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And conspiracies Until she is summoned to Whitehall Palace where her tapestry weaving has drawn the King's attention Joanna is uncomfortable serving the King whom she has twice attempted to overthrow unbeknownst to him She fears for her life in a court bursting with hidden agendas and a casual disregard for the virtues she holds dear And her suspicions are confirmed when an assassin attempts to kill her moments after arriving at Whitehall Struggling to stay ahead of her most formidable enemy yet an unknown one she becomes entangled in dangerous court politics A disturbing encounter with Thomas Cromwell propels Joanna to prominence i. Really really looking forward to this book I LOVED the first two

Summary The Tapestry

The TapestryN the King's circle She discovered that her dear friend Catherine Howard is rud to be the King's mistress Joanna is determined to protect young beautiful naive Catherine from becoming the aging King's next wife and possibly victim Two friends she makes at court painter Hans Holbein and courtier Thomas Culpepper offer help but at what costSet in a world of royal banuets and feasts tournament jousts ship voyages and Tower Hill executions this thrilling tale finds Joanna in her most dangerous situation yet as she attempts to decide the life she wants to live nun or wife spy or subject rebel or courtier Joanna must finally choose her fat. 45 starsIt's not often I say a book is superb let alone the entire trilogy but Nancy Bilyeau ticks all the boxes with The Tapestry and its predecessors Maintaining historical integrity while blessing the reader with a pacy entertaining read is no mean feat I'm a glutton for all things Tudor Being well read in that particular historical period I confess I've become uite picky discerning and really appreciate a fresh approach which is exactly what Nancy Bilyeau gives readers with her Joanna Stafford trilogy Viewing the oft covered Tudor era and Henry VIII's court roiling with religious instability political treachery conspiracies and betrayals from the perspective of former Dominican novice Joanna Stafford has been an exciting reading experience I loved the direction Bilyeau took in this final installment Despite best intentions Joanna is drawn back into service to King Henry intrigue and danger follow her doggedly King Henry is working on ridding himself of wife number 4 Anne of Cleves and has Catherine Howard in his sights for wife number 5 spot much to Joanna's horror being a long time friend of Catherine's Once again I loved the mix of notable historical figures and fictional characters I enjoyed learning about German painter Hans Holbein the younger and I was especially happy to spend time with many King Henry VIII Thomas Cromwell Bishop Gardiner Thomas Howard Jane Boleyn Thomas Culpepper and Catherine Howard from the safety of a book's pages A compulsive read that has you turning the pages for just one chapter Recommend hell yes Read them all

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Summary Å The Tapestry 108 Ë Whitehall 1540 Amid political betrayal and sexual intrigue one woman fights for her soul The next page turner in theJoanna Stafford series is here plunging readers into the heart of the Tudor courtSays bestselling author Alison Weir Nancy Bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books and transports us back to the dangerous Whitehall 1540 Amid political betrayal and sexual intrigue one woman fights for her soul The next page turner in theJoanna Stafford series is here plunging readers into the heart of the Tudor courtSays bestselling author Alison Weir Nancy Bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books and transports us back to the dangerous world of Tudor England Vivid characters and gripping plots are at the heart of this wonderful trilogy and this third book will not fail to thrill readers Warmly recommendedThe story After her priory in Dartford is closed Joanna resolves to live a uiet and honorable life weaving tapestries shunning dangerous uests. I've thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and I'm going to miss Joanna's reluctant adventures as well as her stubborn strength and her compassionate spirit She's a type of heroine that you don't see very often Each book in the trilogy has such a great combination of elements while not being a repetition of the same old story There's Historical Fiction with a touch of mysticism and suspense and a mild bit of romance The focus is on a former novice during and after the dissolution of the priories one who can't seem to manage the uiet contemplative life that she longs for And on top of that we have the dizzying conflicts and moral struggles of people in the midst of religious upheaval against the backdrop of a treacherous political scene that causes fear both high and low Not to mention beheadingsBut all that aside I just really like Joanna and several of the side characters as well I am happy to report that there's of both Geoffrey and Edmund in this book than there was in the previous one I also really enjoyed the addition of the German court artist And there's no lack of villains either some not as black and white as they were when we met them beforeMuch of this installment takes place in the court of Henry VIII during the time of his marriages to Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard the 4th and 5th of his wives One thing I really liked about the first two books was that they were about Tudor times without being centered on the court or the monarch That changes in this book but at least it's not focused on Anne Boleyn which has been done so many times before It didn't stop me from enjoying this one but I was glad when the focus shifted away from the courtLooking back I believe it's possible some readers could find some lack of focus in the plot not that it stopped me from eating it all up as fast as possible Joanna is much less proactive in this one mainly driven by King Henry's whims Although there isn't a driving prophecy like in The Chalice or a murder mystery like in The Crown there was enough intrigue and danger to keep me turning the pages It's really about Joanna's small life being caught up in the schemes of the powerful and how she and a few other insignificant people manage to eke out an existence they can be satisfied with in that toxic environment Managing to stay alive is always a plus Anything than that is a bonusI'm so happy with how it ended It could easily have ended badly but it was the perfect ending as far as I'm concerned I have to say I wasn't the biggest fan of the love triangle a relatively small well balanced aspect of the trilogy but it ended well and I am satisfied I'll be eagerly looking for from this author This is Historical Fiction how I like it Not so epic that you can't feel the lives of the individuals And not at all dull