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Summary Î The Watcher É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ After Wendy is kidnapped by her own mother the only way she can survive wartime Germany is with the help of a special dog and the family she never knew she had in this historically accurate standalone companion to Shadows on the Sea1942 BeEver known and support a cause she doesn’t believe inThere are allies though among the Germans Allies who have been watching over Wendy since she arrived And Wendy along with her new German shepherd puppy must confront them If only she can find themHer life depends on it. The watcher is written by Joan Hiatt Harlow and is about a 15 year old girl named Wendy who discovers that the lady who she called mother was not actually her mom at all Instead her real mom was her ¨aunt¨ Adrie Adrie kidnaps Wendy and brings her to Germany where she is told to become the perfect german daughter Later did she know that she was a jew who was living in the time of Nazi Germany For 15 years Wendy was known as Wendy Taylor but now she is Wendy Dressner the daughter of a jew But Wendy has also felt like an American girl and she felt like she did not belong in Germany So it was time for her to escape Wendy gets help from a special dog and from a family she never knew she had A uote from a book that really stood out to me was ¨The Reichsmarschall was angry to the point of trembling He put out his hand with his finger he made a slash across Johanna's throat 'You will lose your head just like your brother did¨ In this section Wendy´s friend Johanna was getting threatened because she wanted to be able to worship God in peace but this was something that Hitler opposed This shows the readers how much power Hitler had and if he didn't like something he would threaten and use fear on you until you stop doing what he didn't like What I liked about the book was the plot twist at the end of the story and that it gave us multiple perspectives on how the characters felt throughout the story What I did not like about the story is that it did not feel that realistic because during the Holocaust it was very hard to escape so it is hard to imagine a young girl try to escape from the Holocaust I would recommend this book to people who have read ¨Echo¨ and for people who like historical fiction

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In such a place Just a few months ago she was enjoying her time in Maine supporting the American war effortBut she was kidnapped then betrayed by her own mother who is actually a Nazi spy As a new Berliner and now a German Wendy is expected to speak in a language she’s n. It's 1942 and Wendy Taylor finds out that her so called Aunt Adrie is really her mother and now Adrie has kidnapped Wendy from America and given her a new name Wendy Dekker Things are so different in Germany the language;the fact that Wendy's mother is a Nazi spy; the maid;good foods here that were rationed in America; and the fact that someone seems to be spying on Wendy She discovers a boy's grandfather who has been watching her secretlywas a friend of Wendy's father who she never knew and now learns he was Jewish Wendy and the grandson become friends and Wendy also meets another friend Joahanna in a nursery where they both work at Lebensborntaking care of Aryan looking kidnapped children from Nazi controlled countries These children are being raised as little Nazis This nursery is also a reeducation center to help Johanna deny her Jehovah Witness beliefs or she will be sent to a concentration camp if she continues to be a Bibelforscher While Wendy's relationship with her mother was strange I found it interesting to learn about the Nazi scheme of kidnapping Aryan looking children and the viewpoint of Jehovah Witnesses during the war

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The WatcherAfter Wendy is kidnapped by her own mother the only way she can survive wartime Germany is with the help of a special dog and the family she never knew she had in this historically accurate standalone companion to Shadows on the Sea1942 Berlin Germany How did Wendy end up. The novel The Watcher by Joan Hiatt Harlow a historical fiction novel published in 2014 has a very uniue plot and is very inspiring to read The story takes place in Berlin during the Nazi regime The main character Wendy her surname changes from Taylor to Dekker when she is ripped from her home in the United States to go live with her birth mother in the epicenter of Nazi Germany is an intelligent and determined girl learning the native language uickly Wendy's comprehension of the German language is demonstrated on page 202 when the text says 'He will see when justice is done' Adrie said uickly in German to Frieda Wendy has indefinitely shown an ability to understand detailed German sentences spoken very uickly Her stubbornness is shown when she refuses to leave a neglected puppy she is told will be shot no matter how many times Adrie her mother tells her to leave There are multiple conflicts within this story some internally within Wendy when she is contemplating escaping Germany and between Wendy and the whole of the German society Overall Wendy goes an many magnificent adventures that include learning a new language by getting thrown directly into the German society to fleeing a country I recommend this book to most middle school students however those who are intimidated by the Nazi regime should stay away the reading level is moderate without profanity anywhere