REVIEW Â Dibs in Search of Self: Personality Development in Play Therapy

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The classic of child therapy Dibs will not talk He will not play He has locked himself in a very specia. As an Aspie I believe the title of this book contains an erroneous assumption Dibs is NOT in search of his self really He’s shocked into Catatonic Silence by the world’s Bad Faith What does that mean Sartre says it is a world the adult world to this ingenuous kid which is what it is not and is not what it is An enforced lie bad faithAnd as adults we tend to talk DOWN to our kidsDibs is autistic He KNOWS who he is but most adults don’t know who they are or PRETEND they don’t know who they are The world isn’t HONESTHe’s a lost little kid like we are at heart The world’s blind aggression leaves countless casualties in its wake Like Dibs And so many of usLike when “the world is too much with us“ and we retreat into our booksBut with the help of a caring medical practitioner Dibs finds Hope again and his own lost Sense of Play How to wake up someone with ASD DON’T hit them with a sledgehammer deal with them openly and caringlyWhat’s the key to breaking the darkness of bleak isolation It’s rediscovering our selves in their natural joyful interrelatedness within societyAnd following in Dibs’ footsteps we learn the secret to OUR Selves’ relationship to the worldIt’s Play It all becomes a fun game for him but it’s not the game most folks preferNOT the kind of aggressively mindless games we play on our handhelds on the LRT’sNOT the vacuously brain numbing late night scanning of Internet videosNOT the low minded soulless flirting that we love to lose our selves inNo Because those things lead straight back to our heartless alienation And Bad FaithIt’s the easy and comfortable back and forth movement of ordinary banter ordinary horsing around WITHOUT an awareness of isolated separateness or aggressive intentWant to continually get Lost in Angst and Emptiness again The world’s aggression’ll get you there FAST unless you hang on to your inner child And who cares what the world thinks anyway right DibsStart to think CREATIVELY and SYBARITICALLY on your ownNo what you have to do as Julie Andrews told the von Trapp kids is “start from the very beginning”For as she says in the cinematic version of the Classic Mary Poppins books Life is simple if you turn every task you undertake into a GAME Cause if you can spell “supercalafragilisticexpialadoshus” spelling anything less than that afterwords becomes a SNAP That’s how I learned as a kid And that’s how Dibs does it Through gamesAnd if you’re LUCKY enough to have been homeschooled by a loving Mom as I was in part YOU learned that way tooYou Turn Everything into a very Personal Game Learning CAN be funHomeschooled Aspie kids aren’t aggressively competitive cause they see THE NONAGGRESSIVE BIG PICTURE UNLESS you hammer them into placeThe Big Picture that Love and Patience has taught us can take us out of our little boxes and teach the Whole World the meaning of love without aggressionAnd if we trust the Big Teacher Upstairs to lead us back to our True Selves through our personally heartfelt and endlessly helpful self challenging games every step of our lives day after day He willThat’s how I regained my sense of ease in the world By seeing that Real Objectivity doesn’t necessarily mean the Ego of Bad FaithAnd you know what elseLearning from Dibs and with his help we can make our secret garden into an interpersonal oasis that the whole world can share

REVIEW Dibs in Search of Self: Personality Development in Play Therapy

Dibs in Search of Self Personality Development in Play TherapyL prison And he is alone This is the true story of how he learned to reach out for the sunshine for lif. This is the book that inspired my career choice and later influenced my specialization as a play therapistsocial worker along with Play Therapy by Garry LandrethThis is a beautiful story of a child who needed unconditional positive regard and a non judgmental environment where he was allowed to call the shots in order to healRead this and you'll know exactly what it's like to be one of my child clients in a play therapy session

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REVIEW Â Dibs in Search of Self: Personality Development in Play Therapy Ù The classic of child therapy Dibs will not talk He will not play He has locked himself in a very special prison And he is alone This is the true story of how he learned to reach out for the sunshine for life how he came to the breathleE how he came to the breathless discovery of himself that brought him back to the world of other childr. This is a work of fiction which is probably based on Axline's work with an emotionally neglected child Most of the people I discussed the book with at university believed that Dibs was the son of BF Skinner In any case his identity has been carefully covered up and no followup where is he now has ever been doneIf this book is to be believed Dibs was not neurologically autistic in the modern sense of the word but in the older sense of psychogenic withdrawal due in part to refrigerator parenting At that time children who'd been locked in closets such as Genie were also called autistic Whatever their actual feelings toward Dibs his research psychologist parents behaved in a manner that was cold unsupportive and constantly testing his intelligence This book probably contributed as much to public misunderstandings about autism as any of Bettelheim's work and yet it is well worth an informed read Refrigerator parents do exist after all and emotional neglect is one of the worst kinds of child abuseAxline condenses her sessions with Dibs into a few months; it was probably like a couple of years Dibs was also lucky that psychotherapy was available to him and considered a viable method of communication Today we simply drug such children into submission and lock them up If you want to know about psychogenic autism read Mira Rothenberg's Children with Emerald Eyes If you are interested in the World Test Set with which Axline experiments with Dibs to create his world look up Sandplay Therapy Many world testsandplay sets are available on eBay