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Curse of the Pogo Stick review ¸ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç In Vientiane a booby trapped corpse intended for Dr Siri the national coroner of Laos has been delivered to the morgue In his absence only Nurse Dtui's intervention saves the lives of the morgue attendants visiting doctors and Madame Daeng Dr Siri's fiance On his way back Curse of the pogo stick Colin Cotterill is the author of The Coroner's Lunch Thirty Three Teeth Disco for the Departed and Anarchy and Old Dogs featuring seventy three year old Dr Siri Paiboun national coroner of Laos He and his wife live in Chiang Mai Thailand where he teaches at the universit. Anybody who hasn't indulged in the Dr Siri series by Colin Cotterill could be forgiven for wondering what on earth is going on with CURSE OF THE POGO STICK Booby trapped corpses and reluctant coroners might be reasonably expected in crime fiction but Hmong villagers needing exorcism by a thousand year old shaman who shares the aforementioned coroner's body Understandably a What the momentWhilst the spiritual supernatural component of CURSE OF THE POGO STICK is considerably stronger than the earlier books the series has been building the unlikely scenario of Dr Siri and his intrepid band of assistants Nurse Dtui Mr Geung and now Madame Daeng for a number of books now Of course the unlikely scenario probably relates mostly to western readers as there's something intrinsically Laotian about these books Not only are all the characters set within an environment which is beautifully drawn the Laotian way of life and thinking is demonstrated in a way that makes it feel very realLaos is almost as much a character in these books as the people mind you Whilst CURSE OF THE POGO STICK is set partially in Vientiane Dr Siri spends of his time held in a village in the mountains deep in the countryside in threatened Hmong territory Whilst this book does have Nurse Dtui and Madame Daeng involved in why somebody would send a booby trapped corpse to the mortuary a lot of time is spent with the Hmong and with Dr Siri Perhaps it is this aspect that could make this book less attractive to fans of the series or as an introduction point for newcomers as there is alongside a considerably stronger spiritual component a hefty dose of social commentary with the Hmong being one of the most threatened groups of people within Laotian society Having said that this reader has been a from the first book fan of this series and CURSE OF THE POGO STICK appealed just as much as the other books Whilst not normally a fan of the supernatural with Dr Siri I have developed a considerably higher tolerance factor Possibly because the author delivers these components of all the books as less of the supernatural and a long held cultural belief system that is fundamental to these people's lives Social commentary on the other hand is one of my very favourite things and learning some of the hazards and problems that the Hmong experience made time spent with Dr Siri both educational and entertainingPerhaps if you are new to this series it may be better to start a little earlier Get to know Dr Siri and his band of supporters from the beginning and you will be able to follow their story as the author relaxes into what seems to this reader at least to be a very Laotian way of telling a storyPrevious books in the series are The Coroner's Lunch Thirty Three Teeth Disco for the Departed Anarchy and Old Dogs

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Meeting in the north Dr Siri is kidnapped by seven female Hmong villagers under the direction of the village elder so that he will in the guise of Yeh Ming the thousand year old shaman with whom he shares his body exorcise the headman's daughter whose soul is possessed by a demon and lift the. Another one down In this installment Cotteril makes an homage to the Hmong people their traditions and their suffering He packs two clever mysteries as well And while he consorts with the spirits of the dead of course the mysteries turn out to be completely explainable rationally In the course of events Dr Siri akso acuires a wife and two babies just as predicted by the fortune teller in the previuos bookWell uarantine bring me Dr Siri

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Curse of the Pogo StickIn Vientiane a booby trapped corpse intended for Dr Siri the national coroner of Laos has been delivered to the morgue In his absence only Nurse Dtui's intervention saves the lives of the morgue attendants visiting doctors and Madame Daeng Dr Siri's fiance On his way back from a communist party. Fifth book in the Siri adventures proves delightful In this installment we are introduced to Hmong culture opening with an interpretation of how the Hmong lost their history and written language The first shaman gifts his people with the geng pipes so they would be able to guide the dead to the Otherworld giving them a musical language that communicated directly from one soul to another The piping transports us to the world of the morgue where two auditors investigating Siri are complaining about a Hmong beggar's playing It's a haunting transition showing the difference between the richness of a culture and the realities of economic oppression and is uickly balanced with a moment of humor Dtui has known straightaway that the task was impossible her boss had handwriting so horrible he could hardly read it himself Dipping a cockroach in ink and having it scamper around the page would have left traces legible to the average reader It is a sublime transition typical of Cotterill's writing the moments of beauty or humor interspersed with hard edged reality and it is one of the reasons I'm inordinately fond of the Dr Siri seriesThe first plot revolves around a possible attempt on Siri's life initially foiled by Dtui Shortly after she and Madame Daeng lure Civilai out of retirement to join them in their investigation Meanwhile Siri is forced into a attending the uarterly Party Planning and Progress Conference and discovers a dead man in the audience He causes a small scene and as his punishment Judge Haeng has him accompany him through the countryside in a Party demonstration Unfortunately Siri is kidnapped and the second mystery beginsNarrative was streamlined told in linear fashion with fewer character jumps much to the benefit of the story The spiritual element was integrated well although apparently the spirits present a problem of description Tenses were annoyingly unhelpful when it came to the afterlife Scenes of the countryside are described beautifully conveying the love Siri and the author has for the country The touches of humor are still present delightfully than ever It was a Lao Mexican standoff Haeng couldn't fire Siri and they both knew itI love Dr Siri I love learning vicariously and however fictionally about communist Laos I find that Cotterill usually achieves a good story and I usually enjoy his use of language Four stars instead of five for a few reasons One is that I had fears of Dtui and Daeng turning into Lulu and Grandma from the Stephanie Plum mysteries a crisis narrowly averted at this time Second although I am no historian I rather feel uite a lot of modernisms are creeping into the story In one instance Siri tells the Judge I was waiting for the movie version which feels suspiciously modern for 1970s Laos Third the ending was a little forced done reunion summing up style at a dinner house Fourth my proximity alarm for Western imperialism is beeping although I'm still running diagnostics to discover the source Still the story is done well enough that I feel such uibbles can be overcome A delightful read; without doubt I'll be continuing with the seriesFavorite throw away line Mrs Fah's kids were running around like headless chicks shaking off the cobwebs they'd gathered at school