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DOWNLOAD ´ Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality ✓ The riveting inside story of the Supreme Court's landmark rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 by the two lawyers who argued the caseOn June 26 2013 the Supreme Court of the United States issued a pair of landmark decisions striking The riveting inside story of the Supreme Court's landmark rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 by the two lawyers who argued the caseOn June 26 2013 the Supreme Court of the United States issued a pair of landmark decisions striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and eliminating California's discriminatory Proposition 8 thereby reinstating the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians in CaliforniaRedeeming the Dream is the story of how David Boies a. 35 While I enjoyed reading this book to get of an understanding in everything that went into the court cases that ended up eliminating California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 so that same sex marriage was legal in the state I wasn’t too crazy about the way that the book was written I thought that Ted and David spent a little bit too much time on themselves as the lawyers and not enough on the people the case was impacting Yes it was interesting that Ted and David were on opposite sides of the infamous Bush v Gore case that decided the 2000 election and now they are working together to fight for marriage euality However there’s a part in the middle of the book where each of them writes a chapter about the other basically just going on and on about “he’s so great at this part of being a lawyer There’s nobody better than him at this thing” and basically just stroking the other’s ego It didn’t feel necessary to the overall story of the case I would’ve preferred to learn about the two couples who were serving as the plaintiffs in the case and their relationships Or how going through such a grueling process impacted their lives I just expected to have of an emotional reaction while reading this book I cried while reading Flagrant Conduct The Story of Lawrence v Texas about the Supreme Court case that invalidated sodomy laws But I didn’t cry at all while reading this book Yes you get the facts of the case here But I felt like the book was lacking a certain human or emotional element that could’ve turned it into something really special

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Nd Theodore B Olson who argued against each other all the way to the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore joined forces after that titanic battle to forge the uniue legal argument that would carry the day As allies they tell the fascinating story of the five year struggle to win the right for gays to marry from Proposition 8's adoption by voters in 2008 to its defeat before the highest court in the land in Hollingsworth v Perry in 2013Boies and Olson guide listeners through th. The fight against the hateful and discriminatory Prop 8 has just been fascinating to me I inhaled “Forcing the Spring” by Jo Becker a few weeks ago which was FABULOUS – and then as I started to hear interviews with the authors of this book – I knew I had to read this nextI do have to admit that I had to file away Ted Olson’s involvement in Bush v Gore and Citizen’s United I stuck with my admiration of his strong involvement in the fight for marriage uality – despite probably being verbally eviscerated by most of those in his political party His ability to go against what had to be strong opposition of many who knew or worked with him was very impressive “We should each in his own way have a personal council of elders – a board of directors a collection of a few individuals available individually or collectively with whom to consult on important decisions Making decisions in isolation seldom produces the best results And that body of wise people should include persons who think differently from us or have different backgrounds We all too often consult only with people who give us the answer we want to hear or the answer that they think we want to hear”This book was detailed and interesting – walking the layperson through a very complex series of legal moves and lengthy trials The reader is able to connect to the main players as we are drawn into their lives and into this long and emotional process for eualityThe description of the scene after Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional in CA almost brought me to tears “This was one of those once in a lifetime events that defy simple description Couples had their arms around one another families had brought their children and dogs Everyone seemed to be weeping with joy appreciation for the judge the Constitution the rule of law and all of us involved in the case Proposition 8 had been recognized for what it was – a shameful menacing dark cloud over all of their lives And now it was one step closer to oblivion One could not look out at those people with hope and love in their eyes and hearts – for one another and for their future – and not ache for them to soon see the day when their dream of freedom and euality would finally and fully be redeemed by their government”The work Ted Olson and David Boiesand the plaintiffs in the caseand so many other thousands if not millions of people have done in this fight awes and inspires me This book is a testament to some of the most transformative aspects of that fight

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Redeeming the Dream The Case for Marriage EqualityE legal framing of the case making crystal clear the constitutional principles of due process and eual protection in support of marriage euality while explaining with intricacy the basic human truths they set out to prove when the duo put state sanctioned discrimination on trialRedeeming the Dream offers listeners an authoritative dramatic and up close account of the most important civil rights issue fought and won since Brown v Board of Education and Loving v Virginia. This caught my eye at the library last week Proposition 8 is the first time I remember feeling really passionate about an issue and I was so upset when it passed I recently read Homophobia A History and I think that book primed me to read this bookGiven that it did involve my state and it's such a huge issue and was resolved two years ago I really wanted to know and felt that I should know Marriage euality is in front of SCOTUS again this yearI was amazed at how little I knew about this issue The book walks you through the two attorneys who went against each other in Bush v Gore; fascinating and a lot of information about why they chose this fight deciding to make a case through the initial case the appeals court and SCOTUS There is of course a good deal about SCOTUS in the book but there is a whole lot about crafting the arguments and bringing the case to trial in San Francisco I also don't think I knew a lot about how a case moves through the different stages and this book really set out the steps for meAn amazing uotation from this book Gay and lesbian individuals often find themselves in discussions that heterosexual people rarely if ever have to confront Even the most supportive family friends and acuaintances want to know about the nature of their personal experience with the sexual orientation and this is doubly true whenever a controversy like Prop 8 arises Just as an African American may be asked by whites to explain 'the African American point of view' or 'the African American experience' a lesbian will often find herself in the uncomfortable position of being asked to speak for lesbians in general For some individuals such discussions can become awkward when they veer into subjects like 'When did you know you were attracted to someone of the same sex' or 'Does your family accept you' Particularly when posed by someone who seeks to deny you eual rights such uestions can be infuriating p 109I've learned a lot about California's Proposition 8 and the ensuing court battles I have a much better understanding of court procedures I wish they'd televised the trial because it sounds absolutely amazing I understand the major arguments The book was extremely well written There was a lot of good description explanation of different terms and practicesVery engaging read and I highly recommend it