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Earth The Invasion Trilogy #1Kind of cruel fate places them together under those circumstances What is she supposed to do when he tells her he is not from Earth When she finds out that he is one of the invaders What does she do when she finds out everything she thought she knew was wrong What does he do when he has to make a choice between protecting her and saving himself How can they overcome everything standing in their way Professionally edited by CD Editing NA Science –Fiction Romance Approx 86000 words Recommended for readers 17 due to adult situations violence and occasional swearing Australian English used throughout stor. Marduke is an alien He and his brother Ival are on Earth doing reconnaissance before the people from his planet Oden invade and take over Earth Marduke spends most of their time in their apartment On one of his rare outings he spots Mattie a University student who is out jogging and finds himself unexpectedly mesmerized by her so much so that he spends days surreptitiously observing her Just when he decides he should contact his father and call off the take over and change it to something cooperative he discovers his brother has moved the invasion date up and the invasion has already begunEarth is written from two points of view – Marduke’s and Mattie’s generally alternating by chapter Each writes from the first person point of view I liked this as it gave the reader the alien’s outlook on life and the invasion on earth as well as the human outlook on the invasionMattie and Marduke find themselves together running from the machines that are destroying and killing everything in sight Mattie has no idea that Marduke is an alien He looks just like any other human They are together with a couple of Mattie’s friends Hank and Lisa They think that Marduke’s difficulty with the English language is because he is from FranceMarduke struggles with strange new feelings he’s never experienced before that humans would consider normal As he struggles through these they cause him to struggle with loyalty to his home world and his peopleWhen Ival gives Marduke some strange news and the hinema or invasion machines don’t behave as they should Marduke knows he’s in for the fight of his life If he and Mattie are to survive it will be up to himEarth was an exciting adventuresuspense novel full of action and out of the box thinking There was never a dull momentThere is some profanity in this novel and some moderately graphic sexual content as well Readers who screen their books for these things should take noteI liked the contrast of the points of view between alien and human It was a good reminder of how different they really were I liked that Marduke was so attracted to Mattie and that he couldn’t understand it given that is was not something that was ever experienced among his own people I’d like to know why it happened Perhaps we’ll find out in subseuent booksI liked the changes in plot brought about the challenges that Marduke and Mattie faced They kept the book flowing smoothly and kept the interest of the reader The book was well paced throughoutIt was easy to see the growth in some of the characters during the span of the novel I think that would be normal in such a tense and life threatening situation The most growth can be seen in Marduke He starts out as such a timid almost mousy character but by the end of the novel is nothing like that Either the change in his character is unrealistic or he is finally growing up and discovering who he really is You’ll have to read the book and decide for yourselfI thought that Earth was an excellent read I would recommend it to all science fiction fans I gave it 4 out of 5 starsThank you to the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not reuired All thoughts are my ownThis review was published on my blog Shelf Full of Books

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That were slaughtering humans There would be no escape for us; no place to go where the machines couldn't reach us I had no future but then I met him My name is Marduke and I’m part of the reason Earth is being invaded I’m from a different planet and even though I look human I’m not But when Earth was invaded I began running from my family and running for my life Then she saved me She made me feel something I’d never felt before She saved my life and opened my heart to the possibility of love she changed me forever What are the chances of finding your true love right when the world is ending What. Marduke and his older brother Ival are from Oden their father Sergil is the leader of their planet they're members of an elite group of twelve families that are able to rule but it's their family that has ruled now for over a century for four generations and many if Sergil has his way he's ambitious and ruthless and three planets have been acuired already under his rule but Earth is set to be the greatest yet the greatest everMarduke and Ival are sent down to live on earth since humans could pose a problem firstly there's so many of them plus they're violent and intelligent Boredom sets in and eventually Marduke is driven to leave the apartment once out his eyes are opened as he sees not only people who don't deserve the planet they are destroying but people who love life and each other he also sees the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and he feels things he's never felt beforeThere's a lot to like about this book I liked the idea and most of the characters Marduke is not exactly the strong alpha type but I suspect that's intentionally done to show how he 'grows' over the trilogy but it was a bit annoying in this one Also surprisingly I found it slow in places hard to imagine I know given the nature of this book but I was skimming at timesI'd decided about three uarters of the way through that I most likely wouldn't be continuing on but I must admit now I've finished it I'm not so sure I might just give 'Roth' a try

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Earth (The Invasion Trilogy #1) Free download  105 ñ Earth The Invasion Trilogy #1 Earth is being invaded There was no warning and no time to stage any kind of defence Instead countries started to go silent They were no longer reachable and no one knew what was happening So when Canada went dark; everyone knew America would be nEarth The Invasion Trilogy #1 Earth is being invaded There was no warning and no time to stage any kind of defence Instead countries started to go silent They were no longer reachable and no one knew what was happening So when Canada went dark; everyone knew America would be next My name is Matilda but everyone calls me Mattie I was at college in Oregon when the attack began By the time Canada went uiet we’d had enough So two of my friends and I decided to join the fight in Vancouver and find out what was really happening That is when everything changed What we found was death destruction and machines. Underdeveloped is the adjective I finally settled on to describe my impression of Earth by Jessica Frances A good SWOT analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities threats would have benefited the construction and direction of this book The bones are good but the execution was rough Despite the choppy writing style and slightly wooden dialogue I kept turning page after page Maybe this was because Frances very cleverly egged me on with mini cliffhanger teasers at the end of key chapters Yep I had to know what was happening next and that means it was a compelling storyThough I read a lot of sci fi romance I rarely read one that catalogs the annihilation of civilization on Earth This is usually a zombie trope so it was refreshing well maybe I mean refreshingly awful to read it in the context of an alien invasion It was a brave move for this young author She takes this horrific situation and frames it in the context of three college students As communication falls and continents go dark college students are recruited and sent to strategic areas The trio of Mattie Hank and Lisa are sent to Canada We know they are scared and numb and angry However the only person we see acting out emotionally is the heroine's friend Lisa Acts of bravery and responsibility define the main characters but there seemed to be a disconnection to the rawness of emotion that should have been present in the loss of family and betrayal suffered by Mattie and Marduke Losing family makes your heart hurt but somehow the despair was not encompassing of our leads Instead we get some warriors poorly trained as they all appear to beThere are some remarkable leaps of faith in this book low tech conventional weapons can take out the high tech invaders' tools of destruction but at the same time the alien technology was justcool How the invasion was handled was alternately precise and messy Since the invasion was rushed ahead of schedule this was understandable It will also clearly create problems for the Odenites down the road What it means for Mattie Marduke Hank and Lisa is there is devastation but there is also hope Unfortunately that hope fades as Marduke's family chases him down simultaneously placing the humans Marduke has come to care about in peril Marduke can pass as human and his failure to inform his companions of his alien origin begins to feel duplicitous He walks a fine line of treason but to whomThe growing attraction between Marduke and Mattie evolves organically The pacing of it seems practical especially given their ages and the circumstances His lack of understanding of the culture influenced the relationship too But then there would be an inconsistency like where he would think about what a great a she had A collouial phrase like that would get dropped in and it just seemed weirdThis book had such potential but it felt like it slightly missed the mark in terms of what the author chose to accentuate For instance there was clearly an emphasis on the micro reaction to events where absence of communication networks meant everything is local So a lot of time was passed in a truck driving from one small town to the next Were they overlooked because of this If so why And where were the other refugees The approach to the plot was inconsistent and simply needed a clearer timeline of events I understand that chaotic might have been the mood but the progression of events also seemed unrealistic