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For from her guitarist than memorable solos a ten year old son curious about his dad's new world and an ex wife who misses nothing Badge navigates both home and rock life with values accrued in a bygone era and toward a future as murky as a used shot glass Badge was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's Literary Contest for 2011 in the Mainstream categor. Badge is a well written story about a seasoned guitar player making his comeback into the world of rock stars and the music business Continuing part of the storyline of Ghost Notes Badge emerges from civilian life and re enters a hedonistic world he remembers and understands well But his experience only keeps him out of trouble for a short timeKnowing that this story was written by Art Edwards the bass player from The Refreshments gives this book and his previous books credibility than authors of similar stories His notoriety will get you to crack the binding but his writing style will keep you glued to the storyline Art’s grammar and writing style is usually textbook proper but it strays often enough to reflect how people actually speak This casualformal blend has a flow that held my attention longer than usual and makes reading the story enjoyable The characters are relatable and uniue and the story moves uickly without losing the imagery or details needed to put the reader right there on the tour bus with the band The excess of rock n’ roll and celebrity status involve many adult themes but the story still steers clear of gratuitous vulgarity and unnecessary low brow content Several characters in the story make mention of actual bands and iconic names of the music industry as their influences I enjoyed this but also ended up doing some homework to look up certain artists that I was only vaguely familiar with For example I had heard of Patti Smith but had never really listened to her music – in spite of knowing a great deal about the punk and alternative bands from that era Most of the other groups that the characters discuss in the story are household names that most people will instantly recognize but some readers may be as intrigued as I was to look up the less familiar ones The most significant thing I took away from the story and from the Refreshments is the concept of impermanence Our dreams of bands from 20 years ago reuniting and making new music are far unlikely than we would like to believe due to the simple fact that people and their playing styles are constantly changing The incarnation of any band at any point in time is a very temporary thing Often the most successful and profound music is created by exceptionally talented musicians who mix together perfectly for a short time but must then move on to other stages of their careers The endless list of imperfections and mismatches that end a great band can encompass everything from personality clashes and creative differences to changes in family life and individual maturity Badge experiences all of these things as do many other characters in Art’s previous two books These changes remind us not only how short and precious life can be but also how rare and impermanent any particular assembly of music makers truly is Even a talented band like The Eagles have a different sound and style than they did at their peak 30 or 40 years ago The music they create today is refined and played by much experienced musicians but can never be exactly what it originally was because those musicians have changed and evolved I consider this to be what makes music so beautiful and special to us – To appreciate the magic of what is captured in a recording because it can only be created that way for a short timeI won’t spoil the ending for readers who haven’t finished the book yet but the last three or four pages left a nasty taste in my mouth I have no doubt that the author intended for this to happen to drive home the harsh reality that there aren’t many people in the music business that are worthy of unconditional trust I will however admit that I was so enthralled with the story that I continued being angry with certain characters for several days after I finished reading the book – which to me speaks volumes about Art’s ability to write a truly excellent and memorable story

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Badge Author Art EdwarAGING ROCK GUITARIST BADGE drank and screwed his way out of his best chance at life For eight years he's managed to stay off the booze and not coincidentally out of the music business But in 2000 flat broke and fearing passionless days ahead he accepts work in Los Angeles with a new artist young punk diva Betty The gig promises great pay professional studios and Badge's las. This is the strongest of Art Edwards' Rock Novels Badge follows the attempted resurrection of a divorced guitarist whose demons come back to haunt him One is rooting for Badge throughout the novel though his self destructive behavior seems a natural degeneration While Edwards is than adept at bringing us into the realm of rock music it's a joy to read how Badge gets lost in the music Badge is a soulful examination of a man who steps in the way of his own happiness Badge is torn between a normal life with his son and the lure of the rock tour and a certain young and sexy new rock star It's this struggle that drives the momentum of the story forward and we get to go along for the ride

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Free download å Badge Author Art Edwards Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é AGING ROCK GUITARIST BADGE drank and screwed his way out of his best chance at life For eight years he's managed to stay off the booze and not coincidentally out of the music business But in 2000 flat brT chance to rock at the top of the heap that is if he can keep his mind on the music and away from bars back alleys and backstage temptations that greet him at every turn Meanwhile the music business is undergoing monumental change with bands turning to the Internet to reach their fan bases and record companies making criminals of their customers With a lead singer looking. I can no longer remember how Art Edwards’ ‘Stuck Outside of Phoenix’ came to my attention I am sure it is because I was a fan of the band ‘The Refreshments’ Edwards was their bass player and somehow I received word through the grapevine that his debut novel was forthcoming I truly enjoyed this book for selfish reasons I was able to recognize so much of the landscape the people and the places I had grown up in this same time and place I find that listening to any of the familiar music from those years or re reading this book can fill me with nostalgia for something that no longer exists but that can be conjured up in my hazy fading memory There is a Waffle House restaurant in the book’s first scene I have eaten there and driven past it many times over the years I remember the dirt field that was across the street as described in the book that has since become the site of a mall and chain restaurants The book’s protagonist Hote goes to a show at the Mesa Amphitheater I saw many concerts there in the 80s and 90s In one scene Hote is getting ready to take his leave of Phoenix and goes for a last drive around town Edwards’ description of driving around and reminiscing about places like hole in the rock at Papago park and the sights and sounds of Tempe and driving south into Chandler always makes me homesick for a place that no longer exists The other fun part of the book is guessing whether any of these fictional characters or locations are actually stand ins for places I used to visit or people I used to know Although Edwards lists venues like the Sun Club by name he never mentions Long Wongs although you can be sure that is where some of the scenes are set Some of the characters remind me of people that I met or heard about over the years They say you should write what you know and it seems to me that he knew the Tempe scene inside and outAs the years went on I acuired and enjoyed Edwards’ second novel ‘Ghost Notes’ and learned about Hote’s fate I was struck by how he seamlessly switches the narration from one person to another to move the story forward We learn about other points of view what motivates them and makes them tick I was introduced to a new character named Betty in ‘Ghost Notes’ and as she came to life I wanted to learn about her In this book she is a 16 year old cashier at Dart Mart who aspires to get out of the town she lives in so she can go be a famous punk rock singer She has already dropped out of high school and has begun making her mistakes as she tries to grow up She has started playing with her band No Fun Intended which includes Stuart her 12 year old neighbor on the drums With a little encouragement from Hote she is ready to keep writing and making music possibly utilizing the talents of Pedro on Bass Who knew I would be waiting seven years for the next novel to come out so that I could find out what happens to her nextI continued to wonder how many of these story ideas were fiction and how many if any were based on real life When Hote has to kick his best friend and band drummer Lance out of his band is there any correlation with a true life scenario when Dusty was replaced as the drummer of the Refreshments When Hote leaves Fun Yung Moon did anything like this play out with the breakup of the Refreshments Was the conversation with Digs Ven based on any real life conversations with Doug Hopkins When Hote says he uit writing songs because Gad does not want to use anyone else’s material is this whole exchange made up When Hote tells Lookout about the real reason bands drift apart is it the author or the character or both speaking to us Was this wishful thinking that an author would actually share true to life details like that in his fiction I have my doubts that anyone left a sound check and started camping out in order to leave a band but it made for a memorable tale I have to uit my bad habit of reading anything into it than is on the page and remember that these are just well thought out fictional accounts that help move a story along for fictional characters but I can still pretend that these are actual back stage revelations as to what really went down all those years ago The next work that came to my attention that Edwards was involved in was the low budget feature length movie version of ‘Stuck Outside of Phoenix’ As the theater darkened at the movie premiere I was caught up in the same story I had re read so many times unfolding on the big screen I have seen the movie twice so far and at the second screening I attended I found it interesting when they asked how many of the movie’s cast members or audience members at the screening had actually read the book the answer was not manyAs is usually the case with the films I see the book was better than the movie although much of that is due to a low budget and the fact that in my mind’s eye the cast and location always looks like the memories I have How can any movie be expected to compete with something I can plainly see in my headAfter reading an early copy of the novel ‘Badge’ I still cannot decide if the title character makes me angry or sad Every time he loses something it is his own fault due to his own poor choices Who can you blame other than yourself when you choose to start drinking especially when you already know that you are a lousy drunk I find it interesting that both Hote’s father Dale in ‘Ghost Notes’ and Badge are both drawn to drinking and cheating and it costs them both dearly Neither one seems to realize how good they have it until it is gone None of Edwards’ characters seem to be able to enjoy a blissful married life except for the possibilities that exist for Lance with his job selling trucks and his new wife and kidI literally had to put ‘Badge’ down and uit reading one night as Badge’s choices led to awful conseuences My stopping for the night had nothing to do with the storytelling I was so wrapped up in the downward spiral of the character’s choices that I needed a chance to regroup and catch my breath Edwards had me rooting for these characters I cared about them and I kept expecting that they would dig their way out of the messes they had made but the simple solutions to the character’s problems were not taken How often do we find the same thing plays out in real life we think we know exactly what people around us need to do in order for all of their problems to go away and their life to become bliss We presume to know what is best for other people without ever having walked around a bit in their shoes When things go from bad to worse for Badge I can agonize as I think of friends and acuaintances that I have had over the years that have made poor decisions that left me shaking my head as I wondered how they could be so blind to their own talent and potential SPOILER ALERTThere was a scene with a hooker and some drugs that seemed like the perfect answer to everyone’s dilemma and the beginning of the fairytale happy ending but it did not work out the way I was expecting it to END SPOILER ALERTI was caught off guard when this played out the way that it did in any sitcom or typical Hollywood movie this would be the predictable scene where the world would be set right When it does not work out the way that I thought that it might I can take comfort in seeing that their lives are messy too there will not be any easy paths taken by these characters to solve their many problemsEdwards’ books always leave me wanting and leave enough ambiguity that I cannot help but ask uestions What happened next What about that other character Is it just coincidence that in ‘Ghost Notes’ Betty’s dad keeps thinking about a trip he took with his wife to Mexico where they listened to calypso music on the beach Did that somehow enter Betty’s mind as she thought of the name of her song I like the lack of a Hollywood ending in his books Nobody ends up living a typical ‘happily ever after’ scenario They just keep on living and doing the best they know how like any of the rest of us At the end of ‘Stuck Outside of Phoenix’ Hote is in his car driving into an unknown future in Seattle At the end of ‘Ghost Notes’ I thought it was interesting that Hote ended up in Northern California applying to go to college I often wonder if he ended up as a writer like the guy that brought him to life At the end of Badge what happens after that final concert Any adaptation of a book is never uite the same as the way you might have imagined it The actual audio recording of ‘Calypso’ one of the songs from ‘Badge’ is not the way I envisioned it would sound either It could just be that I picture Betty singing the song differently it isn’t the instant radio hit that is described in the book and brought to life within the confines of my skull It is a memorable song that I enjoy listening to it is just not what I had made myself believe it would sound like As with the filmed version of ‘Stuck Outside of Phoenix’ it almost isn’t fair to have something in the real world try to compete with what my fantasy can conjure up my imagination will usually win Over the coming years I am sure I will take these books out and re read them from time to time especially when I want to remember a time and a place that no longer exists if it ever did