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The FollyFOR CENTURIES MAN HAS MANIPULATED THE FORCES OF NATURE WITH LITTLE THOUGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT OR FOR THE SUFFERING OF THE ANIMALS SO RUTHLESSLY EXPLOITED BUT SOMETIMES NATURE CAN TAKE HER OWN REVENGEThe peace of the uiet English co fulfilling my 2020 goal to read at least one book each month that was given to me as a present that i haven't yet gotten around to reading because i am an ungrateful dickTHINGS ARE STILL AWFULLY SPOOKTOBERYi was so inspired by Paperbacks from Hell The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction that i decided to track down some of the animal based vintage horror books hendrix hailed i managed to get my hands on a trio of feline horror books Feral Panther and Cat and they were the very best kind of awful but The Folly is not about killer cats oh noThe Folly is about killer rabbitsit's a real problemobviously this cover is why i was initially drawn to the bookhowever no one who owns that version is gonna part with it—that's an heirloom if ever i saw one and so i was gifted this edition i was very grateful to have gotten it at all but i do wish this cover artist hadn't been so lazy not even a suggestion of a giant carnivorous bunny? not one bloody pawprint? no one's collecting these books for the articles man as for the content it's pretty much in keeping with the other killer animal books i have read from this era although i will say it's less porny than some of them particularly guy n smith's crab masterpieceshere And then they climbed that mountain is what passes for a sex scene it clocks in at 156 pages which makes for some pretty streamlined horror and yet like all of these books everything happening between the animal attacks is kind of boring nor is it especially rich in science or logic or character development here is an excerpt of how people behave when they find themselves in a killer animal book from the 1970sbut first some helpful backgroundguy corling is a journalist; the chief crime reporter for the planet that's The Planet kids he's not the chief crime reporter for all of earth whose parents have just been eaten by bunnies whose PARENTS have just been EATEN by BUNNIES naturally he wants to cover the story but doesn't tell his boss that his parents were two of the victims because conflict of interest early the next morning a fellow reporter phones him with the disappointing news that scotland yard is suppressing the story so no big scoop for guy and guy hangs up pissed aaand the curtain rises all asterisks mineHe hung up The telephone rang again almost immediately 'Yes?' Guy snapped wondering if he was going to be able to get out of bed that day'Fraser here What's wrong with you this morning?''Nothing I'm sorry Jack I didn't mean to chew your ear off I've just heard from Jock' he told his Editor 'He told me that the killings last night are taboo''That's it Got the message this morning from the top brass at Scotland Yard There's nothing we can do about it Well nothing we can do about printing it at least' he added'What do you mean?''I mean that once you crawl out of your pit you start investigating If we wait for the police every newshound in Fleet Street'll have the story Find out what's going on down there''What do you reckon Jack? Why the sudden interest?''Because the police don't slap blankets over murders unless there's something they don't want us to know' Fraser claimed 'And this thing about your parents being eaten it's okay Jock told me There hasn't been any comment about that from the bobbi

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Dead are the parents of Guy Corling Propelled by both personal and professional feelings Guy starts to uncover the grotesue story of one man's folly leading him on a trail of death and terror until the final hair raising denouemen Foul things are afoot in the uaint English village of Frickley situated a few miles away from the Governments research facility at Porton Down When fast rising crime reporter Guy Corling hears that his parents have just died there mutilated badly enough the police Inspector tells him they were carried away in a plastic bag he decides to snoop around Teaming up with Victor Henthorne gamekeeper for Lord of the Manor Sir Mark Hattrell once a friend of Guy’s until woman trouble intervened though Guy is now knocking off Sir Mark’s wife he delves deeper into the mystery of The Folly the lack of rabbits in the area and the savage attacks which leave only mutilated remains Originally published in 1978 and reprinted in 1980 “The classic horror story back in print” proclaims a sticker on the cover this is thoroughly exploitative and follows the template set by James Herbert’s “The Rats” and others of that ilk with nature taking her revenge on mad scientists and their sponsors With some gruesome moments a nice tie in of the real life myxomatosis outbreak in the 1950’s and some class warfare this unfortunately suffers with pedestrian writing some key scenes are casually brushed over and lack of characterisation for the second leads Anne Sir Mark’s wife is particularly poorly served though it does have cool monsters This is my kind of book a cheesy horror novel from the 70s even if it’s designed to cash in on a trend and although it should have tried harder to hold together it was still an enjoyable and uick read I liked it a lot your mileage may vary dependent entirely on how you feel about this kind of exploitativecheesy horror goodness

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The Folly epub ✓ Paperback read é moneyexpresscard ☆ FOR CENTURIES MAN HAS MANIPULATED THE FORCES OF NATURE WITH LITTLE THOUGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT OR FOR THE SUFFERING OF THE ANIMALS SO RUTHLESSLY EXPLOITED BUT SOMETIMES NATURE CAN TAKE HER OWN REVENGEThe peace of the uiet English country village of Frickley situUntry village of Frickley situated a few miles from the Government Research Station of Porton Down is abruptly shattered by a series of inexplicable violent deaths The victims are so badly mutilated as to be unidentifiableAmong the sueaking grunting hellish creatures“Creatures from the spawning ground of hell”“They made the sound of death From the very bowels of hell itself”I don't care They're still rabbits