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Read & Download The Sinner (Seducers #4) ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à Wearing nothing but a man's nightshirt Fleur Monley woke to find herself in the bed of England's most charming and reckless libertine But it was a stray gunshot not passion that put her at the mercy of a man as infamously handsome as he was faO any seduction Fleur thought herself perfectly safe to make him an offer no ordinary woman would dare make half her fortune for the freedom she would gain by being his wife in name only Desperately in need of funds Dante Duclairc could do worse than the white marriage proposed by this idealistic beauty. I adored The Sinner I stumbled upon it uite by accident it is the fourth book in the Seducers series after all and I hadn't read the first three installments but I'm so glad I did It is honestly one of my favorite romance novels that I've ever read From the first line Madeline Hunter had me hooked Utter ruin provokes soul searching in even the least reflective of men page 1 What a way to start chapter one I loved the old fashioned simplicity of this statement; it brought to mind a famous opening line about all single men of good fortune being in want of a wife ; Anyhoo here are some examples of these great chapter openers Hunter has sprinkled throughout the novel The women of English society could bicker and argue with the best of them but on one point they had always been in total agreement 10 And Loving a good woman provokes change in even the least angelic of men 355 You get the idea There's a nice old fashioned Jane Austen vibe to the writing style I love it when historical romances have that old fashioned uality to the writing and have authentic dialogue between the characters that rings true to the time period This book has those things in spades The premise is this Fleur Monley is a eccentric spinster at twenty nine having voluntarily put herself on the shelf Her life is consumed by various charity projects She is known for her virtue and her purity So it is a shock to her and the people who hear of it when she wakes up in the bed of notorious rake Dante Duclairc Nothing passed between them except that Dante accidentally shot her when she was scampering across the countryside in men's clothing when he mistook her for a rabble rousing peasant from a recent uprising Now Dante must nurse her back to health and they are shut up alone together in a cottage on his family's estate An easy friendship forms between them and Fleur confides that she was in disguise to escape her evil step father and his nefarious plans for her She could use a powerful man's protection Dante is up to his eyeballs in debt and could use a rich wife like Fleur So it comes to pass that they make a marriage of convenience with the stipulation that it will never be consummated because Fleur has an aversion to sexual relations Unfortunately Dante is the most seductive man in England and can seduce any woman Until nowThis book has it all A highly erotic steamy romance that is also a sweet and tender love story between two euals I love that Fleur has a true purpose in life her Grand Project that is the true pinnacle of all her charitable schemes She is a lovable character whose motivations seem very realistic and understandable And Dante He is one of the sexiest romance novel heroes I've ever encountered The smirking devilishly handsome face that graces the beautiful cover of the copy I read says it all He is wonderfully seductive and charming but also has a genuine affection for Fleur and respects her boundaries and problems He has just the right dash of danger to his character he is a master fencer and perfect shot; he would also do anything to protect his brideI highly enjoyed the slow way Hunter revealed the novel's multi faceted secrets She doesn't show all her cards at once with this one There are some great red herrings and heartrending back stories for our hero and heroine that explain their motivation

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Wearing nothing but a man's nightshirt Fleur Monley woke to find herself in the bed of England's most charming and reckless libertine But it was a stray gunshot not passion that put her at the mercy of a man as infamously handsome as he was famously talented in the arts of love Believing herself immune t. 45 starsI really liked this one much better than The Seducer which was also very nice But the pace this time was faster the hero oh so wonderful and the fact that a very large part was written from his POV made it so much better The hero is a known rake who finds himself in the gaols because of his outstanding debts; debts that that the heroine promises to pay if he marries her Her uncle is trying to prove her as mad and incompetent in order to gain control of her large fortune so she needs a husband in name only to protect her from such a fate Daniel agrees to that scheme especially since she promises him that he can go on with his life as before But he soon realizes that it's not his freedom that he needs but his wife to become one in truth rather than in name onlyThe story was not as dark as The Seducer and there were scenes especially in the beginning that were uite humorous Daniel is a charmer and knows how to seduce women; surely he can't fail with his own wife But Fleur has secrets that make their relationship difficult both in and out of bed Fleur's secrets became tiring at some point but I loved Daniel; his persistence his belief in Fleur his steadiness his naughtiness his charm I loved the fact that we see his POV for a large part of the book and see him pinning after Fleur The mystery part was nice kept me guessing and wanting to see what would happen next; only since I liked the romance so much I wish it took even less space in this bookAll in all a great book and probably my favorite of Hunter's along with By Arrangement Though not exactly angsty it was intense enough for my liking and convinced me to read books of hers

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The Sinner Seducers #4Too naive to know the danger she was in But the rashest thing he ever did was tell himself he'd be able to resist the invitation to sin that this sensuous innocent would arouse at every turn or that he'd be able to protect her from both the ruthless enemies that sought her ruin and his own dangerous desi. Well now I didn't expect to like this book because rakish characters hold zero appeal for me And yet I really enjoyed this oneDante is the younger brother of a viscount He's blown through his allowance has no income of his own and is on his way to a sponging house debtors' prisonFleur is an heiress who desperately needs to get married to avoid her stepfather's attempts to get a hold of her fortune he can only do this by having her rendered as incompetent and put under his guardianship Since Fleur has become a recluse who donates her time and money to charitable work she seems a bit of an eccentric making the case easierSo Fleur strikes a bargain with Dante She wipes out his debt in return for his marrying her Slight problem she wants a white marriage aka unconsummated marriage She frees him to seek his pleasures elsewhere which he as a committed rake ought to be happy to doThe plot focuses not only on how they resolve this complicated marriage but also addresses her stepfather's attempts to get a hold of her fortune and the underlying reasons why he wants to control her actionsI enjoyed Dante than I expected In an earlier book the Saint he struck me as both promiscuous and hypocritical an unpleasant combination Here he retains some of the masterfulness that Hunter likes to give her heroes while still being protective and thoughtful Fleur's intelligence and naivete made me feel oddly protective of her if you can imagine feeling that way about a fictional character Yes she does some silly things in the book like trusting a financial adviser who didn't have her best interests at heart But her goals and means to reach them her willingness to recognize and overcome her fears were compellingThey both grow over the course of the book and are beautifully matchedFour stars