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Text Ñ Õ David McCullough The enthralling often surprising story of John Adams one of the most important and fascinating Americans who ever livedIn this powerful epic biography David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life journey of John Adams the brilliant fiercely independent often irascible always honest Yankee patriot the colossus of independence as Thomas Jefferson called him who spared nothing in his zeal for the American Revolution; who rose to become the second President of the United States and saved the country from blundering into an unnecessary war; who was learned beyond all but a few and regarded by some as out of his senses; and whose marriage to the wise and valiant Abigail Adams is one of the moving love stories in American history Like his masterly Pulitzer Prize winning biography Truman David McCullough's John Adams has the sweep and vitality of a great novel It is both a riveting portrait of an abundantly human man and a vivid evocation of his time much of it drawn from an outstanding collection of Adams family letters and diaries In particular the than one thousand surviving letters between John and Abigail Adams nearly half of which have never been published provide extraordinary access to their private lives and make it possible to kno I LEARNED SO MUCH I'm moved deeply moved at this 'book' and 'partly' at myself SOMETHING HAS SHIFTED INSIDE ME THROUGH THIS READING EXPERIENCE A handful of books have done this for me but not usually 'two' in a very short period of time But I can't deny what's so SNAP CRACKLE POP BOOKS THAT CHANGE OUR THINKING OUR ACTIONS MUST BE REMEMBERED this is another one of those booksA light switch is turned 'on' in my brain for the first time in almost 65 years I haven't been reading biographies about past Presidents I have some natural interest in Kennedy Lincoln and Obama but I've never been the girl to run to the history or political sections in book stores seeking out past Presidents to read about WHY THE HECK HAVEN'T I? Fear of boring dry reading?? It's amazing how shallow and small my thinking is sometimes Has anyone else ever cried when coming 'nose to nose' with your own stupidity laziness andor shame for allowing yourself to be ignorant? Really angry at yourself? I've been reading this book for 4 to 6 weeks other books too but a couple of weeks ago I broke down cried like a baby facing the reality of HOW MUCH I DON'T KNOW At the same time I WAS FASCINATED WITH THIS BOOK THIS STORY I'm left wanting to explore Hallelujah John Adams worked his ass off LONG HOURS A DAY RISKING HIS HEALTH making constant sacrifices and contributions with the most humble heart A GREAT MANI've read my share of the The dreaded multiple POV novels I'm discovering it's possible that reading historical books about past Presidents might 'not' be drudgery or work any than it's been to read about Jack or Libby taking turns narrating every other chapter If books about past Presidents are 'this good' good storytelling I have nothing to fear I FEEL LESS RESISTANCE TO READ ABOUT MORE PAST PRESIDENTSThat's what's shifted I'm ready to read another and another Ha ha we certainly have plenty of past presidents to choose from JOHN ADAMS inspired me His character was outstanding Were all Presidents this honest 'loving' toward his wife and children down to earth decentreally decent? He was bright worked hard Model integrity I didn't think of him as a politician I can't imagine Trump ever saying these word I only wish I were better ualifiedJohn Adams Ohhhhhh and Abigail did you not love this woman???? Up at 5am to begin her day taking care of the needs of their family and home running a farm during war loss of children while her husband was away sadness loneliness missing her partner She was a courageous independent woman ahead of her daysI knew nothing about John Adams relationship with Thomas Jefferson Friends then enemies then friends againJohn Adams and Thomas Jefferson 'both' died on July 4 1826 same day Blows my mind John Adams lived longer than any other American President I wonder if it was all that Apple cider he drank every day uestion to those who are history buffs? Suggestions of 'which' President I might read about next? A few suggestions? And by whom? Wonderful book great opening for me Much thanks goes to David McCullough

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John Adams Book ↠ 751 pages Download ¸ Moneyexpresscard ê The enthralling often surprising story of John Adams one of the most important and fascinating Americans who ever livedIn this powerful epic biography David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life journey of John Adams the brilliant fiercely independent o W John Adams as no other major American of his founding era As he has with stunning effect in his previous books McCullough tells the story from within from the point of view of the amazing eighteenth century and of those who caught up in events had no sure way of knowing how things would turn out George Washington Benjamin Franklin John Jay the British spy Edward Bancroft Madame Lafayette and Jefferson's Paris interest Maria Cosway Alexander Hamilton James Madison the scandalmonger James Callender Sally Hemings John Marshall Talleyrand and Aaron Burr all figure in this panoramic chronicle as does importantly John uincy Adams the adored son whom Adams would live to see become President Crucial to the story as it was to history is the relationship between Adams and Jefferson born opposites one a Massachusetts farmer's son the other a Virginia aristocrat and slaveholder one short and stout the other tall and spare Adams embraced conflict; Jefferson avoided it Adams had great humor; Jefferson very little But they were alike in their devotion to their country At first they were ardent co revolutionaries then fellow diplomats and close friends With the advent of the two political parties they became archrivals even enemies in the intense This is a must read for anyone interested in the American Revolution I would call this David McCullough's masterpiece except I've read several of his remarkable books including Truman and The Wright Brothers and they are all so good I don't think I could pick a favorite But let's get back to John Adams who along with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington was a critical founder of America If you've seen the impressive HBO miniseries based on this book starring Paul Giamatti and the amazing Laura Linney as Abigail Adams you already know the outline of events John Adams was a lawyer in Massachusetts and after the Boston Massacre in 1770 he agreed to defend the British soldiers arguing that facts are stubborn things Despite widespread anger toward the British John Adams won the caseMeanwhile the colonists were growing increasingly dissatisfied with their English overlords especially with their taxation without representation When a Continental Congress was formed in Philadelphia Adams was chosen to represent Massachusetts It was there that he found his voice in politics and met the other men who helped design the American government we know today Adams was also sent to France and England as an ambassador and the stories of him abroad were charming in their fish out of water ness Oh and let's not forget Adams became our second president and his son John uincy Adams became our sixth In short John Adams lived an amazing and full life and had an impact on history that few have the opportunity to do Aside from being a fascinating person what really makes this biography shine are the passages from letters that John and Abigail wrote to each other This is where McCullough excels as a writer of history in weaving together the best uotes and stories and making the narrative flow as smoothly as a novelI came away from this book a great admirer of John Adams and grateful that he was in the right place and the right time to help build this new country He was smart and fair but also stubborn and vain He was a good man with flaws as many of us are As I write this Hamilton the musical is a huge hit on Broadway but in my mind John Adams deserves his own showFavorite uotesThe source of our suffering has been our timidity We have been afraid to think Let us dare to read think speak write Our obligations to our country never cease but with our livesSo it was done the break was made in words at least on July 2 1776 in Philadelphia the American colonies declared independence If not all thirteen clocks had struck as one twelve had and with the other silent the effect was the same It was John Adams than anyone who had made it happen Further he seems to have understood clearly than any what a momentous day it was and in the privacy of two long letters to Abigail he poured out his feelings as did no one else 'The second day of July 1776 will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival It ought to be commemorated as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade with shows games sports guns bells bo

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John AdamsStruggle for the presidency in 1800 perhaps the most vicious election in history Then amazingly they became friends again and ultimately incredibly they died on the same day their day of days July 4 in the year 1826 Much about John Adams's life will come as a surprise to many readers His courageous voyage on the frigate Boston in the winter of 1778 and his later trek over the Pyrenees are exploits that few would have dared and that few readers will ever forget It is a life encompassing a huge arc Adams lived longer than any president The story ranges from the Boston Massacre to Philadelphia in 1776 to the Versailles of Louis XVI from Spain to Amsterdam from the Court of St James's where Adams was the first American to stand before King George III as a representative of the new nation to the raw half finished Capital by the Potomac where Adams was the first President to occupy the White House This is history on a grand scale a book about politics and war and social issues but also about human nature love religious faith virtue ambition friendship and betrayal and the far reaching conseuences of noble ideas Above all John Adams is an enthralling often surprising story of one of the most important and fascinating Americans who ever live I haven’t read a book this good in years I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this book This is a book about a man John Adams but it is also much much It is a book about American Independence the American Revolution and all the Founding Fathers the seven most important being George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson John Jay Alexander Hamilton George Madison and Benjamin Franklin The book follows all the events from the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution through the presidencies of George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson George Madison James Monroe and finally John Adams’ son John uincy Adams the sixth president This is a book about people each very different in character but the author brings each one of them to life I adore learning about people I loved the book for this reason alone You understand how the individuals think what they feared what they loved what made each one special You understand their differences It is the little details that will make you LOVE this book John Adams this guy wrote volumes in the margins of his books Jefferson loved his books too but rarely did he write in them The relationship between these two men is extraordinary John Adams relationship with his wife Abigail is extraordinary too I love how it taught me history and it was never ever boring I don’t read books about politics but this book is definitely about politics and I adored it I normally avoid books on politics because I find them confusing Why? Because for me politics doesn’t follow the rules of logic A party claims they stand for a given set of principles but then the politicians do not follow these principles The result is that I get confused A central theme is and particularly John Adams presidency and the following election where he sought his second term but lost it to Jefferson was a battle of politics and yet I understood exactly what was happening This book is clear informative and presents a balanced view of all the prime playersJohn Adams by David McCullough is stupendous I cannot help but compare it with Walter Isaacson’s Benjamin Franklin An American Life which I recently read and loved but Isaacson’s book doesn’t come near to McCullough’s John Adams wrote letters to all his contemporaries to newspapers public officials friends and his dear wife Abigail He kept diaries John Adams was opinionated Jefferson and Franklin were close mouthed After his presidency when he was much older Adams wrote copious letters to his dear friend and previous arch enemy Jefferson Adams is the person to follow if you are interested in learning about American Independence American life in the colonies during the 1700s and about France and England and Holland too about the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812 It is all here and it is all interesting Every page has uotes Don’t assume that this makes the book dry and difficult to read The opposite is true You learn about the peculiarities of all the important Founding Fathers Jefferson bought and bought and bought He couldn’t stop buying It is the way the author depicts these small idiosyncrasies that will make you laugh out loud Jefferson lists all that he buys but the funni