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characters The Defection of A.J. Lewinter ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Î AJ LeWinter is an American scientist for years an insignificant cog in America’s complex defense machinery While at an academic conference in Tokyo LeWinter contacts the KGB station chief and says he wants to defect He tantalizes the RusEr is swept up in a terrifying political chess match of deceit and treachery Deft and dazzlingly plotted this is the book that introduced Robert Littell the opening shot of a brilliant care. A ceramics specialist involved in designing the nose cones for MIRV missiles defects to the USSR and the various intelligence organizations on both sides of the Iron Curtain attempt to evaluate the defection Is it important Is it a genuine defection or a US attempt to embarrass the Soviets or plant an agent among them What could Lewinter know that might be of any significance And so on and so forth to endless ramification Lewinter himself barely appears in the book and we never discover the answer to any of these uestions; the central character is really the swirling paranoia endemic on either side during the Cold War and not just in the intelligence communities We're shocked by the ruthlessness with which some of the Russians behave in service of this paranoia; but Littell portrays their US counterparts behaving eually coldbloodedly These are the dimwits who spend an inordinate amount of our tax dollars on what they insist is realpolitik when in fact it's just buffoonery buffoonery that'd be hilarious if it didn't destroy so many lives and strangle at birth so many endeavours that might improve the human lot Neither side is remotely interested in regards as entirely trivial what is if it works the item of real value that Lewinter bears the technology for an improved and environmentally friendly method of waste disposalThis isn't the masterpiece of the spy thriller genre promised on the cover for the very good reason it's not a thriller at all and clearly has no intention whatsoever of trying to be one Instead it's a satire uite often a very funny one often a very dark one It's in no sense a gripping read; but I think it's probably a very good book I'm glad I read it and in due course I may very well read it againAs an aside Penguin should be ashamed of themselves I read the 2003 reissue which has clearly been OCRed and typeset from an earlier edition without the benefit of any competent proofreading There's a secondary character whose surname I still don't know because two different versions of it Ferri and Fern turn up with eual freuency There are countless irritating minor literals missing close uotes are a freuent culprit and in several places the text is so garbled as to be incomprehensible This is beyond shoddy

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And says he wants to defect He tantalizes the Russians with US military secrets he claims to possess but is his defection genuine Neither the Russians nor the Americans are sure and LeWint. Great surprise Advertised as the American John Le Carré Just read Le Carré’s The Russia House same subject Preferred this book to the point Surely going to read of this author; good thriller writers are hard to find

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The Defection of A J LewinterAJ LeWinter is an American scientist for years an insignificant cog in America’s complex defense machinery While at an academic conference in Tokyo LeWinter contacts the KGB station chief. Robert Littell is an unusual author; occupying a position somewhere in the middle tier of espionage writing He's not a household name but he's definitely known within the genre Brooklyn born he produced a steady string of espionage titles beginning in the early 70's and continuing on today I would characterize his writing as deliberately seeking a different path than any of his famous competitors Littell opts for innovative narrative structures and off speed pacing in his works than is usually the norm He doesn't want to be predictable he writes shorter slower and denser He works in 'psychological miniature' 'cameo' rather than 'fresco' His tone is mellow subdued understated There's no 'recurring characters' as far as I know With rich and mordant cynicism he typically hones in on the psyche of people caught up in the covert world; probing the pathology and corruption which strikes people who lie for a living His works sometime feel claustrophobic; filled with moral ambiguities and ethical doubts The reader is not only unable to tell who is goodbad; but usually wonders at the end of the story who won and who lost Plot is not vital Like Le Carre Littell emphasizes the seediness of information gathering the fumbling of bureaucracy the despair of diplomacy the spiritlessness and purposelessness of it all He paints the griminess of the profession The seamiest most unflattering most unsavory figures populate his casts Betrayers; chiselers; money grubbers; blackmailers Littell's greatest fame so far prior to his 'The Company' rests on the well received movie adaptation of 'The Amateur' starring fine actor John Savage