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Bedlam: A Year in the Life of a Mental Hospital free read Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã Bedlam is the remarkable and true account of life in a mental hospital It is a poignant story of love courage and humor in a place which is ordinarily hidden from viewBedlam follows the intersecting lives of AReco and Sam Akbar the entrenched anti reform superintendentBedlam whips us back and forth between feelings of anger at inept and even cruel bureaucrats and administrators and immense admiration for the caring doctors and staff But it makes us care especially for the patients themselves who fight so hard and sometimes triumphantly against such difficult odds but with such valor than their story is ultimately one of hopeFor than two years Dominick Bosco researched this story with the doctors parents and patients of Bedloe the witnesses and participants in the events and conversations recounted hereLike the tales of institutional life in Mary Jane Ward's Snake Pit and Oliver Sack's books on neurological disorders and human behavior Bedlam offers a rare and stirring view of an at once terrible and astonishing world. Interesting peek into the lives of the mentally ill and the caregivers family and staff It does read like a novel which is great when relating personal accounts and dialogue It also suffers from unfortunate descriptions and phrasingBut though his own life responded with excitement he still wanted a better world As the vapors of his discontent roseI can't find the others that really made me groan Next time I'll be ready with page stickies

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Bedlam is the remarkable and true account of life in a mental hospital It is a poignant story of love courage and humor in a place which is ordinarily hidden from viewBedlam follows the intersecting lives of Alex Greco the medical director whom fights for reform while his own schizophrenic daughter remains beyond his help Doc Rush; a 72 year old maverick psychiatrist whose patient Lily Speere a young suicidal poet is mistakenly released from the hospital; Wendy the no nonsense psychiatric technician who is threatened by a homicidal patient and driven to doubt her own sanity; Fran Channing an embattled woman with a schizophrenic son Walter who has been bounced in and out of the mental health care system; Steven Rose an inexperienced young doctor who falls in love with a beautiful and provocative patient; and Geor. 25 stars BEDLAM was understandably a strange book to read I liked the people in it for the most part and enjoyed the flashes of joy that occasionally illuminated the world of the mental hospital such as the creation of a vegetable garden for the patients to tend and the Christmas party for doctors nurses and patients alike I liked that the author occasionally weighed in on the disgraceful state of mental care or rather lack thereof in this country Treatment by bus ticket is a common theme The money runs out so still very sick patients are given a one way ticket out of town to become someone else's problem Working in a public library I get to see a lot of that firsthand I did not like the writing style however at all This supposedly nonfiction book is written like a novel complete with insights that the author couldn't possibly have had including the details of people's sex lives and the thoughts of severely mentally ill people That really annoyed me Further the author attempts to recreate entire conversations always thorny territory Are we to believe that when a doctor and his colleague experimented with LSD in the 1950s that he uttered a line from the chorus of the acid inspired Beatles song She Said She Said a decade before that song was ever written A nonfiction book can be compelling and readable without these ridiculous flourishes

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Bedlam A Year in the Life of a Mental HospitalGe Konopski a psychiatrist forced to choose between his job and involvement in a titanic legal struggle over one of the most vicious mass murderers of all timeThese intimate stories are played out against a chorus of patients whose lives are sad and terrifying but always riveting Their stories break our hearts even as they fascinate us with the strange twistings of the human mind and the odd ways in which life can turn on us allIn Bedlam we meet a gentle teacher who tried to commit a dangerous holdup with an unloaded gun a nun who killed her mother with a crucifix a war hero who is now exiled by madness to a world of terror and a successful businessman who believes he has literally lost his headAnd there is the hospital itself hell and haven Bedloe State Hospital is the prize in a desperate battle between Alex G. I ordered this book as part of research for the second edition of my own book on asylums and I admit I put it aside at first in favor of the better known books that sat in piles on my floor However I picked up the book and began reading it during Christmas vacation and finished in one day I couldn't put it down and I couldn't stop thinking about it When I finished the book I was sad to see it end Brosco tells the story so smoothly and so engagingly that you forget you're reading about the horrors of being sucked into our mental health systemAfter reading this book I had the pleasure of speaking with Dominick Brosco and have now written the forward for the most recent printing of Bedlam This is a book that while it is than twenty years old continues to be than relevant to society today The story highlights the suffocating challenges facing those who care for our mentally ill and the heartbreak it causes many mental health professionals along with the patients and their families This is a must read for anyone with an interest in psychology and mental health