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The Undocumented Mark SteynOff on the tyranny of political correctness the existential threat of Islamic extremism the nationalization of the family or the near suicidal stupidity of America's immigration regime Stey. He's simply the best A man who understands what's ailing this poor world and writes about it with verve and humour Long may he wave

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Download Û The Undocumented Mark Steyn ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å He's brash brilliant and drawn to controversy like a moth to a flame For decades Mark Steyn has dazzled readers around the world with his raucous wit and brutal honesty Whether he's sounding off on the tyranny of political correctness thN is always provocative and often laugh out loud hilarious The Undocumented Mark Steyn gathers Steyn's best columns in a timeless and indispensable guide to the end of the world as we know i. “The pen is mightier than the sword“ is one of the most illusory refuges there is the mob’s reaction to an articulate man’s powers of persuasion has invariably been to kill himThis is a great collection of Steyn’s writings from 1987 to 2014 Which means it references everything from books Salman Rushdie 1990 to politics 2001 and on for the most part and back to music Stephen Foster’s Beautiful Dreamer his 2014 song of the week There are references to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1995 the Ayatollah’s death sentence against author Salman Rushdie 1990 and Modern Family 2013This is a general collection and covers a wide variety of topics which means that it repeats some essays from his specific collections Most of the repeats are well worth reading again such as his obituary for President Reagan and his skewering of the general press’s reporting on the “Brutal Afghan Winter” reporting that appeared to be nothing than taking press releases at face value well past when their failure should have been obviousSteyn has his feet in three worlds London Montreal and New Hampshire I find re reading this after having visited Montreal that it helps a little to have a passing familiarity so as to know what he’s talking about when he references say Sherbrooke Street it’s one of the major walkable commercial thoroughfares running through the city He includes footnotes for some of the really obscure stuff mostly about Canada or Britain in the last century but you can’t footnote everythingSo it will also help to have a little familiarity with small town America to appreciate the Memorial Day poetry by High School students in this case his own daughter The Stars and stripes red white and blue Wave above our heroes true It makes us cry it makes us weep But in our hearts we will keep The sacrifice our soldiers gave they shall not die in vain For they have given us the freedom they have fought to gainMuch of the political content is his trademark pessimism though it’s usually hard to argue with The United States has the most powerful government with the longest reach of any nation in history It is also the Brokest Nation in History Resolving that contradiction is unlikely to be prettyOr his post September 11 essay that in typical Steyn fashion ends with the first world war By the time the Great War was really over four of the world’s great powers lay shattered—the German Austrian Russian and Turkish Empires all gone and so easily though who would have predicted it in that last Edwardian summer We don’t know what this latest thread of history will unravel But we should at least understand the stakesSteyn is a very readable writer with a wide fund of knowledge to draw on; there is very little in here that isn’t one or of funny insightful or touching Lincoln’s “mystic chords of memory” are difficult to hear in the din of the modern world and one of the best ways to do it is to stand before an old headstone read the name and wonder at the young life compressed into those brute dates 1840 1862 1843 1864

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He's brash brilliant and drawn to controversy like a moth to a flame For decades Mark Steyn has dazzled readers around the world with his raucous wit and brutal honesty Whether he's sounding. I originally came across Steyn in America Alone where he talks about Western demographics in relation to the rest of the world and how that would affect Western culture I was not aware he had a far broader ouvre in the arts and music from previous work Undocumented is a great collection of his work over the years from the 90's to the present day The clarity and humor of Steyn's writing style makes for great reading The content or dire predictions of the future of free society can be unsettling The demographic trends are there in front of our noses but no one is willing to address the conseuences of those trends should they continue