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Victory of Eagles Temeraire #5Naomi Novik's triumphant debut His Majesty's Dragon introduced a dynamic new pair of heroes to the annals of fantasy fiction the noble fighting dragon Temeraire and his master and commander Capt Will Laurence who serves Britain's peerless Aerial Corps in the thick of the raging Napoleonic Wars Now in the latest novel of this dazzling series they soar to new heights of breathtaking action and brilliant imaginationIt is a grim time for the dragon Temeraire On the heels of his. I made some pretty incredible noises when I opened this book and realized that I was getting TEMERAIRE'S POV but actually oddly enough that didn't end up being my favorite part of it I wanted Temeraire's sections to be a little distinct from Laurence's than they were I think I guess I'd just gotten so used to the idea that dragons think very differently from humans that I wanted that to be clearer in the narrationLaurence's enormous pit of despair at being a traitor was pretty fantastically done although it made for all kinds of sadness while reading and gyah the bit where Jane was like So btw Will you could have been SUBTLE and still saved all those dragons instead of like BEING A HUGE DAMNED MORON was really a slap to the face for Laurence and the reader both it really highlighted how great a job Novik did at the end of Empire of Ivory in making it seem as though there was no other choice for Laurence or for Temeraire than to act the way they did In happy news I greatly enjoyed the dragons' total disdain for Harcourt and Riley's baby and how it is always just the egg amazing and also how Harcourt and Riley don't really know what they're doing with it either Riley is like It needs feeding ALL THE TIME I don't understand and Harcourt is like You mean it WON'T be fine on a prison ship AHAHA OH DEAR I was also FULL OF GLEE at the fact that Iskierka dragged Granby off to the ship to Australia Poor Granby Good thing he's got Laurence there so they can have 972834 years of UST that they are thoroughly incapable of acknowledging while Iskierka goads Temeraire into trying for an egg OH HI PARALLELS

characters Victory of Eagles Temeraire #5

summary Victory of Eagles Temeraire #5 109 · Naomi Novik's triumphant debut His Majesty's Dragon introduced a dynamic new pair of heroes to the annals of fantasy fiction the noble fighting dragon Temeraire and his master and commander Capt Will Laurence who serves Britain's peerless Aerial Corps in the thick of the raging Napoleonic Wars Now in theNd each other amid the turmoil of war and to aid the resistance against the invasion before Napoleon's foothold on England's shores can become a stranglehold If only they can be reunited master and dragon might rally Britain's scattered forces and take the fight to the enemy as never before for king and country and for their own liberty But can the French aggressors be well and truly routed or will a treacherous alliance deliver Britain into the hands of her would be conuero. I enjoyed this installment of the Temeraire series but I had to take a big break after book 4 This is the type of series that gets a little repetitive if you try to read the whole series at once but it is still a great series that takes you to many different places in the world in the time of Napoleon It is wonderful how well the fantasy element fits in with the history

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Mission to Africa seeking the cure for a deadly contagion he has been removed from military service and his captain Will Laurence has been condemned to death for treason For Britain conditions are grimmer still Napoleon's resurgent forces have breached the Channel and successfully invaded English soil Napoleon's prime objective the occupation of LondonSeparated by their own government and threatened at every turn by Napoleo's forces Laurence and Temeraire must struggle to fi. So at the end of Empire of Ivory Laurence and Temeraire agree to commit treason to deliver a cure to a draconic plague to France Temeraire feeling that the lives of thousands of innocent dragons isn't worth victory of the war and Laurence agreeing Laurence then wishes to return to Britain despite knowing he will be imprisoned or hanged for it and Temeraire confined his own honor prevents him from staying in Europe either as a French officer or a civilian The book picks up several months later Which I appreciate for two reasons First it give us a chance to see how dragons organize themselves on their own the breeding ground dragons are pretty much left to their own devices as long as they eat and mate and don't cause trouble One of the dragons we meet Percitia is a mathematically inclined and uite clever dragon who refused to serve in the military because she didn't see the sense of getting shot up Second it gets to the interesting bit where Napoleon and Lung Tien Lien invade Britain uickly Laurence imprisoned on a ship is presumed dead for a short while long enough for Temeraire to be uite put out and decide that he needs to fight Napoleon and talks the rest of the dragons ferals captured dragons some old retirees and ones that just refused to fight into forming their own flight to go fight Temeraire himself really shines here He's forced to develop a sense of politics and leadership to negotiate with both other dragons and the human government and military In Victory of Eagles he makes a lot advances than I ever expected mostly because he points out that Napoleon was able to come so far because of giving dragons a reason to fight besides loyalty to their captains Not to neglect Laurence who is forced to go through a lot dealing with his own actions from Empire of Ivory uestioning what honor and patriotism really mean And even some of the secondary characters such as Admiral Roland get to play a role I'd love to see interactions between her and General Wellselythe Duke of Wellington simply because the two of them uickly figured out the other was pretty damn good at their job and developed a professional relationship despite the fact Roland was a woman Thanks to Gentius a veteran Longwings we also got the story about how female Longwings captains got full rank He told the story about how his first captain had left without the drunkard who had actual command fought a tremendous battle and then was commended by everyone and finally got her proper rank As for the end I was uite pleased by it It ended in a way that doesn't diminish what Laurence did in Empire of Ivory but keeps our pair flying Plus this way we might get to see new parts of the world I think Victory of Eagles is the first book since His Majesty's Dragon where we don't hardly leave Britain