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Free read アクセル・ワールド 2 -紅の暴風姫- (アクセル・ワールド #2) 106 Á Since meeting Kuroyukihime Haruyuki has managed to grow up a bit But suddenly this mature Haruyuki is confronted by Tomoko an elementary school girl he’s never met before who calls him “big brotherSince meeting Kuroyukihime Haruyuki has managed to grow up a bit But suddenly this mature Haruyuki is confronted by Tomoko an elementary school girl he’s never met before who calls him “big brother” When Kuroyukihime sees the two of them flirting the loo. Good tho not as good as the first novel Basically a examination of the relationship between senpai and kohai and how it can change over time Trying not to spoil obviously Heh Decent plotline interesting character relationships some forward movement from last bookThe only issue I had was the rather creepy dating sim like plot of little sister appearing who is looked at in a somewhat inappropriate way Tho interestingly there IS a twist to it Will probably look for book three

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El avatars that don it and causing those avatars to attack at random with no regard for friend or foe And only Silver Crow the sole duel avatar with the power of flight can apprehend the relic What will Haruyuki’s fate be on this mission to subjugate the Arm. Of the three light novel series I've started since the Yen On publishing license debuted last year 'Accel World' has proved itself as the one worth following 'Accel World' is a cyberpunk story about kids who play a virtual fighting game where players are granted the side perk of being able to accelerate their thoughts in virtual reality There are gangs of players and mysteries surrounding the world and the fighting game itself plays out like Wire Fu on 'roids It's absurd Japanese light novels are like that though 'A Certain Magical Index' is about sorcerers and scientifically modified espers; 'Sword Art Online' is about a guy who gets trapped in a hyper realistic MMORPG at least for the first arc I'm sure the former is an engaging Anime series and I know for a fact the latter is As novels they vary wildly in uality What sets 'Accel World' apart and makes it a worthy series is its human element Hiroyuki the overweight and self conscious protagonist spends the first novel learning to respect himself and allow himself a few friends This seuel teaches him another lesson while the fighting game did enable Hiroyuki to get friends and a girlfriend there is to life outside of games too Relationships that were started over the game do not have to be dominated by it and gamers are allowed to be human beings There's stuff in this volume about the relationships between parents and children some insight toward letting go of one's failures and it's fun It helps that the Japanese style is slower than western novels and so these character moments are often intimate The previously mentioned series don't have any of this and it makes them harder to go back to Of course no second volume of any light novel series is perfect 'Accel World vol 2' goes full Michael Bay in the second half and sits the reader through a hundred pages of a sweeping city destroying battle To its credit the book remembers that it had characterization in the first half and things are neatly tied up in the final chapters If the series has an even better third volume as most light novel series do then I'll be in this for the long haul Aside the translator is brilliant BRILLIANT

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アクセル・ワールド 2 紅の暴風姫 アクセル・ワールド #2K she gives Haruyuki is like a cold knife stabbing him in the gut Meanwhile in the Accelerated World something very mysterious is taking placeA cursed piece of Enhanced Armament called the Armor of Catastrophe is making the rounds polluting the minds of the du. Good continuation of the storyThis was a good continuation of the story It dragged a bit in the second half but still interesting I like how the author explores uestions about the interplay between the real world and the virtual world