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Download Ò Stand There She Shouted Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À The lens turns to Julia Margaret Cameron an ambitious and fascinating early photographer of 1800s celebrities and romantic staged tableauxThe girls in Julia Margaret’s family were known as the beautiful Miss Pattles— all except her Plain short andEnds to dress up and hold still for the long sittings needed to stage scenes based on literature and myth Featuring than a dozen vintage photographs as well as gorgeous illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline this engrossing biography illuminates the very beginnings of photography and the determined woman who made the art form her ow. Stand There She Shouted is a biography of Julia Margaret Cameron a noted photographer of the nineteenth century From birth to death details of her life are hightlighted for young readers She was born in India raised in France recuperated from an illness in Cape Town South Africa where she met her future husband Charles Hay Cameron The book does spend some time on her personal life daughter sister wife mother grandmother But it also spends plenty of time on her hobbycareer as a photographer How she learned about photography Her first camera Her first photographs Her first failures Her first successes Who she photographed and why Her favorite techniues and uniue style She liked the subject to be slightly out of focus She liked the softness How many photographs she took 3000 One thing the book did really well was focus on how her sitters or posers felt Did they like posing for her How did they describe the experience I liked these accounts of her work The book is illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline I love his work I do But I wish there had been photographs by Julia Margaret CameronFavorite uotesShe selected her sitters carefully In a letter to a friend she said that there were three reasons she photographed great beauty great celebrity and great friendship 58As a photographer she was ruthless Children her favorite subject feared her Julia Margaret lurked by the door ready to stop a passing child for hours of posing Edith Bradley Ellison recalled that the children of Freshwater loved her but fled from her When they saw her they'd call out She's coming She'll catch one of us And when Julia Margaret caught them she bribed them with candy to pose 46

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E produced Susan Goldman Rubin follows the groundbreaking photographer from her privileged childhood in Calcutta and Versailles to her role in bohemian salons in England whose luminaries Alfred Tennyson and many others would later pose for her portraits Commanding and eccentric Julia Margaret Cameron persuaded children and fri. I love biographies geared toward younger audiences because they are accessible hit the high points and don’t overwhelm with detail I hate biographies for young people because I’m freuently left with uestions So I would have loved to see of Julia Margaret Cameron’s photographs and learned about what inspired various poses and photos But I was very happy to learn about this early and talented photographer Many of the people she knew and photographed are familiar names but hers is not It’s exciting to see so many unknown names getting brought into the light through children’s biographies

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Stand There She ShoutedThe lens turns to Julia Margaret Cameron an ambitious and fascinating early photographer of 1800s celebrities and romantic staged tableauxThe girls in Julia Margaret’s family were known as the beautiful Miss Pattles all except her Plain short and clever Julia Margaret would eventually create her own beauty in the photographs sh. I thought this was a really inadeuate biography of Julia Margaret Cameron the pioneering Victorian era photographer The emphasis on her physical unattractiveness was really annoying The author mentions several times that her sisters were beautiful and that she was short and plain In addition to the point that her physical attractiveness had nothing to do with her accomplishments I have been reading about Julia Margaret Cameron for years and never thought anything at all about the way she looked What kind of message is this for the young readers this book was written for I suppose that the author might have emphasized Cameron's looks because Cameron was known to be passionate about beauty and was heavily influenced by the pre Raphaelite Brotherhood She seems to think that Cameron's greatest accomplishment was getting photography recognized as a legitimate art form There seems to be little recognition that she was one the most accomplished portraitists of the Victorian Age The author spends time describing how annoying Cameron was when she tried to get people to pose for her than she does talking about her historical significance The photos of Cameron's that are used to illustrate the book are far from her most compelling It almost seems that the author hasn't really looked closely at Cameron's work or at the least doesn't appreciate it I purchased it for the library because we have a need for biographies of women but I don't think I will be able to recommend it