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DOWNLOAD í Masters Flame Cirue Masters #3 ´ In the sexually charged world of Cirue du Monde CEO Michel Lemaitre reigns as king of depravity He’s a stringent brutal Master who selects his slaves based on their ability to cope with strict handling and pain He exerts rigid control over his chosen partners and they submit to him in all thingD Valentina’s heart is set on pleasing her Master no matter the torment and trials she must endure Is there such a thing as too much passion Michel’s convinced there is and he’s determined to tame a billowing love on the verge of blazing out of control Publisher’s Note This erotic romance novel is approximately 79K words and contains sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse mmfm menage BDSM scenes power exchange themes and extreme control. I have now read 4 Annabel Joseph books and this was my favorite so far Truly I can't imagine a better one Like some reviews said I wasn't sure about a story line that involved the circus However it worked great as a backdrop to the story This is a love story with a huge domsub theme What I liked most about this book is it made you feel I hate books that make you so distant to the characters that you feel like you are reading the book through a far away telescope Master's Flame is hot and you are right there with the characters through the good the bad and the uglyYes this was a love story but it was so much The domsub theme was extremely well done and may I say HOT Annabel's writing made me feel like I was being held in the master's cage right along with our little h The tpe exchange really worked in this book I don't want to give away the story so let me just say if you like a love story with highs and lows some great bdsm scenes written with great emotion then get this book and enjoy FYI this book stands alone although it is a part of a series

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He wants nothing than to be his slave Michel finds himself drawn to the red headed firebrand even as he tries his hardest to resist her It doesn’t help that the sensual beauty idolizes him and tempts him at every turn He finally engages her in a one month no holds barred Master slave relationship to prove their incompatibility And that’s when the circus really begins The two become wrapped up in bondage cages physical ordealsand an emotionally fraught battle of wills He’s never had a slave burn so bright an. First 50 % of the book 4 starsLast 50 % of the book 2 stars It didn't live up to the greatness of the first half of the book It lost itself in love and romance I'm not a love and romance kind of a person For me it was boring But the first half is definitely worth reading

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Masters Flame Cirue Masters #3In the sexually charged world of Cirue du Monde CEO Michel Lemaitre reigns as king of depravity He’s a stringent brutal Master who selects his slaves based on their ability to cope with strict handling and pain He exerts rigid control over his chosen partners and they submit to him in all things that is until fiery Italian acrobat Valentina Sancia enters his life Valentina’s known as La Vampa the flame of Napoli and her tempestuous personality and wild libido soar as high as her circus tricks To his chagrin s. 25 not enough flame STARSSave the best for last Yeah I'm really intrigued with Michel Lemaitre He's the owner of Cirue du Monde and Le Citadel BDSM dungeon Many people warned about his hardcore sexuality After all the drama in the previous book Bound in Blue Mr Lemaitre faced new challenge with a woman that will turn his life upside down Unfortunately it didn't wow ed me enoughValentina Sancia recruited from Italia because her amazing talent for new cirue by Cirue du Monde But she has really uncontrollable attitude and no self restraint She did whatever she wants to 'annoyed' him Michel Lemaitre has unhealthy interest with new employee and he distanced himself But Valentina relentlessly pursue him non stop and finally they made a contract One month in Ms relationshipWow Valentina is the most wildest woman ever An Italian woman with sassy mouth and high libido I liked her before she became gooey all over Michel Lemaitre She was intrigued with her boss for a long time He didn't like other man she played with The words whispered in his brain and for the first time he admitted to himself that he wanted her And it was terrible to want her this hot headed girl because she would burn up both of them in a fire impossible to control We all know Michel Lemaitre is a hardcore player His Ms relationship scares me a bit He also swing in both ways male and female I'm not a fan since the first but I'm curious for Valentina was a wild fire he managed to tame with Ms relationship It was very intense and intimidating It hardly turn me on Michel Lemaitre true to his words as a cruel Master sometimes he didn't do aftercare which is makes me cringe More than anything on earth she wanted Mr Lemaitre for her Master but he didn’t want her She wanted to be his toy his plaything the canvas for all the colors of his power Mostly the story was about Ms relationship between Valentina and Michel There are so much sex scenes and dirty depraved things Michel did to her But nothing is against my hard limit Everything was smooth until Valentina dropped the 'love' bomb and Michel didn't like it He became an asshole Master It takes time for Michele to accept her love because his awful past that hold him I couldn't like Valentina any when she became hopeless romantic and stupid to stand for herself It likes she losing her identity She's also very forgivable person Why don't make him suffer a bitOverall I liked it at first but when there is no chemistry outside BDSM I hardly enjoy it any Their Ms relationship was mind blown because he really pushed her and she doesn't mind They're enjoying everything Their journey was far from romance before the happy ending Deeply emotional and uite mind fucked