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High Stakes Vittorio Crime Family #1 Etty suit He won't tell me what he does and I'm not sure I want to know The darkness in his eyes terrifies me He's seduced me into his web of lies with his charm and now I'm trapped in his life He's taken control over me without me even realizingor resisting I'm in way over my head He promised that noth FIVE STARSWhen I’m with him I’m not afraid of the dark He is the darkThis is my third read of HIGH STAKES and my first review posting Initial rating was 4 Stars and I can't remember why exactly but a book that keeps me coming back for has got to be worth than that It's one of those books that just gets better with time One of my all time favorite mafia romances to escape to The mafia vibe I get from this one feels so real especially from the hero a captain in the Vittorio Crime Family Vincent Cesare My Italian paramour Our heroine Adriana isuniue ish She's got a few vices one being her kleptomaniac tendencies She's not little Ms Perfect far from it and I really liked that The author made the heroine's flaws work in her favor making Adriana interesting at least to me BUT the one responsible for giving me all the giddy feelings was Vince I'm trying real hard not to suee for this guy right now but damn he's my kind of hero He's unapologetically alpha and my ultimate ruination Excuse me while I sigh I applaud Adriana for handling him just right She wasn't a doormat thank goodness They have amazing chemistry together and their sexy times are OFF THE CHARTS The kind that come with a WARNING from me there's some BDSM here I'm actually not a big fan of BDSM but a little bit can be a whole lot of fun like in this book Me 'Spank me Vince I've been a bad girl I don't need any safe words' lol The mafia shenanigans the angst the drama the sex it all made this a page turner Only thing I didn't enjoy was Adriana's mother I wanted to scream at her badly The book ends with a HEA However if it wasn't because I know their story continues in book 2 DOUBLE BLIND I probably would have felt it was an abrupt ending I've read that book twice already and will read it again today because I need Adriana Vince It does get rough for these two in the seuel but rest assured there is a HEA in that one too Note Story ends 90% Kindle version The first chapter for DOUBLE BLIND is included First read in January 2015

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There are a million reasons why I should stay away from Vincent Cesare This was supposed to be temporary I was supposed to deal for his illegal card games and get some uick cash That was it I wasn’t supposed to fall for him Little by little I see the monster grinning at me through the cracks in his pr 3 StarsAbout The StoryHigh Stakes by Vanessa Waltz is a pretty decent read I love Mafia Romance it doesn't have to be dark the book just has to engage me Adriana and Vincent were very original characters in my opinion Adriana being the struggling college student who has a dark past and also happens to be a kleptomaniac Vincent a captain in the Mafia he specialises in illegal gambling The games can be held at any given venue from an upscale hotel to a seedy rundown building in a bad neighbourhood Before I give you my thoughts I think I should tell you a little bit about Adriana Like I said she's a struggling college student she happens to like stealing not because she needs the stuff she steals but because she can't help it She also happens to be a pretty good card dealer she supports her leech of a mother Ironically her mother seems to suffer from a hoarding problem obviously the apple does not fall too far from the tree in this case Adriana's father was murdered in front of her when she was younger which has given her emotional scarsNow to the part where she and Vincent meet Adriana's friend convinces her to go out Adriana is not a very social person one night spread her wings so to speak Jackie who is her friends cousin takes them to an illegal game and what do you know the host is Vincent One of the dealers for the game called in sick and Adriana ends up filling in And there you are this is how she and Vincent meet She's instantly attracted to him while he seems not to notice or careWhat'd I Think Of All Of This?While both character were fresh and original something was definitely missing in this book Apart from reading about Adriana's relationship with her mother and about her and Vincent's budding romance and some conflict here and there not much happened in this book The story lacked intensity it was predictable and while I don't mind predictability I do need intensity I really didn't feel Vincent and Adriana's connection Adriana was clingy at times and I really don't understand when Vincent began likingloving her It felt like he was only going after her because he could Perhaps this book should have had a dual POVAnd then there are some issues that were abandoned in this book I feel like there should be a second book but it doesn't look like there will beview spoiler1 Adriana's Dad had a gambling problem and because of this accumulated debt Which is why he was murdered Near the end of the book Vincent mentions that he knows who did it and that he will avenge her father's death So maybe I'm alone in this but I would have liked details on this2 Vincent's boss the Don did not trust Adriana and actually put a hit on her But nothing ever happened because Vincent proposed thus making her a part of the family I just can't for one minute except that this is the end of that part of the story I felt like the Don could've have done hide spoiler

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK High Stakes ´ VANESSA WALTZ ✓ There are a million reasons why I should stay away from Vincent Cesare This was supposed to be temporary I was supposed to deal for his illegal card games and get some uick cash That was it I wasn’t supposed to fall for him Little by little I see the monster grinning at me tIng would ever happen to me The Vittorio family wants me dead and there's only one person I can turn to But what scares me is what I'll have to do I'll need to become his Author's Note This is a dark romance novel it contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable High Stakes was my first read by Vanessa Waltz and probably my last I didn't enjoy this book at all absolutely nothing worked for me Adrianna was one of the worst h's I have ever read There was nothing good about her character and I especially hated how she was constantly feeling sorry for herself and saying how jealous she was about the people around her She also ran so hot and cold I had whiplash Also I didn't enjoy the sex I personally don't enjoy reading about a woman being slapped in the face hit with a belt or choked to the point of being light headed and needing to cover bruising on ones neck with makeup That just isn't for me