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Joseph Goebbels BiographieLongerich’s Goebbels is a man dogged by insecurities and beset by bureaucratic infighting He feuds with his bitter rivals Hermann Göring and Alfred Rosenberg unsuccessfully advocates for a radical line of “total war” and is thwarted in his attempt to pursue a separate peace with the Allies during the waning days of World War II This book also reveals as never before Goebbels’s twisted personal life his mawkish sentimentality manipulative nature and voracious sexual appetite A harrowing look at the life of one of history’s greatest monsters Goebbels delivers fresh insight into how the Nazi message of hate was conceived nurtured and disseminated This complete portrait of the man behind that message is sure to become a standard for historians and students of the Holocaust for decades to co We'll just call this what it really is a meticulous academic examination of Joseph Goebbels It's not interesting and the chances of your learning something new and mindblowing are almost nil It isn't the author's fault Goebbels made diary entries every day What we know of him comes from those and other writings some his some not The main problem is that Goebbels is a full blown narcissist It's all about him He's always right and he's always successful What I don't understand is how or why this man worshiped Hitler Near the end of the war he did see a few faults with his hero Not enough however to stop him and his wife from commiting suicide upon Hitler's death and killing their six children A legend in his own mind Goebbels was never in the true inner circle When it came to military strategy and really significant decisions Goebbels was never invited in He would find out eventually sometimes after the fact Hitler had a talent for making people feel that they were essential to him although they weren't It depends on how you want to use this book You do get what Goebbles is doing with his time but you rarely see the other suspects In short this is a narrow view of a huge subject

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Ographical work engages and challenges the self serving portrait the propaganda chief left behind Spanning thirty years the diaries paint a chilling picture of a man driven by a narcissistic desire for recognition who found the personal affirmation he craved within the virulently racist National Socialist movement Delving into the mind of his subject Longerich reveals how Goebbels’s lifelong search for a charismatic father figure inexorably led him to Hitler to whom he ascribed almost godlike powers This comprehensive biography documents Goebbels’s ascent through the ranks of the Nazi Party where he became a member of the Führer’s inner circle and launched a brutal campaign of anti Semitic propaganda Though endowed with near dictatorial control of the media film radio press and the fine arts Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels meticulously kept a diary from 1923 until a few days before his suicide in 1945 Before joining Hitler in his bunker as Berlin’s defences were slowly falling apart he had the diaries microfilmed for future preservation Peter Longerich’s ambitious biography relies largely on the Goebbels diaries in their entirety Joseph Goebbels became Gauleiter of Berlin in the second half of the 1920s and established himself early on as a ruthless leaderA deeply rooted inferiority complex together with his narcissistic personality caused him to seek out dominance and personal satisfaction through radical means Goebbels also had according to Longerich a twisted perception of reality and often changed facts in his diary so that they would portray him in a certain light As long as people praised him and as long as he deemed Adolf Hitler to be on his side he was content However when the Führer’s attitude towards his minister swayed as it did in 1938 after Magda Goebbels complained about her husband’s affair with an actress he plunged into deep depressionThis biography is a detailed and meticulous portrait of not only Goebbels as man and minister but also a window into the politics of the Third Reich and those working to hold up this giant machinery However it is uite long but those interested in Goebbels will not be disappointed Both his political and personal lives are studied and the diaries are freuently referenced throughout Longerich compellingly portrays Goebbels’ growing dependence on Hitler's acceptance and paints a picture of a man who slowly moves from harbouring distinctive personal opinions to completely submitting himself to Hitler’s will In his early years Goebbels was a socialist and a supporter of a rapprochement with the Soviet Union In his newspaper Die Angriff he often wrote articles encouraging the NSDAP to embrace socialistic tendencies However these revolutionary tactics subsided as the years went by Goebbels is described by Longerich as a cunning and intelligent person however his need for recognition often came before his personal convictionsGoebbels became propaganda minister of the Third Reich in 1933 and while he often portrayed himself as part of Hitler’s ’inner circle’ truth is that the Führer often informed him of important events and policies at the last minute From 1943 and onwards his propaganda efforts experienced an effondrement as the necessary image of the Führer state was no longer possible to maintain with Hitler's retreat from the public eye and the increasingly freuent military setbacks that Germany was experiencing The last days in the bunker where Goebbels and his wife would allow the killing of their children as well as their double suicide is a chilling end to the Nazi era; but perhaps it portrays the utter and sheer madness that the ideology led them into out of all of Hitler’s henchmen Goebbels was the one who followed his Führer into the grave

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Joseph Goebbels Biographie Doc ✓ 964 pages · From renowned German Holocaust historian Peter Longerich comes the definitive one volume biography of Adolf Hitler’s malevolent minister of propaganda In life and in the grisly manner of his death Joseph Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal acolytes By the end no one in the BFrom renowned German Holocaust historian Peter Longerich comes the definitive one volume biography of Adolf Hitler’s malevolent minister of propaganda In life and in the grisly manner of his death Joseph Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal acolytes By the end no one in the Berlin bunker was closer to the Führer than his devoted Reich minister for public enlightenment and propaganda But how did this clubfooted son of a factory worker rise from obscurity to become Hitler’s most trusted lieutenant and personally anointed successor? In this ground breaking biography Peter Longerich sifts through the historical record and thirty thousand pages of Goebbels’s own diary entries to provide the answer to that uestion Longerich the first historian to make use of the Goebbels diaries in a bi I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for this honest reviewThis should teach me to pay attention when I ask for an ARCI reuested this from NetGalley on a whim when I saw the title and I didn’t realize that I was getting a book that was almost a thousand pages I also didn’t consider that a kitten suisher of a biography about a notorious Nazis wasn’t going to be ideal summer time reading I’ve done my best to give it a fair review but any critical comments I make should probably be taken with a grain of salt by anyone interested in itPeter Longerich uses Joseph Goebbels’ diary as a guide post from the time when he was a wannabe writer and radical through his rise through the Nazi party to become the chief architect of its propaganda By contrasting what Goebells claimed in his journals against other documentation Longerich gives us the real historyThis portrayal shows that Goebbels was a raging narcissist that achieved the recognition he craved by dedicating himself to Adolf Hitler who Goebbels helped elevate to the supreme leader of Germany We all know how well that ended By making Hitler into an almost god like figure Goebbels could then validate himself as great by earning Hitler’s respect and praise Hitler’s opinion was so important that Goebbels and his wife Magda Who it seems Hitler had a bit of a thing for made him a de facto father figure that they treated like a member of the family and consulted on domestic decisions Perhaps what’s most interesting is how Longerich uses what Goebbels claims against other historical documents to show how much Hitler used him like a chump While Goebbels liked to brag about his close relationship with Hitler and boast about his many accomplishments the records show that in fact Hitler often kept him out of the loop ignored his advice and even occasionally used him as a diversion If Goebbels had self awareness he might have realized that Hitler saw his value as a talented creator of propaganda but didn’t credit him as much than that at least until the end of the war left him with few other optionsAfter establishing what he believed about Goebbels' personality Longerich is content to relay the facts of his life in chronological order while letting uotes from the diary clue us into what Goebbels was thinking and correcting the record with a minimum of commentary aside from occasionally pointing out patterns This approach gives a remarkably detailed and rich portrait of Goebbels as well as the inner workings of the Nazi partyHowever it’s also one of the problems with the book Everyone has habits and routines When you read something that covers 20 years of a person’s life it’s going to get repetitive no matter what they’re doing even if they’re Nazis perpetrating some of history’s greatest crimes So whether it’s Goebbels kissing Hitler’s ass or Goebbels having some bureaucratic suabble with another Nazi or Goebbels feuding with his wife or Goebbels launching another anti Semitic propaganda campaign there comes a time when the point has been made so it seems like the same thing is being rehashed over and overIn a weird way the strength of the book became one of its irritations for me but I’m not sure what could have been done about it It’s tempting to say that it could have used analysis and less detail but the details are what eventually give you such an understanding of what made Goebbels tick It seems unfair to fault Longerich for being too thorough but in the end that’s almost what it feels likeIf you’re looking for a seriously detailed in depth biography of Joseph Goebbels that also provides a lot of behind the scenes history of the Nazis then this is the book for you If you’re in the mood for a lighter pop history that tells you the basics about Goebbels you should probably look elsewhere About 40% of the book is its bibliography and notes