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The Emperor's RiddlesTHE NATIONAL BESTSELLERCarrying uotes from Amish Tripathi Ashwin Sanghi on its cover this new mystery thriller described by Hindustan Times as 'a gripping tale of intrigue'and by The Hindu as a 'heady mix of history mystery' has already made it to several Top 10 Bestseller charts More terrifying than the savage murder of historian Ram Mathur on the ghats of Ganga are the uestions that follow Desperat Although I am a proud Indian I kept myself away from Indian writers The sole reason was because I went through the torment of reading Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta They have lowered the standards of Indians in front of the world I have read books from writers all across the globe and I'm a sucker of good language With heavy heart I placed my bet on this book because of the impressive bio of the author Let's start the review then The start was mysterious justifying the cover page of novel The tales about the Emperor felt like misplaced anecdotes The narration clearly didn't make any sense I was unable to relate the tale of Emperor with the present except for the science each riddle was pointing to As the story progressed it became cliched and I suddenly remembered two people the most Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown The flow of story the primary characters the riddles the history behind it Associating myth with science Everything was pointing to Dan Brown and the flow of story looked a Sidney Sheldon style but in an improper way I want to give full marks to the author for doing his bit of research because it was really informative and surprisingI got frustrated in the middle The reason was the characters were not having any sort of connection not even the primary characters on which the whole story was depending They were just having a conversation which I felt hard to comprehend because half of the times the author was in a serious rush and decided to leave everything behindThe end was really disappointing I expected a proper closure it was abrupt and lacking the factsOverall the author wrote fantastic details about many places mentioned in the book However it was not a story it never felt like a story More like a great non fiction but never a story

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READER ☆ DOC The Emperor's Riddles ✓ Ò SATYARTH NAYAK Ò THE NATIONAL BESTSELLERCarrying uotes from Amish Tripathi Ashwin Sanghi on its cover this new mystery thriller described by Hindustan Times as 'a gripping tale of intrigue'and by The Hindu as a 'heady mix of history mystery' has already made iE for answers Sia turns to esoteric writer friend Om Patnaik But what begins as a hunt for the killer becomes an extraordinary trail of riddles strewn across the country that must end at the gates of an enigmaAn ancient enigma so powerful that even gods would kill for itIn another time and space rules an Emperor who plays with phenomenal forces that make him supremewho faces these very forces when th Great to see that the book is finally available on online retail sites When a thriller flaunts such awesome uotes from Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi on its cover the expectations rise ten fold Gladly the book lives up to its promise and howThe book works amazingly on many levels Fundamentally it's a gripping thriller with deliciously twisted murders thrown in for good measure and a climactic revelation that's nothing short of stunning But what I loved are the powerful and beautiful layers of the Emperor's track and the journey of the Buddhist Samanera that make it such an artistic piece of writing The ten riddles of course are the back bone and each is an absolute joy See if you can crack them before you read the answers This is an intelligent book that also entertains hugely Some may find the use of Indian history and Buddhist mythology stories here and there a little excessive but anyone who enjoys them will be in for a treat Also the track of the Emperor in the Second part of the book is not chronological but thematic This can confuse some readers but it all works out fine in the end I love how this book fuses mystery history sci fi and philosophy so seamlessly The end is beautiful and has a calm about it Go for it

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Ey threaten the survival of the human race An Emperor who must ultimately pay homage to the enigma As Patnaik and Sia race from one riddle to another towards a royal secret that has remained alive for centurieswill the final truth save them or destroy them forever?The path beckons Can you solve The Emperor’s Riddles?Check out the Online Extract here on Goodreads and the Official HD Trailer on YouTu Review at A Bookworm’s Musing works The pace of narration kept me engaged The plot of the novel is different I liked the treasure hunt idea An unexpected twist in the end Simple languageWhat doesn’t Alternate timeline set in history doesn’t hold interest Characters don’t feel interestingA book worth reading and definitely re readable