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Download My Lady, My Lord (Twist, #1) Reader ¸ ✓ Moneyexpresscard à Book #1 in a new series of historical romances with a twistThe Bluestocking Lady Corinna Mowbray has three passions excellent books intelligent conversation and disdaining the libertine Earl of ChanceThe Rake Lord Ian Chance has thAt each other's throats since they can remember But when a twist of fate forces them to trade lives how long will it be before they discover they cannot live without each other I've ummed and ahhed for a few hours about how to rate this Four? Five? Somewhere in between? I think my final decision is 45 rounded up to five In My Lady My Lord the first in what I hear may be a new series although don't uote me on that I could be engaging in a touch of wishful thinking Ashe tells the story of Corinna Mowbray a self confessed bluestocking who is fiercely intelligent and beautiful She has sensible friends holds salons and loves classic books Ian the Earl of Chance is her neighbour; a handsome man who is skilled with horses and enjoys the company of beautiful women though he has never married Ian and Corinna have never gotten along she thinking him a scoundrel and he thinking her haughty but what was that hiding? A strange twist of fate throws the two of them together so under these circumstances how long will it take for them to see each other in a whole new way?Katharine Ashe's writing is smooth intelligent and beautiful to read Her story moved with a good pace engrossing me within the first few chapters Though the storyline is fantastical the way it was written and the way it moved made for compulsive reading The emotional rawness and the depth of the feeling of both of Corinna and Ian was really special and I enjoyed every wordBoth Corinna and Ian were beautiful yet flawed characters Neither good nor bad and certainly not typical watching them grow as the story progressed was lovely Both of them were human with all the confusion emotional turmoil and indecisiveness that entails In addition to the two of them were a cast of splendid secondary characters who moved the story along Ian's brother mother and circle of friends Corinna's father and a potential suitor as well as a cheat and a rake or two None of these characters were just 'there'; they all had their roles to play in moving the story to its delicious endSo in conclusion My Lady My Lord by Katharine Ashe is fantastical a little unbelievable maybe but so well done this hardly matters It moves at a good pace is action packed exciting fun and really very romantic which is hardly a bad thing in a romance novel I enjoyed the references to Greek mythology throughout as well as the almost perfect period details there were a few issues with titles this didn't bother me but it may bother others I can't think of a single thing I disliked about this novel; it stirred my emotions it engrossed me entirely and though I didn't always like the main characters some of the time I wanted to give them a shake I thoroughly enjoyed their story If I have any criticism at all it is that when the story ended I wanted it to carry on perhaps the story would have benefited from an epilogue? Other than that which is admittedly a tiny issue this book was gorgeous and I do recommend it

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Book #1 in a new series of historical romances with a twistThe Bluestocking Lady Corinna Mowbray has three passions excellent books intelligent conversation and disdaining the Oh this was a delight to read This describes very well how Ian felt towards CorinnaNot that Corinna felt differently towards Ian Only Ian didn’t have pigtails LOLThey hate each other Every time they meet they try to outsmart each other Everybody knows that they can’t stand each otherSo there comes a twist of fate or AphroditeAnd that’s how everything started Wonderfully done It made true the saying that until you’ve lived in the other person skin you cannot understand itBoth Ian and Corinna get to discover that what they thought about each other is not trueWhat they’ll discover is that the new discovered truth leads to respect and the respect leads to loveA truly interesting very well written sometimes fun and sometimes sad story with an unusual twist

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My Lady My Lord Twist #1 Libertine Earl of ChanceThe Rake Lord Ian Chance has three pleasures beautiful women fast horses and tormenting high and mighty Corinna MowbrayNeighbors for years they've been 45 stars This was such a pleasure to read A captivating historical romance with an unexpected twist which of course I am not going to reveal Because surprise that had me turning the pages as fast as I could Unfortunately life and unexpected troll activity kept getting in the way of my reading timeEvil trolls you begone But nothing and I mean NOTHING could possibly diminish my pleasure while reading this In this story our main characters Ian Chance and Corinna Mowbray long time enemies and I mean enemies in the truest sense of the word will have to face an unexpected challenge when something out of the ordinary happens in their lives This event was so cleverly done you'll just going to have to take my word for it until you read it ^^ And it was done in such a perfect seamless way I can't be explicit about it because experiencing this first hand or even second hand is half the fun Let me just say that Ian and Corinna were well up to the task and provided me with uite a number of hilarious moments But it was never done in an over the top way Everything was done in the right measure except for the passionate moments Those were wow ; All in all an engrossing captivating story with intelligent characters okay so maybe there was one too many obtuse moments between them towards the end But as someone said Love is blind and stupid that managed to leave me completely head over heels for this romance The secondary characters also shone in this tale and I'm looking forward to seeing them once again Definitely recommended to readers who like the romantic part of their historical romances to walk hand in hand with an interesting plot and characters who just feel real enough to hug or even to scream at COULD YOU TWO JUST TALK IN A CIVILIZED MANNER After this I can't wait to discover books from this author And to spike your appetite here's a little excerpt from a dialogue between the two main characters THE HAIR AT THE BACK OF CORINNA’S neck bristled She turned her shoulder to him “Why don’t you go crawl back under the rock you were born beneath my lord?”“Because it seems you are currently using it to wash your clothing upon” he drawled “It can be the only explanation for the constantly dismal hue of your gowns” See??? I told you so