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An urban fantasy with everything from romance to mystery The Witch's Bell Series follow a feisty witch Ebony Bell as she solves magical malady after magical malady Ebony Bell is living just exactly the life she wants She has her very own magical bookstore a wardrobe full of fabulously glitzy clothes. Another good premise from Odette C Bell which has been poorly executed and reuires strict editing Spelling errors dodgy sentence construction and some rather uestionable contradictions including describing her vibrant dead hair I was most confused There were very long unnecessary sections of exposition in most areas combined with complete lack of exposition in some other areas which were epitomised by Ebony Bell telling Detective Nate how stupid he was for asking the uestion and conveniently avoiding giving any decent answer It's fair to say that if I met Ebony Bell in the street I'd probably slap her for her arrogance and laziness All that said however I did really want to know what was going to happen next so the potential is definitely there

Free read Witchs Bell 1 (The Adventures of Ebony Bell, #1)

Witchs Bell 1 The Adventures of Ebony Bell #1Hing that could happen she slowly finds out that an ancient thoroughly powerful entity might just be out to curse her Very soon she finds herself ditching the ruby red heels dashing across rooftops breaking and entering and stuffing whole bookstores into bags Oh and possibly kissing annoying detectiv. I wavered between 25 stars and 3 going with the 3 because the story had a very interesting premise with lots of potential; however there were just too many words ie “She wore her face and body like a trophy wife wears a jacket – one for every occasion Not to say that she literally pulled off her face and slotted a new one in place It was her expressions her stance her body language At times Ebony would smile her hair glinting in the sun her eyes sparkling and warm – and she would look like the most beautiful creature ever born At other times she would stalk to and fro her lips pulled eyes narrowed fists rolled up” and blah blah blah I started feeling like Charlie Brown listening to the adults I also got tired of all the times her ruby red lips were referred toAnd way too much is told to us Storytelling is an art; this particular story gets bogged down I personally prefer to be shown not toldHmm in the candle shop Ebony was speaking with Ruby then suddenly the name changes to Wonda then back to Ruby back to Wonda then Ruby again We are basically introduced to Ruby but never with Wonda even though the store bears her name Some continuity issues at work hereThen there are the main characters well only one character is fleshed out to any degree and that is Ebony She comes across as arrogant rude condescending petulant when imagined wrongs happen in other words she isn’t the center of attention and not the brightest bulb in the pack She thinks she is better than anyone else constantly puts Nate down for asking uestions and when she does deign to answer speaks to him like he is a two year old while dragging out her answer and never really giving a decent one Once she gets her comeuppance she is a bit better but I still didn’t like her I think she was supposed to come across as sassy but I didn’t see it that way I actually didn’t care for anyone in the story except for Harry Maybe because I was told just about everything instead of the author letting the characters interact and tell their story Although there are times you need a certain amount of backstory or filling in this was just toooooooooo much

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Free read ò Witchs Bell 1 (The Adventures of Ebony Bell, #1) ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB â An urban fantasy with everything from romance to mystery The Witch's Bell Series follow a feisty witch Ebony Bell as she solves magical malady after magical malady Ebony Bell is living just exaAnd a sweet bowl just brimming with lollies But when a 6ft tall annoyance by the name of Detective Nathan Wall walks through her shop door her sweet life turns to ruin As witch consultant for the local police department Ebony has to work infuriatingly close with the man And if that wasn't the worst t. I liked this book This author has a wonderfully creative imagination and it shines through If there was some proper editing of her books I believe she become a literary star I've read all of the free offerings I have found on Barnes Noble and enjoyed them I did not find any errors enough to detract from the storylineThis book is a paranormal good vs evil type story with a little sparking romance thrown in for good measure Imagine living as a witch consultant for a police department in a town that acknowledges magic witchcraft and other paranormal events Life is good if a bit predictable When not doing work for the police Ebony Bell or less runs a bookstore haunted by the previous owner a very strong warlock in his day named Harry Then comes the beginning of the changes to Ebony's every day life in the form of a new detective Nathan Hall For some reason the man rubs her the wrong way every time she gets near him Lucky for her he is also just the right person to stand by her when her world starts being torn apart