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The Nuns of SantAmbrogioIng convinced those under her charge that she was having regular visions and heavenly visitations Maria Luisa began to lead and coerce her novices into lesbian initiation rites and heresies She entered into a highly eroticized relationship with a young theologian known as Padre Peters urging him to dispense upon her in the privacy and sanctity of the confessional box what the two of them referred to as the special blessing What emerges through the fog of centuries is a sex scandal of ecclesiastical significance skillfully brought to light an Sometimes when I'm complaining about a book I'm reading people ask me why I don't just stop reading books I don't like This is a reasonable uestion But this book provides an answer because sometimes rarely but sometimes if I tough it out a book gets betterThere's no other way to say it than this the first hundred pages of The Nuns of Sant'Ambrogio are a slog Wolf doesn't seem to know who his audience is; is it scholars of Catholicism he rarely explains his terms leaving me scurrying to the Internet to look up things like ultramontanism and sollicitatio and goes into great and excruciating detail on subjects like how the Inuisition handled paperwork or people looking for a titillating true crime story the sexual crimes are painted luridly particularly in the beginning? And for the first half of the book at least I kept waiting for a So what? statement Why write about this scandal? What could its larger implications possibly be?The answers to those uestions come eventually and they're a doozy; the trial of this obscure forgotten convent Wolf convincingly asserts was a proxy war between factions at the highest levels of the Catholic church and the fact that this convent has been forgotten is no accident but the result of an intense effort to suppress all knowledge of it not so much because of what happened as because of who was implicated I was transfixed for the last uarter of the book also for prurient reasons for the section in the middle that deals with the many attempted poisonings because Katharina von Hohenzollern Sigmaringen puts Rasputin to shame in the department of being unkillable; I spent the better part of one lunch hour walking around the neighborhood with my jaw dropped in disbelief as detail after detail was revealed I am in retrospect willing to forgive Wolf for what I considered an unreasonable and unnecessary level of detail in the first parts of the book now that I understand the significance of the case But this would be a much better book if that significance had been placed up front and center instead of being saved for a grand reveal

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A true never before told story discovered in a secret Vatican archive of sex poison and lesbian initiation rites in a nineteenth century convent In 1858 a German princess recently inducted into the convent of SantAmbrogio in Rome wrote a frantic letter to her cousin a confidant of the Pope claiming that she was being abused and feared for her life What the subseuent investigation by the Churchs Inuisition uncovered were the extraordinary secrets of SantAmbrogio and the illicit behavior of the convents beautiful young mistress Maria Luisa Hav Princess Katharina von Hohenzollern Sigmaringen was born in Stuttgart in 1817 and embraced the Catholic faith in 1834 after travelling to Rome As well as being a noblewoman Katharina had good connections within the Church – her father confessor and spiritual guide Count von Reisach was an ally to Pope Gregory XVI and her cousin Gustav Adolf zu Hohenlohe Schillingsfurst was an archbishop and a member of Pope Pius IX’s entourage Despite early reuests to join a convent Reisach suggested she marry first However Katharina’s first husband died young and her second husband thirty four years her senior also died At thirty six Katharina was childless and had been widowed twice With no wish to marry again Katharina repeated her desire to become a nun and her spiritual advisors began to look for a suitable convent for herIt is interesting to note in lieu of what happened later that Katharina’s first experience – when she joined the Dames du Sacre Coeur in 1853 – ended unsuccessfully The Dames du Sacre Coeur were very involved in the education of girls which Katharina found taxing and she ended up leaving due to ill health Reisach then suggested Sant Ambrogio della Massima an enclosed convent of “strictest order” This it was felt would offer Katharina the uiet reflective life she desired In fact nothing could have been further from the truth and she “escaped” the convent after only fifteen months after smuggling a note to her cousin begging for help Considering her first perceived failure to adjust to convent life her cousin may have considered her wild tales of despair and claims she was being poisoned just hysteria Luckily he managed to secure her release undoubtedly due to his and her own excellent contacts within the Church However despite the subject matter this is not a story of the Middle Ages but a convent in Rome in the mid nineteenth century Was her life really in danger? What happened in those ten months between September 1858 and July 1859 which drove Katharina to ask to leave another convent and what led her to make the serious allegations against the women she had lived and prayed with?In this excellent book the author recreates the events around Katherina’s time at the Saint’Ambrogio convent in immense depth At first it seemed that Katharina was happy with the uiet private world which gave her the peace she craved However after becoming a postulant she gradually became aware that things were not right within the convent walls Despite the fact that the founder of the community had been sent into exile as a false saint she was still worshipped There were also serious allegations about the Abbess Sister Maria Veronica and the Novice Mistress and Abbess Deputy Madre Vicana Maria Luisa This is a sad and sordid tale of feigned holiness inappropriate behaviour broken vows of chastity and even attempted murder Much of this of course is due to women who grew up within the convent walls as children and who to put it bluntly were not cut out for a religious life; but for whom the convent was home Others were coerced into behaviour they felt was wrong but were under pressure to conform Some of the events are due to power control and bullying Katherina became isolated and eventually in fear of her lifeWe follow Katherina’s story as her tale of events in the convent are investigated The Inuisition investigated the charges and we follow the trial and what happened to all the people involved Some may find this book a little dry but the author actually does a wonderful job of recreating events and explaining how the Church dealt with the case In fact this is as much a book about the history of the Catholic Church and their internal investigations as it is about this particular case However this is a shocking case in many ways of corruption and power which led to a woman’s life being threatened I found this a fascinating read and a thoroughly researched story

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Read The Nuns of SantAmbrogio doc ✓ Hardcover ✓ moneyexpresscard Ý A true never before told story discovered in a secret Vatican archive of sex poison and lesbian initiation rites in a nineteenth century convent In 1858 a German princess recently inducted into the convent of SantAmbrogio in Rome wD vividly reconstructed in scholarly detail Offering a broad historical background on female mystics and the cult of the Virgin Mary and drawing on written testimony and original documents Professor Wolf Germanys leading scholar of the Catholic Church and among the very first scholars to be granted access to the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith formerly the office of the Inuisition tells the incredible story of how one woman was able to perpetrate deception heresy seduction and murder in the heart of the Church itse I grabbed this book after a long form review in The Washington Post As a rather lapsed Catholic I remain interested in Catholic history especially the sordid details And boy are these sordidYou have all of the lesbian nun romance of a Cinemax after dark special and also some attempted murder thrown in All in all it's a riveting story in the I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S TRUE nature of what actually happened amongst nuns in the small Sant'Ambrogio convent in Rome in the late 1800's However the author paints the entire picture in the beginning of the book using the remainder to flesh out no pun intended the details as they would match the charges in the Catholic Court of the Vatican Because of this format the book gets very rote and repetitive Yes the nuns idolized their founder as a Saint Yes that was not allowed Check However we have to go pages into what each nun thought and why The same is true of the titillating accusations Yes that's shocking but we covered it 200 pages agoThis book is an excellent novela run too long