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The Dead Wife's Handbook Characters Ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Rachel Max and their daughter Ellie had the perfect life—until the night Rachel’s heart stopped beating She was thirty sixJust as her family can’t forget her Rachel can’t uite let go of them either Caught in a place between worlds Rachel watcheRachel Max and their daughter Ellie had the perfect life until the night Rachel’s heart stopped beating She was thirty sixJust as her family can’t forget her Rachel can’t uite let go of them either Caught in a place between worlds Rachel watches helplessly as she begins to fad. “I wonder too whether it’s distressing to watch your family in mourning for you or whether it will be worse when one day they stop grieving and start living painlessly without me” We know from the very first page that Rachel has died unexpectedly after a celebratory evening out with her husband Max and is now completely alone somewhere in the afterworld Every so often she is briefly granted access to view moments with Max andor Ellie and we experience with her her grief and anger that she is no longer with them to offer reassurance and comfortThis afterworld is not a happy place where families are reunited in death but is bleak and lonely for Rachel and her time spent watching her loved ones are times of both happiness and agony as she sees them grieving and feels helpless in being unable to make them aware of her presence We see her frustration and jealousy as Max starts to date again and her worries that she will be forgotten and that her memory will be slowly erased from their livesThis is a compelling and beautifully written account of Rachel’s transition through the grieving process and watching others live the life that she will never have Unusually we see the aftermath of a death through the eyes of the deceased and it presents a powerful image Having been through the grieving process myself I could identify with Rachel’s feelings of loss The writing was perceptive and warm with some amusing moments especially with Max’s first attempts at datingDespite being an incredibly poignant and sad story this is not a morbid book by any means The characters are a joy to spend time with especially 6 year old Ellie and Max’s devotion to her was lovely to see The book isn’t all about Rachel and certainly the main characters in Rachel’s life are rounded and believable I really felt for Max when well meaning friends and family tried to persuade him to “move on” At the end of each stage of the grieving process Rachel learns something about herself and it is this journey of realisation that adds an extra element to the storyI found this an emotional and yet uplifting read and I became completely engrossed in the lives and death of Rachel and her family This is an excellent debut novel which I would have no hesitation in recommending Just one tip – make sure you have some tissues handyMy thanks to Real Readers and the publisher Penguin for the review copy of this book I certainly look forward to reading further books by Ms Beckerman

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E from their livesThis fresh debut novel touches on the various stages of bereavement from denial to acceptance As Max and Ellie work through their grief Rachel too struggles to come to terms with her death And as her husband starts to date again Rachel realizes that one day Max wil. This is the story of the sudden untimely demise of Rachel from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia the journey through grief that Rachel and her family must take This is a uniue story with an interesting concept of a beyond the grave netherworld from where Rachel is granted access to view the family and friends she left behind and see how they cope with her death and ultimately move on with their lives Nicely based on the seven stages of grief identified by Elizabeth Kubler Ross shock denial anger bargaining depression testing acceptance not only from the perspective of Rachel's family but also interestingly from Rachel's perspective as well It's message is a potentially profound one but for me it fell disappointingly flat I keenly felt Rachel's abject loneliness being trapped alone in the whiteness of the netherworld and her helplessness bearing witness to new relationships and life she so desperately still wants to be part of moving on without her; and I liked the overall message of the book of love being our greatest legacy but everything in between felt devoid of real feeling and the characters with the exception of Rachel lacked any credible or believable substance It was all a bit too chick lit for me not my cup of tea I'm sorry to say

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The Dead Wife's HandbookL find love and that Ellie will have a new mother figure in her life The Dead Wife’s Handbook is a heartwarming and touching book very commercial in its approach and a compelling read It will touch a wide readership and is a perfect read for fans of the bestseller The Lovely Bones. I have reviewed this book here