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Download The Man in the High Castle Book ↠ 259 pages ¸ It's America in 1962 Slavery is legal once again The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages All because some twenty years earlier the United States lost a war — and is now occupied by Nazi GermaS earlier the United States lost a war and is now occupied by Nazi Germany and JapanThis harrowing Hugo Award winning novel is the work that established Philip K Dick as an innovator in science Thank God this is fiction at least in our dimension WELCOME TO 1962 It is impossible that ours is the only world; there must be world after world unseen by us in some region or dimension that we simply do not perceive This book is a frightening glimpse of how our world could been if the Axis Powers would have won the World War IIThe Nazi Germany and the Imperial Japan won and they divided the planet between them Even the United States is now divided with the East Coast dominated by Nazis and the West Coast under Japanese control having a “neutral zone” in the middle of the countryAnd the most frightening of all is that now there is a “Cold War” between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan Where the Nazis have now Nuclear Technology and Hidrogen Bombs at their disposalNow rockets is the normal way to travel between countries in a matter of less than an hour And Earth has become “too small” for the Nazis where now they are using Space Rocket Technology to colonize the Moon Mars and VenusSlavery is back Racial persecution is enforced Extermination Camps are still active and spreading around the Nazi Occupied Territories and now not only Jews are targets but also Africans Afro Americans Indians for startersAnd all because the death of one man An important man No one can do what you were meant to do If certain person is no longer around a void is createdand darkness can take controlThis is the testimony that a person can change the world For good or for evil THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS One cannot judge by book being best seller We all know that Many best sellers are terrible trash It’s interesting how this “experiment” of a world where the Axis Powers won the WWII it’s clear that while living in Nazi Occupied Nations is a very horrific scenario the book establishes that being a citizen in the Imperial Japan Occupied Countries isn’t so bad Don’t get wrong if you are not Japanese you will be a second class citizen but you will be treated fair enough if you don’t make troubles that is and curiously if your skin color is white enough Maybe you think that it’s the same but when you read how are things in each side of the Axis Powers having only those two options it’s clear that you will try to live in the Japanese side Of course you will need to consult the I Ching since now this book is the usual way to take important decisions in the everyday life of people in the Imperial Japanese controlled lands ECCLESIASTES 125 Amazing the power of fiction even cheap popular fiction to evoke The only “hope” in this glum world the only “fresh air” to “breath” is in the form of a novel “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy” a piece of fiction with the “absurd” idea of that the Axis Power could lose the WWIIA very cool thing about the “winning” scenario proposed in that novel “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy” is that while it’s obvious that Philip K Dick the author had access to all the details of how the WWII happened and he could take the easy path and just telling what really happened at least in our dimension but instead he did consentious thought to show a valid way that Allied Forces could still win the WWII but not just like it happened BRAVE BUT Truth As terrible as death But harder to find The book The Man in the High Castle is a brilliant work studying how our world could be a lot different if the “other side” of the conflict in WWII would win itHowever except some brief moments the most of the narrative lacks of excitement scenes the relevancy of the mai

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It's America in 1962 Slavery is legal once again The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages All because some twenty year 3 12 starsScientifically and politically this is absolute genius The way Philip K Dick masterfully rewrites history and portrays this alternate United States is uite incredible and I can easily see why the guy has such a huge following That being said while this novel is undeniably clever I think what it lacks is a human touch I found it hard to care about any of the mishmash of characters which for me means that I ultimately found it hard to care about the direction of the story and its outcomeWhat this novel does best of all is remind people how close the Nazis came to winning the Second World War The author changes events during the war only slightly but it makes a huge difference in the long run Generally people who aren't historians probably don't tend to think about the reality of this situation which for most people alive today seems of a completely different world and time The Second World War seems somewhat unreal a story told in textbooks and retold in movies about how the bad guys started killing people and naturally the good guys swooped in and put an end to it all As if it was all that simple In reality Hitler came scarily close to victory and it's only through reading this book that I came to realise just how extensive German occupation was during the warThe Man in the High Castle presents a very convincing alternate history where Hitler and the Nazis fascist Italy and Imperial Japan had been the victors instead The world building is rich and Philip K Dick doesn't neglect the little details in his fictional society I especially like the way we get a glimpse of how this takeover has affected the rest of the world not just the United States We learn about the situation across multiple continents and how the Nazi beliefs have spread He even goes so far as to tell a story within a story as he imagines an author in this world speculating on what life would have been like if the Nazis hadn't won The writer guesses some things correctly and others less so; this latter is especially interesting My rather middling rating reflects the fact that this is a slow and technical novel It is not a particularly emotionally engaging novel Dick focuses on the politics and technicalities of the world never developing much of a connection between the reader and any of the large cast of characters My brain was impressed and I'm glad I read it but my heart wasn't really feeling it Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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The Man in the High CastleFiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to wake Hermann Göring the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany after Hitler fancied himself an art collector and scoured Europe to acuire masterpieces In 1945 his collection was seized by the Allies while he was on trial at Nuremberg Among many other works of art they found The Supper at Emmaus signed by Johannes Vermeer Göring’s favourite The origin of that painting was then traced back to a Dutch art dealer named Han van Meegeren who conseuently was arrested and charged with the crime of collaborating with the Nazis A few weeks into his trial van Meegeren confessed the Vermeer was a forgery a fake he had painted to fool Göring and the Nazi art experts As the judges incredulous asked him to prove his claim he reuested that a canvas and some painting be brought to his cell He painted a beautiful Vermeer Van Meegeren’s charges were dropped and he became a Dutch national hero Göring committed suicideIn Philip K Dick’s Man in the High Castle one of the early novels of his career there is a major storyline about an art and antiue dealer named Robert Childan who sells old American artefacts to Japanese amateurs He eventually teams up with a skilled jewellery craftsman Frank Fink They both end up involved in a counterfeit antiues business Just as in the van Meegeren anecdote it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the authentic pieces and the fake ones But the former have “historicity” the latter don’tIn fact Dick’s whole novel deals with this uestion the nature of history and reality the nature of time In this book Dick depicts a world where the Axis powers chiefly the German Reich and the Empire of Japan have won World War II The cause of this complete geopolitical reversal is an event of practically no account in 1933 the anarchist Giuseppe Zangara manages to assassinate US President Franklin D Roosevelt he was in fact arrested before he could carry out his plan As a result the United States withdraw into isolationism and let Nazi Germany and Japan conuer the world and become superpowersWhat’s even interesting is the mise en abyme Inside Dick’s novel there is another book titled The Grasshopper Lies Heavy written by the mysterious “man in the High Castle” which depicts yet another alternate reality where Germany and Japan have lost the war and the US and the British Empire gain hegemony over the world And on top of it all there is still another book The I Ching or Book of Changes which some of the characters use as an Oracle to try and read their fate It is interesting to note that The Grasshopper has in fact been written using or exactly by the I Ching Too it is said that Dick himself used the hexagrams in the I Ching to write The Man in the High CastleIn the end what is the nature of the actual reality we live in? Does it have “historicity” than other possible virtual fictional “fake” realities? other hexagrams? As Dick puts it to conclude his novel “there must be world after world unseen by us in some region or dimension that we simply do not perceive”To say that this book is puzzling is an understatement Ridley Scott’s production of the TV show is loosely inspired by Dick’s plot line but still very entertaining