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Ishmael author Daniel Quinn free read Ð 106 ¸ Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereTEACHER SEEKS PUPILMust have an earnest desire tosave the world Apply in person It was just a three line ad in the personals section but it launched the adventure of a lifetime So begins Ishmael an utterly uniue and captivating noveLibrarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereTEACHER SEEKS PUPILMust have an earnest desire tosave the world Apply in person It was just. This book gets many 5 star reviews and is touted as “life changing”My comment “GET A LIFE” This could possibly be THE WORST book I have ever read I have been reading this book forever I am so glad I am finished It’s 200 pages of torture This size of book I would normally devour in 1 2 days It’s a sociology lecture a cringingly horrible horrible didactic book And to top it off it’s horribly writtenThis telepathic gorilla pontificates on culture his take on the book of Genesis and re evaluates mankind’s philosophy on life and how we're killing the world His canned banter with his obtuse human student is than annoying – it’s offensive It’s condescending full of piteous prose even worse philosophy and false history not to mention the pitiful interpretation of the Bible I would recommend this book for · Undergraduate philosophy majors · People who don't know anything and are willing to be treated like idiots· Chris Matthews· Al Gore and friendsMay I share some of the reviews I DO agree with· “A talking gorilla is the only one who can convince a yuppie to give up his evil ways; no wonder the world is in the state that it is in I've met a lot of people who love this book but I was just disgusted from beginning to end · “Too lava lamps hug a tree suishy fruity for my taste”· “No amount of perceived philosophical insight could make up for the way this book butchers the English language and thoroughly disrespects the notion of literature If you value cohesiveness and writing in general I urge you to stay away”· “I was incredibly annoyed by the dialogue and slow pace of the book and the main character’s block headedness ‘But Ishmael I just don't get it please explain again for the next 45 minutes· “This book just annoyed the heck out of me”· “Ridiculous unless of course uinn the author is a 6th grader from Tennessee in which case I'm impressed”· “Who needs Ishmael when we have Al Gore”· “Hated this Recommended by a friend Now I know that religion is not only false but it’s also evil And humans are nothing than jellyfish a bit farther down the evolutionary path” Really· “I'm embarrassed I read it Pure garbage”· “This book was really annoying and insulting and so sanctimonious Blech”· “Conceited pretentious overdone belabored perfect match for Al gore in an ape suit”· “Are you over forty years old but have somehow slid through life without forming a single firm philosophical principle Have you missed your chance to take a stand – any stand at all Do you have a vague dislike of society a nascent antiestablishmentarianism that you've never given voice to but lack the courage and curiosity necessary to give form to your rebellion Are you nominally scientific or well nominally religious but willing to believe that ancient humans were psychic vegetarian and lived in harmony with all nature Are you dying spiritually but unwilling to give up your SUV Are you so gutless that you'll sacrifice what values you have for the smallest smug feeling of comfort If you've weakly nodded in agreement to any of those uestions this is the book for you you spineless toad”· “I absolutely HATED this book”· “Unforgivable Instead of reading it why not beat yourself over the head with a brick for an hour”· AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE “I would rather eat glass than read this book again”SOwhy did I waste my time reading this book Ahhhthere’s “the rub” I try to read with my children all the books their schools reuire of them It was reuired reading for my high school Junior Errrrgggggggg

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Rned a large and passionate following among readers and critics alike one of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever publishe. I haven't finished this book yet but I probably won't because it sucks First of all it's supposed to be a novel but it's entirely didactic The author has simply substituted this gorilla to preach at us in the author's voice The viewpoint character is simple minded and vacuous to the point of not existing In fact he's just there as the foil or receptacle for the gorilla's teachings The central thesis of the gorilla's thoughts which he presents as unassailable fact is the supposition that human population will ALWAYS increase to use all available food supply something that simply isn't true in any of the developed countries If it weren't for immigration of course the US and most of Western Europe would have falling populations The author dismisses this massive flaw in his edifice of cards by saying someone somewhere will eat the food or else people would stop growing it Okay so he then doesn't notice that if people stop growing food because there's nobody to eat it then the population is limiting itself and the human species is not doing its job of multiplying engulfing and devouring as he claims it always must It's the same old stuff the Club of Rome said in the 70s and so on and so on from Malthus to the present It comes about because people don't realize that trends do change in response to changing situations Women empowered with birth control to choose their family size have less children Fishers who realize fish stocks are depleted do change their methods and either enact laws limiting catch sizes or turn to farming or become conservationists of wild species The human species has lived off mother earth's bounty for all its childhood and adolescence but it IS growing up and will eventually nurture all the world's resources in a realistic way leading to complete sustainability There's nothing improbable about that Some of the things the author doesn't realize follow In space the resources are truly unlimited We're not in a closed petri dish We just have to reach out and develop what's there We make new resources all the time with advances in technology Worthless sand becomes useful glass then even useful microchips Black sludge becomes a fuel or a plastic container The we know the we see worthless things around us turn into jewels under our hands Before human stewardship life on earth was far from safe and cozy Asteroid impacts destroyed nearly all living things on several different occasions Cambrian Permian Cretaceous etc and could do so again even completely if humans aren't technologically advanced enough to prevent it The history of life is riddled with catastrophes that weren't caused by humans There's so much I could write a novel But you get the picture Please save your efforts for some book that will entertain you or teach you something true This one is useless for either

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Ishmael author Daniel QuiA three line ad in the personals section but it launched the adventure of a lifetime So begins Ishmael an utterly uniue and captivating novel that has ea. This book was recommended to me from my Ecology teacher on Saturday I bought it the same day because i really needed a decent read i having been craving this all the time lately I did not put it down until i was done with it two days later The premise is a man talking to a gorilla however simple and idiotic that may seem to you this story reveals so elouently what i have always believed to be the reasons for the way we live in modern society It details the way in which our society has enslaved us and forced us to enact a story we have been told since the dawning of the agricultural revolution one which we still are enacting today Some things just don't sit right with a person until they are fully spelled out and then they REALLY don't sit right with you I couldn't cry for this book though i should have several times I could only read on with a greater sense of Holy shit This is truth then i have felt in a very long while My life will never be the same because of Ishmael Read it now and yours won't either my goal is to get at least 20 people i know to read this book you should be one of them