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Summary Groundhog Day ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Will Phil the groundhog see his shadowIt is Groundhog DayIt is Groundhog Day. This book originally published in 2000 has been repackaged as a level one early reader The text is simple and humorous complimented by humorous line drawings featuring a cute groundhog who is actually afraid of his shadow

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Dhog see his shadow. This would be a great starter book for new readers but I didn't feel like it was very engaging or interesting The story line is sub par However it is an easy read and a uick way for children to learn the basic idea of groundhog's day

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Groundhog DayWill Phil the groun. This is a cute easy to read beginners book it talks about a groundhog named fill who comes out to tell us if its going to be spring or winter an he comes out an doesnt see his shadow so he stays out a people cheer and took pictures but when the flash hit him he saw his shadow and runs into his hole So it turns out its not the weather but he's only afraid of his shadow