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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK The Perks of Being a Wallflower º STEPHEN CHBOSKY Ô standing on the fringes of lifeoffers a uniue perspective But there comes a time to seewhat it looks like from the dance floorThis haunting novel about the dilemma of passivity vs passion marks the stunning debut of a provocative new vRamas and new friends The world of sex drugs and The Rocky Horror Picture Show when all one reuires is that the perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infiniteThrough Charlie Stephen Chbosky has created a deeply affecting coming of age story a powerful novel that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller coaster days known as growing upback cov As much as people say it this really is one of my favorite books of all time MTV promoted it it got a lot of press so many people shun it and say it is overrated I disagreeI didn't read this book until last year when I turned 21 My boyfriend owned it it seemed like a uick read and I wanted to see what all the fuss was aboutMain character Charlie is loveable from the first sentence out of his mouth There are endless uoteable uotes in this book that had me folding the page over so I could write them down later Charlie has an honest innocence to him yet such an intense depth and intelligent mind that he is uite the multifaceted characterWhile the story has its ups and downs and really there isn't a very intense plot the reader is somehow sucked into Charlies head sharing his first kiss his feelings toward his new friends his feelings towards literature and music He is naiive about so many things and his bluntness made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions He not only deals with issues like love but also having a gay friend dealing with death and sexual assault but also sharing his love of music and literature which I think are two things that are being lost on youth todayI would give this book to every teenage boy and girl I knew While Charlie isn't exactly a excellent role model he does show that being different is OK and that friends come in all kinds of packagesto stay true to yourself These things matter

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Ntimate than a diary Charlie's letters are singular and uniue hilarious and devastating We may not know where he lives We may not know to whom he is writing All we know is the world he shares Caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it puts him on a strange course through uncharted territory The world of first dates and mixed tapes family d THIS BOOK ALWAYS BRINGS ME SO MANY FEELS 3rd time re reading it and I still feel infinite

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The Perks of Being a WallflowerStanding on the fringes of lifeoffers a uniue perspective But there comes a time to seewhat it looks like from the dance floorThis haunting novel about the dilemma of passivity vs passion marks the stunning debut of a provocative new voice in contemporary fiction The Perks of Being A WALLFLOWERThis is the story of what it's like to grow up in high school More i DISCLAIMER I did not like this book I am about to try to explain why that is so here in my own personal review space I am critiing this book based on my own opinions personal taste experiences and perspective criteria and standards for literary work It is entirely subjective as I think all reviews per definition areI mean no disrespect to the people who like this book and who have found in it something of value You are as entitled to your own opinion subjective readingexperience and standards as I am and yours is just as valid And you have the same opportunity as me to use your own review space to clarify that We don’t all have to agree One opinion isn’t ‘wrong’ and the other ‘right’ – they are both right because it is personalIf you are a big fan of this book and have difficulty in understanding or respecting people who disagree with you especially on issues that are important to you I advice you not to read any further I will not be saying nice things about this bookA note regarding my own viewpointI have a background in psychology and work in this field The knowledge that I have of some of the issues handled in this book and the real people I’ve met working in this field of course affects how I view the book and is actually one of the reasons I think that the way this book was written isnt a very good approach to or description of some of these very real issues I want to underline that I look at Charlie as a written character not a real person and I value the book as a literary piece of work not as a real life story To me there is a huge difference between the twoThat doesnt make my opinion any 'right' it is only to explain where i am coming from Some of the things that matter most to me in books are prosewriting style storytelling and message It’s one of the things that can make or break a book for meIn this case the writing style just didn't work for meIt was just too lacking Maybe it's the whole premise of the book a story narrated by someone who is emotionally inhibited as Charlie that didn't work for me Maybe but it didn't have to be That issue and Charlie’s character could have been explored and dealt with literary in other waysThe book could have had Charlie’s narration interact with someone else’s like an answer to the letters for example or it could have been written in the 3rd person maintaining Charlie’s point of view but also being able to draw in other views and how they collide with Charlie’sI find it a bit concerning that Chbosky wrote a book with so many serious issues like suicide death rape social exclusioninclusion relationship violence abortion drugs homosexual adventures childmolestationincest parties fights without really dealing with any one of them in depth To have all of these issues crammed into one book without giving it the time and place it deserves I felt was a huge fault Each one of these issues needs to be taken seriously not pointed out on one page just to be forgotten on the next If you are going to write about these things write about it well give it the space and the in depth exploration it deserves To make the reader care for these characters for these issues the author and the characters involved must care too I had a hard time stomaching that both Chbosky and the characters seemed to care so little for something that is so very very real and so very very difficult for so many people It was almost making a mockery of them which was very off putting to meThe staccato writing and Charlie’s detached narrating made me feel detached as wellThe story is written in a very plain very dull very simple language with the same sentences reoccurring over and over eg I don't know why Heshe looked sadThe emotional description amounts to 'sad' or 'happy'The portrayals of Charlie and everyone else in the story was so lacking that they felt like cardboard cutouts and simply came off as what they were; made up characters in a fictional story and not a very good one at that if you ask meThe main character Charlie is 15 but comes off as much younger than that He seems very immature like a 7 year old How a boy can live to be 15 in this time and age yes I know it was written in the 1990’s but still even then masturbation was a wellknown phenomenon without knowing of not practicing masturbation is uite a wonder in itselfCharlie also cries a lot which wouldn’t be a problem if it was nuancedly described I don’t want to see read about just the surface tears I want to be taken behind the tears into the pool they stem from the pain they are a symptom of and maybe a release from I want the author to show me what these tears mean I want to understand them to be touched by them to be moved with the ebb and flow of them In this case that didn’t happen The sentence Iheshe started to cry alone just doesn’t stir much emotion in me Especially not when thrown about on every other page Then it just gets bothersome and tiringIt's not that I have an aversion to tears my own or others' Crying is normal and can be very healthy and soothing But when it comes to a literary work I expect the author to give nuanced descriptions of feelings than just bucketful of tears Okay so they are sad Very very sad Very often Now show me what that sadness does to someone besides producing tears tears tears I am not interested in the tears alone The sadness is the root the tears are a symptom Many people are filled with sadness but don’t produce many tears Sadness can overflow in many ways So the sadness is the key Which is why I was so disappointed that Chbosky never digged deeper than this very very thin surface All I got was tears And I wonder if all the crying came down to Chbosky simply not knowing how else to describe emotions or how explore themMuch thought and debate has been given to the uestion why Charlie is the way he is There is the fact that he suffered from childhood trauma and then there is the uestion of whether or not Charlie might be autistic The latter is hinted at and up for interpretation but never explicitly stateddiagnosedThe autistic spectrum is a varied one and it comes in many forms very few fitting the standard but classic ‘rainman’ syndrome of a very intelligent but socially closed off person It’s admirable to want to write about autism a difficult diagnosis to live with sure I just don’t think Chbosky is doing autistic people any favors or justice with his depiction of Charlie as someone who might or might not be autisticAgain I must say if you are going to write about it write about it with care Don’t make it into a guessing game but own it Don’t glamorize or deride it but show its many layers and nuances through the particulars and the concrete The same goes for the psychological trauma It wasn’t given the care and attention it deserved It was left at the end as an easy way out like 'hey he sufferedsuffers from this and so i'm excused for writing a terribly boring book'NoWhatever made Charlie the way he is it doesn’t compensate for how the story was written and pulled offTo me it's really besides the point since I don’t base my ratingreview on pity for a characterSO whether Charlie has any form of autism or not doesn't really matter because I thought he and the story was very poorly written and let me be clear about this It's not the disorder I have a problem with it's the writing of itNote November 2013 I recently saw the movie and thought it was better than the bookMaybe because it fixed some of the issues I had with the book like it left some of the drama llama out and it wasn't as heavily centered on Charlie's narration and perspective and emotions and reactions was expressed through expressions instead of just bad writing Different type of media different possibilities For this story i think movie worked better than writing