts of it that ROCKED and parts of it that were rocky The mystery side of things was some what ruined for meI kind of figured out the who done it of things really early on However there was enough side story and romance that I didn't really mind knowing where things were going It was interesting to see the route things took to get to the ending that I saw from a mile away My problems with the story really came up with the danger that Kat keeps finding herself in I found myself often thinking Seriously?? How many times can one chick almost die in such a short period of time None of the other firefighters are having this much trouble I just couldn't make myself become a part of the story I really like the concept behind the story however I felt like there were uite a few holes lefta few t's left uncrossed and i's missing their dots For instancewhat in the world is up with Kevin? That is never explained He goes from being this sweet friendly and supportive character to a standoffish ass with no explanation I know that for a chapter or two we are supposed to think he may be our serial killer Sorry this is technically a spoilerbut come onif you are reading the book you can so tell it's not him but once that is shoved aside shouldn't we get some explanation as to why he changed?While the characters are likable and I found myself wanting I didn't get attached to them as I do in some books and I'm not even positive why I think it has to do with the way the book was written than anything While it is a dual POV which I adore it isn't written in the way you would expect it to be Don't get me wrong some chapters are completely normal and you switch between characters at normal intervals and times that make sense Then you come up on a steamy scene and you find yourself jumping between Kat and Greyson randomly without warning and without any type of acknowledgment It was a little hard to follow to say the leastOverall this book gets a 3 for me It's a fun read with enough twists in the story line to keep you on your toes a bit but just felt like it didn't meet my expectations of what it could have been The blurb makes it sound like it is so much than it managed to be for me While I only give it 3 stars I still recommend reading it I honestly think that it was a good read and is worth the money and timeGive it a try and let me know what you think Is this book for you?ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest reviewFOR MORE REVIEWS VISIT

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Burn Me Veryone thinks she is But grief can do strange things to a person and Katrina knows all too well how the death of a loved one can change a person As the romance in her current relationship fizzles she focuses on her work and fights the undeniable attraction she has for Greyson Neal Firefighter Greys Full Review wanted this story to be so much I enjoyed it but there were just a few things I would have done differently and I felt like certain things were left open or unanswered Nothing pertinent to the story but I’m a meticulous little bird and like to know everything about everything I felt like so many things could have been avoided with just a little bit of communication but well isn’t that the foundation of so many tragedies I recommend this for anyone looking to delve into the minds of steamy fire fighters and doesn’t mind a few un dotted i’s or crossed t’s My Rating30 Firefighter Twin Brother baby Brother Drunk Night Diesel Naked Embrace Shower Scene Cockroach Scream Revealing Photographs Mystery Civic DC arson Hardware Store Engulfing Flames Red Dress Passionate Surrender Love filled Stars For some schmexy firemen check out this book