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Undercity Major Bhaajan #1 characters É 104 ñ BOOK ONE IN A BRAND NEW SERIES by Nebula and Hugo Award Winner Catherine Asaro set in the world of her Skolian Empire universe In the galaxy spanning future Major Bhaajan is a tough female PI who works the dangerous streets of UndercityMajor Bhaajan a former military officer with Imperial SpaSometimes personal sometimes galaxy shattering and sometimes both Bhaajan must sift through the shadows of dark and dangerous Undercity the enormous capital of a vast star empire to find answer. In this latest addition to the Skolian Empire series Asaro takes readers back a bit in time to a point when Roka Skolia has just recently married her Consort with whom she raises her dynastic brood many of whom have appeared as main characters in earlier published booksThe plot revolves around Roka’s intended husband young prince Dayj who desperate for escape from the loneliness and isolation of his prison in the palace runs away – only to disappear His family call in a mercenarybounty hunter type our heroine Baaj who is retired from the Pharaoh’s Army – which is led by the matriarch of Dayj’s royal family the Majdas Told in parts the novel follows Baaj’s search for the prince her investigation into criminal activity in the Undercity and the resolution of the conflict between Undercity dwellers and Above City citizens A smaller arc develops the romance between Baaj and her former lover disreputable Undercity kingpin JakOne of the things I love about science fiction is that it explores issues like gender euality and cultural supremacysuperiority in imaginative environments that can change a reader’s perspective and worldview In Undercity Asaro explores gender euality in a flipped culture that contends that men are the “delicate” “protected” sex While much of the society has moved beyond such gender bias and ineuality in the royal palace of the Majda the princes are imprisoned restricted hidden Much like the women in haremsThe main characters following the majority of the progressive society demonstrate a preference for and belief in gender euality deploring Dayj’s situation Through this perspective the author reveals her own belief in gender euality The resolution of this plot line further emphasizes the importance of freedom and euality Caring for others means letting them choose their own path in life allowing them to make their own decisions even mistakes and giving them space to grow The heroine points out this truth to the Majdas opening their eyes to Dayj’s unhappiness Ultimately the story contrasts true love familial style not One True Love style and possessive loveA small gem really stood out when Baaj talks with an AI computer that posits why one of the princes a man who lived a normal free life before marrying a Majda princess and giving up that freedom would be one of the strongest advocates and supporters of the seclusion and imprisonment of other princes Why should anyone else have the freedom he willingly gave up the AI asks This is one of the many examples when the societal norms are explored on a deeper personal level – and the author does an excellent job of explaining individual motivations that feel true and naturalRead the full review and find Similar Reads at The Book Adventures around American Thanksgiving 2014

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Ho works the dangerous streets of UndercityMajor Bhaajan a former military officer with Imperial Space Command is now a hard bitten PI with a load of baggage to deal with and clients with woes. 4 12Books like Undercity are one of the reasons I joined Netgalley That pure serendipity that lets you discover a gem It's getting and difficult with e retailers to discover something new Their algorithms are made to sell and we are eager to buy what we know rather than discover the new This is one of the few things I miss from brick and mortar shops the causal discoveryTo my chagrin I've never read this author before I asked for Undercity because the publisher was Baen and well the blurb of course It seemed right up my alley But it would have not been the first time I've been dupedUndercity is way than promised There's a strong leading woman hell there's a full world of them There's an incredible world building More there's a hint of an epic world to build I got the same vibe I had when reading Dune an eon ago That trembling idea of an empire in the making Terrific I so wanted when it ended I wanted of the undercity of its inhabitants its past and its future I wanted to see the struggle to make the dream real Undercity has an epic feeling cast of characters too The city the population the ruling family with its shuddering burua like imposed on men It's not any prettier the other way round Bhaaj I'm sorry I missed her story as a young woman The good news It seems it's the first book in a new series so yay me There's only one nit for me Book I and Book II aren't that well linked IMHO It seems to me they were two different stories bundled together Book one is like a novella length prologue Think Anna Charlies novella that started Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs or Blooded by Amanda CarlsonWhat I can tell you is that here Book II is even better than Book I I'm thinking of Carlson's works where the prologue was better than the following booksSo maybe loosely jointed but still great When's the nextARC courtesy of Baen via NetGalley

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Undercity Major Bhaajan #1BOOK ONE IN A BRAND NEW SERIES by Nebula and Hugo Award Winner Catherine Asaro set in the world of her Skolian Empire universe In the galaxy spanning future Major Bhaajan is a tough female PI w. Set at an early point in Asaro's Skolian Saga soldier turned PI Bhaajan is hired by the royal house on Raylicon to find a missing prince and some missing weapons Her investigation takes her back to the place she grew up the shadowy undercity a society living in the dried up aueducts under the city of Cries where she learns that a potentially devastating war between two rival gangs is brewing Bhaajan must find a way to either stop the violence or limit the damage while preventing the authorities from making the problem worse by launching a full scale invasion of the undercityFast paced storytelling and deft characterization have always been hallmarks of Asaro's fiction and Undercity is no exception I was especially drawn to the Bhaajan's internal conflicts particularly her concern over helping the poverty stricken citizens of the undercity without letting outside interference spoil the uniue and rich culture there The climax was thrilling enough to get me through the overlong denouement which ties up too many loose ends a little too neatly