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Choke author Chuck PalahniK with a motley group of losers cruises sex addiction groups for action and visits his mother whose Alzheimer's disease now hides what may be the startling truth about his parentag. Choke Chuck PalahniukChoke follows Victor Mancini and his friend Denny through a few months of their lives with freuent flashbacks to the days when Victor was a child He had grown up moving from one foster home to another as his mother was found to be unfit to raise him Several times throughout his childhood his mother would kidnap him from his various foster parents though every time they would eventually be caught and he would again be remanded over to the governmental child welfare agencyIn the present day setting of the book Victor is now a man in his mid twenties who left medical school in order to find work to support his feeble mother who is now in a nursing home He cannot afford the care that his mother is receiving so he resorts to being a con man He goes to various restaurants and purposely causes himself to choke midway through his meal luring a good Samaritan into saving his life He keeps a detailed list of everyone who saves him and sends them freuent letters about fictional bills he is unable to pay تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و یکم ماه ژانویه سال 2019 میلادیعنوان خفگی؛ نویسنده چاک پالانیک؛ مترجم رضا اسکندری‌آذر؛ ویراستار ساقی قاجار؛ تهران نشر هیرمند‏‫، 1397؛ در 340 ص؛ شابک 9789644084935؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا سده 21 م‬نقل از متن «پسرک خل‌ و چلی را تصور کنید که قدش تا کمرتان می‌رسد و یک مشت موی بلوند روی سرش دارد که یک‌وری شانه شده این توله‌ ی کوچولوی نچسب را با دندان‌های شیری یکی‌ در میان و یک دندان بلوغ کج‌ و معوج در نظر بگیرید که دارد توی عکس‌های قدیمی لبخند می‌زند او را با آن ژاکت مسخره‌ ی راه‌ راه آبی و زرد تصور کنید؛ همان هدیه‌ ی تولدش که اتفاقاً سوگلی لباس‌هایش هم هست در سن و سالی مجسمش کنید که ناخن‌ها و سرانگشت‌های صاحب‌ مرده‌ اش را می‌جود کفش‌های مورد علاقه‌ اش مارک کدْز و غذای محبوبش کورن‌ داگ زهرماری یکی از آن عقب‌ افتاده‌ ها را مجسم کنید که بعد از شام، مادرش او را سوار یک اتوبوس مدرسه‌ ی دزدی کرده و بدون اینکه کمربند ایمنی‌ اش را ببندد، می‌گازد یک ماشین پلیس جلوی مُتل محل اقامت‌شان پارک کرده و برای همین هم مادر با سرعت یکصدوده کیلومتر بر ساعت ویژژژ از کنارش می‌گذرد» پایان نقل ا شربیانی

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L responsible for you for the rest of their lives Multiply that a couple of hundred times and you generate a healthy flow of cheues week in week outVictor also works at a theme par. I deleted this review It was old and inflammatory and I just don't want to talk about Chuck Palahniuk in 2012 Argue somewhere else guys Happy reading

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free read Choke author Chuck Palahniuk ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Victor Mancini has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mother's hospital care pretend to be choking on a piece of food in a restaurant and the person who 'saves you' will feel responsible for you for the rest of their lives Multiply that a couplVictor Mancini has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mother's hospital care pretend to be choking on a piece of food in a restaurant and the person who 'saves you' will fee. As with every Chuck Palahniuk book I've read so far I really enjoyed ChokeThis book had a lot going on for one that was a mere 159 pages on the Nook I just want to say that this book was amazing If you're one of Chuck's fans I am guessing you will love this since it's got his usual satire style humor and repetition Also great writing of course There are some great messages in Chuck's books some are less obvious some are hidden completely some are in your face and some are crammed down your throat This book makes you take a look at your life and in an odd way I felt inspired What I always take from Chuck's work is the feeling of get off your butt and do somethingThose who pay attention to my reviews know that I have a pretty short attention span and tend to enjoy the faster paced books This doesn't mean they have to be short just fast paced Well this book is both but it still made me feel like I was reading something with substance and meaning We start off meeting our main character Victor Victor is a guy that is constantly changing to try to be what everyone else wants him to be He lets the world define him while he takes pressure off everyone he meets by taking the blame for everything that bothers him The word doormat isn't the right term but it's the first thing that comes to mindThe story jumps back and forth between current day and the flashbacks he has from childhood As an adult he is supplementing his income by choking on food at fancy restaurants to have his saviors feel a bond with him in life that causes them to send him money and help him with his imaginary bills he can't pay He does this to help with the costs of his mothers stay at a hospital and he is searching for answers from his mother about his identity At the same time he is also sleeping with lots of girls which I would normally find sickening had it not be for the fact that they use him just as much or than he uses them He meets Dr Marsall who he has tried to sleep with but can'tI really enjoyed Victor's relationship with Denny Denny is possibly messed up than Victor but he is such an amazing friend He always takes the time to ask about Victor's recovery and remind him about seeing his motherThe ending was a complete shocker and I loved it Finally this book has some really great humor The part with Victor and Gwen really had me laughing out loud There are lots of wow moments as well as some wtf moments Choke also made me want to inspect everyone in my life and try to find out what their addiction is Some are obvious some are hidden very well I know what mine is It's not nearly as interesting as Victor's but this book made me think that everyone has their own little addiction that helps them cope This is a book you can really lose yourself in Better yet you could also find yourself in it tooDefinitely recommended and a new personal favorite by Chuck Palahniuk