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Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì In this gripping memoir John F Kennedy's closest advisor recounts in full for the first time his experience counseling Kennedy through the most dramatic moments in American historySorensen returns to January 1953 whNsen stayed with President Johnson for a few months before leaving to write a biography of JFK In 1968 he returned to Washington to help run Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign Through it all Sorensen never lost sight of the ideals that brought him to Washington and to the White House working tirelessly to promote and defend free peaceful societiesIlluminating revelatory and utterly compelling Counselor is the brilliant long awaited memoir from the remarkable man who shaped the presidency and the legacy of one of the greatest leaders America has ever known. This is a warm book a very human book At turns it is amusing It is frank It seems important to say this because decades gone by JFK's deputy president TSwroteKennedy which is factual and historically valuable but filled with two dimensional characters as with a host of histories and memoirs I never have heard much talk of Counselor but I can attest it is an enjoyable read and re read I know it will be a treasure for historians in times to come

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In this gripping memoir John F Kennedy's closest advisor recounts in full for the first time his experience counseling Kennedy through the most dramatic moments in American historySorensen returns to January 1953 when he and the freshman senator from Massachusetts began their extraordinary professional and personal relationship Rising from legislative assistant to speechwriter and advisor the young lawyer from Nebraska worked closely with JFK on his most important speeches as well as his book Profiles in Courage Sorensen encouraged the junior senator's politi. This work by trusted JFK aide Ted Sorenson provides an interesting perspective of mid century progressive thought With fascinating recounts of the Cuban Missile Crisis work in West Berlin and the JFK White House this memoir rarely flags Yet I thought that the best parts of this autobiography concerned the crafting of policy through language The thought care humor subtlety and deftness that the president and his staff applied to JFK's speeches gives us a window into a better time for public service and rhetoric Even with our current poor standards for service this memoir presents a framework wherein we as a nation can do better and expect from our leaders It is in these moments that Counselor truly succeeds The only criticism that I might provide concerns the ease with which the author excuses mistakes in judgment especially regarding his early silence regarding the importance of civil rights However given the number of positive policy initiatives that sprang from the JFK White House and Sorenson's pen this remains a relatively minor annoyance

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Counselor A Life at the Edge of HistoryCal ambitions from a failed bid for the vice presidential nomination in 1956 to the successful presidential campaign in 1960 after which he was named Special Counsel to the PresidentSorensen describes in thrilling detail his experience advising JFK during some of the most crucial days of his presidency from the decision to go to the moon to the Cuban Missile Crisis when JFK reuested that the thirty four year old Sorensen draft the key letter to Khrushchev at the most critical point of the world's first nuclear confrontation After Kennedy was assassinated Sore. It's funny but I am learning that if I don't absolutely LOVE a book I can eventually stop reading it There are simply too manybooks to read and too little time It used to be inconceivable to me to uit a book but now I'm loving the decision I ended this book after reading 75% of it I started reading the book because I wanted to learn about history such as JFK's presidency Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis I was also intrigued by how decisions are made behind closed doors I did learn from the book but I was expecting I felt like the author was trying to prove himself to the American public such as how important his role was in JFK's presidency and the Cuban Missile Crisis Although he FREUENTLY has this back and forth argument about claiming he did not write the speeches by himself it's a collaborative effort he goes on about it so much that you sense it's of false humility than actual humility and it gets oldhe is very much pointing out how great his role was in the Kennedy years There is a lot of name dropping without a lot of substance He loses his whole family in the uest of this powerful role and I imagine he would do it all again if he had the choice I believe his role was as powerful as he painted it but it just became old to me after awhile I was looking for a personal accountthe ups and downs of working in politics how he felt personally in the role the struggles of it insecurities what you have to give up He mentions here and there how he lost his family due to the job but he doesn't get into it in any sort of real way What I did like was when he would talk about drafting speeches and letters especially the one to Krushev to try and stop the prospect of nuclear war That particular acoount was insightful and opened my eyes to some of the wrangling that goes into political choices I was also amazed that what helped him with the drafting of such an important letter was what he learned on his high school debate team It was also intereesting to hear about the young Kennedy team and how they operated Lastly he gives some important speech writing tips that I appreciated I also loved reading about some of the morals of JFK I know he was not a perfect president but I learned some about him that inspired me It's an okay book but all of the name dropping and proving himself just left me a bit cold in the end and lead to the decision to not finish it