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Free read Ç Jasmine Nights ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Set in 1963 this kaleidoscopic boy's eye view of a turbulent time in history is a story about the American civil rights movement the Kennedy assassination growing up in the '60s the Thai aristocracy and a 12 year old boy's search for his place in a modern world His aPlace in a modern world His adventure is a joyous testament to the resiliency and implicit goodness of the human spirit. Great coming of age story about a boy growing up in 1960's Thailand Definitely recommended if traveling to the area

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Movement the Kennedy assassination growing up in the '60s the Thai aristocracy and a 12 year old boy's search for his. In the semi autobiographical novel 'Jasmine Nights' SP Somtow tells about some faithful weeks in the life of the twelve year old boy Justin aka Little Frog Raised in England but left by his parents under the custody of his three aunts in Thailand Justin comes out of his secluded childhood and learns about the facts of life Somtow weaves themes of prejudices ineuality and racism into his tale which is mainly about the discovery of sex and the loss of childhood On the way Little Frog also discovers his destination in life but this seems a minor discovery in the scope of thingsIn his writing Somtow heavily relies on references to classic literature Homer Virgil Ovid which suits the main character well but which leads to all too pompous passages especially in the two opening chapters which could use some heavy editing Besides Somtow leaves many Thai words untranslated even if a perfect sensible English euivalent is present eg Nam Plaa for Thai fish sauce The glossary at the end of the book unfortunately only adds to the pompousness of the bookLuckily despite these flaws Somtow turns out to be an excellent narrator and he brings the adventures of Little Frog in 1963 Bangkok which feels surprisingly rural in this book very well to life 'Jasmin Nights' is no masterpiece but makes an entertaining read for those visiting ThailandBeware this particular edition is hampered by an abysmal cover and weird typos which even render one sentence unreadable

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Jasmine NightsSet in 1963 this kaleidoscopic boy's eye view of a turbulent time in history is a story about the American civil rights. 45 starsWhat a delightful way to end the years reading This is one of the books that has followed me around in one of many boxes over the years and has been neglected even though I bought it over 20 years agoSet in 1963 the novel follows Justin or Little Frog a twelve year old Thai boy as he lives with his extended family in a compound in Bangkok while his parents have been ‘away’ for the last three years The compound is presided over by various older members of the family in a strict hierarchy and who are waited upon by a bevy of servants who treat them as royalty Justin has three Aunts who he calls the Fates because of his obsession with Homer and ancient literature in general and these three provide much of the humor of the novel in their attempts to keep up with the latest fashion music and dance trends as well as their romantic encountersPlaying in a ruined house on the property Justin lives in the world of his imagination as kids often do when they are lonely burying himself in books and other worlds in lieu of company Having lived in England for much of his life he finds the Thai culture alien and resists integration with it As the novel progresses however he begins to make friends and it is through these friends that SP Somtow makes a commentary about the world at this time and indeed our own One of these friends is Virgil an African American then there is Piet a white South Afrikaner Wilbur a white American and Piat a Thai servant boy As these five interact in various ways learning about love sex war and each other’s cultures the issues of class and race loom large and cause rifts between them How SP Somtow resolves all this by the end of the book verges on the sentimental but I had enjoyed the novel so much by then I just went with itThe insight into Thai culture is fascinating and it is a culture Somtow grew up in as this novel is partly autobiographical There is a glossary at the front with dozens of Thai terms but I didn’t find this distracting and loved all the names for different members of the family for example the three fates are Aunt Nit Nit Aunt Ning Nong and Aunt Noi Noi The picture that is painted of the old Bangkok with its klongs or canals its temples and magic men and its lush foliage noisy fauna and steamy weather is a wonderful backdrop The compound is like an Eden as far as the rest of the world is concerned and it is only through venturing outside that Eden that Justin matures and become aware of this worldChild narrators can be tricky but Justin is entirely engaging as are his friends and there were so many times in this novel that I was smiling at either slapstick comedy or cultural misunderstandings Characters such as the promiscuous English doctor Dr Richardson Busaba the Thai transvestite and the exotic science teacher Miss Cicciolini are just some that enrich and provide humor to the novel Eventually as the world intrudes and opens up the novel becomes serious and Justin’s voice becomes that of a teenager but the comedy and the enjoyment in the reading is maintained to the very endPS On a side note SP Somtow sounds like a fascinating man being an author composer and filmmaker and the rest of his novels are nothing like this one focusing on science fiction fantasy and Vampires