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He meets Six a girl with a strange name and an even stranger personality Unfortunately for Daniel finding true love doesn't guarantee a happily ever after it only further threatens itWill an unbearable secret from the past jeopardize Daniel and Six's only chance at saving each othe “I’ve never believed in anything like I believe in the possibility of the two of us” Oh my God can this woman write a bad book just for kicks? No this is not just a novella it is not just a little add on story to an already stellar series and this is definitely not a re hash of anything we’ve already seen in Hopeless or Losing Hope – this is the story that fills all the little gaps we never even knew needed filling and it is the story that makes us fall in love with the two secondary characters as much as we loved Holder and Sky It is also a testament to the fact that Colleen Hoover doesn’t need 400 pages to make you feel with every crevice of your heart and that when it comes to telling a story through witty but emotionally charged dialogues or creating loveable engaging characters she is unrivalled I knew this story would be great but I never even imagined a novella could be this spectacular “I don’t even know your phone number” I say“I don’t even know your birthday” she says“You’re the worst girlfriend I’ve ever had” We met Daniel and Six in previous instalments of the series as Holder and Sky’s best friends two outspoken sarcastic but fiercely loyal individuals who supported their best friends through thick and thin and now we get to see them in the limelight By knowing all the other characters and the main storyline in such detail no time is wasted on introductions or setups of scenes – we get to immediately zoom into their story and enjoy the ride “How do you make love to someone you aren’t in love with?”I lean forward until my mouth is next to her ear “We pretend” I refuse to spoil any of their story for you however not because of its length but because I knew very little going in and I am grateful for that as not knowing what to expect was half the fun in this case I will only tell you that their tale starts with one fated encounter that forever changes who they are and what they hope to find in life The rest of their story is a delightful account of a boy and a girl falling head over heels for one another and learning what love is through that experience Their captivating personalities and the amusing dialogues between them drive the story forward and keep us engrossed page after page “Are you a witch? I have no idea who you even are and now you’re my damn girlfriend What the hell have you done to me?” This is a book that had me laughing out loud constantly catching myself smiling like a fool and even had me shed a few heart clenching tears at times My emotions were all over the place because every word meant something every scene counted and every sentence struck the right chord If you’ve loved Hopeless and Losing Hope as desperately as I have I have no doubt that you will adore Six and Daniel’s beautiful story They say you can’t improve on perfection – I guess Ms Hoover just did While this story could be read as a standalone novella I personally would not recommend doing so without first reading the other two books in the series as it follows a parallel timeline and some knowledge of events and other characters would enhance the overall reading experience “Stop Stop saying things that make me grin like an idiot My face has been hurting since the second I met you” See this review on my blog | Follow me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter

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Finding CinderellaA chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen year old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other But this love has conditions they agree it will last only one hour and it will be only make believeWhen their hour is up and the girl rushes off l 5 MOTHERFKING ANGEL STARS Maybe she can be like Cinderella and I'll be her Prince Charming Daniel Once upon a time there was a tiny maintenance closet; crowded abandoned a place to sleep or skip class Here in this small closet Prince Charming met CinderellaAlthough originally all Prince Charming wanted was a place to avoid class or a place to take a uick nap he encounters a woman who happens upon the closet he's in They form an immediate connection and fearing that once they turn the lights on they'll lose this perfect encounterthey decide to leave the lights off and pretend to be in love until the hour is up That way they can have this perfect memory of one time in their lives where they at least pretended to love somebodyWhen the clock strikes an hour and their time is up Cinderella flees Never to be seen by Prince Charming again I don't think there is a single thing about this story that I didn't love Even though it was only a novella it was sweet sexy romantic surprising heart wrenching and breathtaking all at the same time I couldn't put this book down and found myself having to carry my Kindle around the grocery store so that I could continue to read I loved all the characters They could make me cry in one instant and then the next second I would literally be laughing out loud Colleen Hoover is one of the most talented authors I have ever had the honor of reading Finding Cinderella is by far the best novella I have ever read Finding Cinderella is the story of a girl named Six We all have deal breakers Daniel Some of us just hope we can keep them hidden forever Six She's the girl whose name isn't even Six but she changed it because she was mad at parents when she was 14 and has refused to be called anything else since She's the girl who doesn't carry purses for all she needs is the keys in her pocket She's the girl who likes the wind in her hair fist bumps and the merry go round She's also unfortunately the girl with a reputation for being a slut who's slept with way too many guys and yet has never even held a guys hand before or gone on a date that's her sad truth I love how much you love me Six Then Cinderella meets Prince Charming I mean Daniel Because we show up Six It's what we do It's me and you babe Daniel Daniel is best friends with Holder and when spending time with Holder and Holder's girlfriend Sky he meets Six We were introduced to Holder and Sky in the previous installment Hopeless I'm glad we got glimpses of Holder and Sky again I had missed them They were handled perfectly in Finding Cinderella We find out a bit of what happens with them yet they don't overpower the story When Daniel and Sky meet Sky has a spoon in her mouth eating ice cream and it's literally spoon at first sight It's intense fast paced and is making both of them have doubts wondering if things are just too good to be true It feels like her air just became my air and I suddenly want to take in fewer breaths in order to ensure she never runs out Daniel I loved reading them fall in love They had such an intense connection from the beginning and it was a true joy to read There is even some surprises along the way that will completely shock you I'm going to avoid saying too much on that subject for I don't want to spoil anything for anyone JUST GO PICK THIS UP RIGHT NOW IT'S FREE That's exactly what this feels like Like she's a drug I've become immediately addicted to but I have none in supply She wants this to work with me as much as I want it to work with her and seeing the look in her eyes right now makes me believe that it will I've never believed in anything like I believe in us Daniel I will always wish for where Colleen Hoover is concerned I would be lying if I said that I felt this was enough of Daniel and Six I don't I feel like their story should continue I feel like they have infinite possibilities but if Colleen Hoover does end their story here and we never hear any from Daniel and Six I know in my heart that they'll get their HEA one day

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Finding Cinderella kindle µ Paperback À colleen hoover À A chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen year old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other But this love has conditions they agree it will last only one hour and it will be only make believeWhen their hour is up anIke Cinderella Daniel tries to convince himself that what happened between them seemed perfect only because they were pretending it was Moments like that happen only in fairy talesOne year and one bad relationship later his disbelief in love at first sight is stripped away the day SIX starsI heart Colleen Hoover Hard I think the only thing that might make me love her is if she wrote a book with sex in it She can write a book boyfriend a male lead a hero like none other And Daniel was no exception I LOVED DanielI LOVED SixI LOVED how they metI LOVED how they fell in loveI LOVED their banter I LOVED Daniel's family SO funnyI LOVED LOVED LOVED everysinglething about this bookGroup hug