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How to Be DrawnA dazzling new collection of poetry by Terrance Hayes the National Book Award–winning author of LightheadIn How to Be Drawn his daring fifth collection Terrance Hayes explores how we see and are seen While many of these poems bear the Hello sliding chairs Hello vicious whispering shadowsI'm a reasonable man but I want to be as inexplicableas something hanging a dozen feet in the air I've been reading this in pieces bite sized moments taken in mornings and twilights when no one is around to interrupt the flow and spread of words on the pageThis is my first encounter with Terrence Hayes first of many I hope His writing is fluid and twisting and clever poems laid out in inventive ways that serve to tell their stories gorgeously one for example is laid out as a crime report and it's perfect

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Rted artists The formal and emotional versatilities that distinguish Hayes’s award winning poetry are unified by existential focus Simultaneously complex and transparent urgent and composed How to Be Drawn is a mesmerizing achievement Terrance Hayes collection of poems How to Be Drawn is a fascinating group of poems filled with jazzy rhythms There is a lot of pain but the overall impression is of an exuberance of life of celebrationHayes uses many different kinds of forms here tables catalogs a fascinating group of tribes and their customs as well as your typical poem The collection is always interesting both formally and emotionally

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Download Book ✓ How to Be Drawn Ì 112 pages ¸ A dazzling new collection of poetry by Terrance Hayes the National Book Award–winning author of LightheadIn How to Be Drawn his daring fifth collection Terrance Hayes explores how we see and are seen While many of these poems bear the clearest imprint yet of Hayes’s backgrClearest imprint yet of Hayes’s background as a visual artist they do not strive to describe art so much as inhabit it Thus one poem contemplates theprinciple of blind contour drawing while others are inspired by maps graphs and asso                                         People who say don't live in the pastDon't have a real sense of the past would you agree with that?The first three or four poems in this collection were love at first sight Hayes is almost the stylistic opposite of the last poet I read Claudia Rankine whose unadorned matter of fact delivery while no less brilliant serves an almost documentary purpose; Hayes by contrast dives gleefully into the abstract the fantastical and the musical combining linguistic playfulness Symptoms include a faint witchcraft a boom bap some claptrap in a parallel room with a mishmash of name referenced inspirations ranging from novelists and poets Ralph Ellison Vladimir Mayakovsky to musicians James Brown Ol’ Dirty Bastard Leonard Cohen to visual artists Ellen Gallagher Jenny Holzer Mark Rothko It's worth noting that Hayes himself is a painter as well as a poet and several of the poems in this collection play with visual presentation charts police reports in always interesting if occasionally slightly distracting waysHayes isn't what I'd call coy but he rarely addresses his subject directly; he circles it goes on tangents creates unexpected associations and trusts the reader to pick up on the things he's not uite saying The title poem How to Be Drawn to Trouble is maybe the best example of this approach in action skillfully weaving fleeting details about the life and music of James Brown together with heartbreaking remembrances of Hayes' mother a guard at the prison where Brown was once briefly incarcerated and the day she and his father split The poems aren't didactic but I felt like I was learning when I read them absorbing all the references and influences and hinted at snippets of history and biography even as Hayes prodded the deeper feelings beneath them all It's a mode of poetry I really connect to when executed well satisfying emotionally intellectually and aesthetically all at onceDisappointingly though my infatuation waned a little after the rock solid start That's a very Hayesian theme actually—the slow sad fade of what seemed like love; he'd do it justice than me Much as I wish I wasn't I can be a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to poetry and I have trouble sometimes engaging with the postmodern and purely experimental strains so popular with professional poets today An egregious example from Hayes Lil Elf Cornucopian Damn near ascetic dust net Pilant curl a plenty Boomerang Blung The rustle in the sprawling that is noise listened to carefully but the kind of noise that is nothing The least effective poems here for me are the ones which feel like strings of images with no clear connective tissue What should be any artist’s first objective—to communicate—is blurred to obscurity in a pyrotechnic haze And maybe even our poet is aware of this tendency in himself Beware there is he warns such a thing as too much symbolismBut taken in slowly and with an open mind Hayes rewards far than he punishes He's a poet both candid and circuitous valiant and vulnerable cerebral and sincere He takes real risks and even when they don't uite pay off you can't help commending him for making the attempt at all A few favoritesHow to Be Drawn to TroubleHow to Draw an Invisible ManElegy with Zombies for LifeThe Rose Has TeethWe Should Make a Documentary About Spades